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  2. I agree, Rommel. Art provokes emotion and an exquisite culinary experience stirs the senses and stimulates the limbic system, including the amygdala. Intense emotions can and do arise from food, especially when all aspects (color and appearance, texture, crispness/crunch, feel, taste, and smell) combine; the result is astounding. Great works of art hit the mark in just such a manner and leave their subject with a poignant experience which can remain in their long-term memory for a lifetime. love => friends and family
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  4. We have firefighter open day tomorrow and I was phoning the baker for some hundreds breadrolls. I was put on hold and guess what was played in an endless loop:
  5. Hi there, I've tried downloading the files a couple of times but it seems google drive downloads always fail after exactly 60 minutes and with my connection there is no chance of getting 3gb+ through in that time. The other download links don't work and the textures don't have a second link anyway, so now I wonder wther these archives could be split somehow to make them more accessible and why I seem to be the only person on the planet to have this problem (according to a google search). I have downloaded larger things before so it seems to be a google drive specific problem. Thought I'd share my experience here in case something can be done to help me or it ends up being relevant to someone else. And to make sure there is some constructive feedback in my post: The changelog part with the Inquisitor changes shows a copy of the shadow warrior changes instead. In any case, thank you for spending so much time on creating something and sharing it with others.
  6. HI Rot! I havent tried this game , BUUUUUT... hoping this bump will get you on someone friend list Go Bobcat! gogo
  7. two weekends ago blizzard weather.. actually just love to spam the family
  8. It is remarkable indeed! I didnt think that bacon could come out like that... i LOVE how flat it is... this is pretty much the only way i want to make bacon now, specially as I dont cook it too often ... great idea STeve thank you And...I'd like to hear more about your fasting you mentioned in the world game thread... how are you feeling? Is this something you've elected yourself for specific results? gogo
  9. @Delta! I'm with steve, and respectfully disagree as well!! not an artist? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pfffffffffffffffffffttt... Theuns look at all the work you've documented...and the joy in your fingers when you write about your work, your journey, and your creations..... Sorry Theuns...but artist you've been born and you artist you go! Will power -> love one and the same gogo
  10. Last week
  11. I see three projects right now, but it does not look good. Thoriums Life Leech project is possibly maybe the most promising candidate, but it fell silent after 2022. Not so sure if it can be recandled. I hope so personally, since Thorium is a big fan of Sacred and knows its mechanics very well. He is also well known to the devs and his LAN-trick made it into the Reborn Mod. Yup. He's a somebody. Ankledots Sacred remake can be found on Youtube. It looks very nice and Ankledot seems to be an ambitious and competent man, but he has no team. So it is unfortunately doomed I'd say. Even with a team of 20 people, it is still a sh!tload of work. Last but not least, there is a guy (Dracir) in the DE forum I talked to one, two times. He is using the Skyrim editor to rebuild the world of Sacred 1 in his own way. As above, I like his fire heart, but there is no light at the end of the tunnel imo. However. He is determined to get it done, primary for himself so far, so I gave him a thumbs up, but also a friendly, but brief warning, that the chance for quitting the whole thing is very high.
  12. Good to hear. Was you able to convince the nurses to add a bottle opener to the splint? Speaking of your mod, well, we shall play it together one day. Until then, make sure your exams go well. Everything else does not matter so much. Whish you luck!
  13. Theuns, I respectfully disagree. You are a skilled practitioner of the culinary arts and the photos of your visual presentations are a testament to that fact. One key advantage is that your art is edible. strongest => willpower I have been fasting, consuming nothing but water, tea, vitamin supplements, and coffee since the beginning of February. Tomorrow afternoon I will break my fast!
