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  1. Sethi22

    Platinum return edition?

    Thanks m8, I dunno why I couldn't find it, must have been too drunk... Cheers!
  2. Hi there fellow ancarians, I haven't played Sacred 2 for some time, but I remember that the only stable version for me was called Platinum return edition. Unfortunately somehow I deleted the install file for it, and now I can't seem to find it any more anywhere. Could someone point me to it? Thanks in advance!
  3. Ok, thanks anyway, now I can extract them from the pak and save them at least. That's a start. Now to view them, swap them, and put them back in. It might take a couple of incarnations until I figure these out...
  4. Yeah this is what I'm talking about. This is how dumb I am. Of course I linked the installer, not the program itself:) So now I link the program, ok, but I still get the "CRC check failed" thing. So any idea what could cause this? Also you say model extractor should open any valid gr2 extension. But these are .grn files listed there, not .gr2 Maybe this is the problem? Should I try to convert it to gr2 with some converter if there is such a thing? I really have no clue about these things, sorry. I just want to swap two animations in game, and will die trying, if need be. But I won't give up!
  5. Hi, thanks for the quick answer. Sadly I'm really dumb at this, so if you have the time, you could give me some tips on how to do this. So when I run "sacred model extractor" and link this granny viewer, all I get is a prompt to install the viewer. No matter how many times I try, it only wants to install granny viewer again. So I tried saving the animations and opening them in granny viewer, but I always get the message "...grn failed its CRC check, and is likely corrupted." That's my first problem. And even if I could view them and exchange two animations or models I would still need to pack them back to the models.pak somehow, right? How is that done? Any advice on that would be great too. I read somewhere that .pak files are just renamed .zip files and you can just make a .zip without compression and rename it to .pak. I tried this with a couple of files extracted from sounds.pak, changed them, zipped them back, renamed it to .pak , but they don't work ingame, there's no sound at all, all sounds are gone. So if you could give a little bit more detailed instructions on how to open and change animations and then pack them back, that would be great! (But thanks anyway, I didn't really expect to get an answer to my post, after all sacred 1 is so old now, but it was great to get such a quick answer!)
  6. Hey there, I know I'm a couple of years late, but I hope you're still around. I downloaded the sacred model extractor, but I need some sort of "Granny viewer" to view models. The ones I found don't seem to work. So what granny viewer did you use, could you give a link, please?
  7. Sethi22

    dwarf animation swap

    Hey, thanks for the quick answer, nice to see people are still playing this great game! I can wait a bit longer, maybe till lunchtime But by then I definitely need them swapped! No more overhead Vehemence!
  8. Hi guys, straight to the point: I'd like to swap two of the dwarf's animations with each other, because I think they are unintentionally swapped in game. I think heavy blow and vehemence animations should be swapped, there's no point in the sweeping animation to go with heavy blow and the overhead animation with vehemence, it's just bad. Is there a way to do this? Any help on this would be great!