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Dobri's application :)

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I, Dobri, would like to formally apply for membership in the D.a.r.k. clan, which members I got to respect so much in this forum :)


So, here's... me :)



27 years old

Birthday: 09.09.1981 (the communist day of freedom for Bulgaria - not any more, we're a republic now :4rofl: )

Single - broke up in january

Fave color: blue, yellow, purple

Hobbies: soccer, archery, nature

Education: masters' degree in Tourism


1. Favorite pizza topping - beef or pineapple

2. Favorite drink - 7up and Pepsi Cola... and Rakia :) That's something you've never tasted :D

3. Where did you hear about darkmatters.org from - I googled some info on builds and guess who popped up alongside wolfe's :)

4. Most favorite book ever- Untouched by human hands, Robert Sheckley

5. Favorite movie of all time- Star Trek TNG series

6. Current favorite game - Sacred 2, Mount and Blade (awful graphics and wonderful gameplay)

7. All time best video game - Might and Magic VI, Star Trek: Bridge commander for me :)

8. What do you want for your birthday - Um... manager position in a multi-million company with a multi-million annual salary :)

9. Do you know anyone from our forum - no :) Looking forward to get to know as much people as possible :)

10. Who can you get and name from this forum that can personally vouch for you as a trusted member- gogo ftw :) he got the game for me

11. If applying for fellowship status do you agree to abide by all the posted rules of the fellowship - Yes, sir


Puhhh-leaseee, me wants in :)

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Dang,about time...Finally!


This is looking to be an easy one me thinks... application forwarded internally, we'll have a pm ready for you in a few days.


Thanks for applying Dobri







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I must say that I'm really enjoying teaming up online with all of you. I'm having a really good time which I hope will last long - unless Ascaron doesn't crap their own game :pitcher:


And heck, it's about time for that server merge... The EU servers won't be that overburdened. I'd love teaming up with all the guys from the US servers as well :cow_white:

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You have been a wonderful presence in the servers since day one Dobri. Didn't know if you could top your posts here on the forum, but everytime I've met up with you online, I've always either learned something or gained a level





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