  14. Ebergy Shield characters are the ones where I usually forego Constitution. Especially TG as his shield absorbs 60% of the damage by default. Only 40% going into health means you don't really need that much HP; as long as you make sure the shield doesn't drop. The 50:50 split on the Seraphim is more questionable. There, I would strive for the HP and Shield to always have the same values. If you want to be safe, Constitution is worth it. But on the TG, I feel like it's an unnecessary overkill. Although it would be mandatory on a shield-less Guardian. Combat Reflexes is very easily supplemented with gear. Later on, you can get 40+% chance to evade from a single gear piece. And it only works against melee and ranged. Don't think I've ever picked it so far. Spell Resistance is far superior in every regard and has one of the most powerful Mastery bonuses in the game.
  15. Good seeing you rottluchs! I dont mind playing...i think i got a toon someone in the eighties..if you wanna play coop im in! gogo
  16. Bravo! (yay it works! ) and welcome back to the friendly forums ErTasiTroll!! gogo
  17. Considering that TG is somewhat different in that all his buffs provide so much: meele & magic reflection, which is in spell resistance, as well as block projetile, I would say that it's optimal. DGF boosting T-Energy Shroud, Combat Alert as well as Deathly Spears so it isn´t only one spell. Played drayed up to level 30 or something and I could stand in enemies till tomorrow with the high defense no attack ever actually went through, farming Survival Bonus. Just my thoughts as of right now.
  18. First Born -> strongest I am the last of us three Children. Only boy, only one that studied music but is not artistic, the one always reading some (mostly)fantasy book, playing PC or tv games and for the most part I have a go with the flow attitude... and my oldest sister is the complete opposite.
  19. I'm probably getting rid of the plaster splint next thursday. So far everything has grown back together pretty nicely, no operation needed. It's just annoying and the plaster splint is bad for the skin. Funny story: I have written part 1 of my final exam yesterday while having a broken arm I was EXTREMELY nervous. The exam counts 20% towards my final grades, part 2 will count 30% and part 3 50%. So glad it wasn't my writing arm which broke or otherwise this could have become way worse for me
  20. I don't know. That's a pretty absolute statement. Constitution and spell resistance can have quite an impact. Also Combat Reflexes can have a huge impact. I have a dryad with combat reflexes and shield lore, she can stand in the middle of an elite panther pak for hours and not get hit once. Not even bloodclaw seems to be able to hit her.
  21. bonding -> first born Four years between first and second. When the second was born the older was closer to me. When my wife was nursing the second the older was walking with me in the forest, was interested when I was repairing something, ... Even with three more kids, the oldest is somehow more like me what she is doing.
  22. military training -> Dad Thats my dad ..just graduated it as a pilot in the RCAF (Royal Ceylon Air Force)!
  23. awesome!! My parents had uniforms growing up as well... british colonial sri lanka...yours' though sound especially distinct... who did all the ironing gogo fancy - discipline gogo
  24. Blazer -> fancy We used to wear blazers as part of our uniform in Highschool. On Mondays - Boys: Formals, grey long pants, white shirt (long or short sleeve, I always wore short sleeve) school tie, brown "Grasshopper" shoes (a brand here in South Africa) and the school blazer. Tuesdays to Fridays in first and fourth term - Summers, khaki shorts and shirt, long school socks, brown grasshopper shoes, schools tie and blazer. And for certain days and events we had "Special summers". Khaki shorts, white shirt, school tie, long socks, brown grasshoppers, and the blazer. I liked the school uniform, it meant that everyone was dressed the same and kids were not judged on how much money their outfit cost..
  25. descriptive -> blazon In heraldry and heraldic vexillology, a blazon is a formal description of a coat of arms, flag or similar emblem, from which the reader can reconstruct the appropriate image. My birthtown Wetzlar's civic coat of arms might heraldically be described thus: In gules a spreadeagle sable armed, langued and crowned Or, over its wing dexter a cross pattée argent. The black Imperial eagle on a red background and with a golden crown stands for the town's former Imperial immediacy as a Free Imperial City (see History). The silver cross stands for the former Imperial City's right to mint coins. The arms are almost unchanged from those borne in the 12th century.
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