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  2. Here she is ... my strong Ammamma who I got to visit yesterday... with lots to say about my choice of Burger King nuggets instead of Mcdonalds... almost not enough to get her out of bed, but once that sack of newtechnology flavored french fries and gravy chips was opened, that gleam in her eyes shines
  3. I throw a 'Comandante C40 MK4 Nitro Blade Red Sonja Handmühle' (*). My wife has an older model. Don't tell her that I got it for just (?) 149€ visiting a kitchen tool exhibition in summer after an invitation of a manufacturer who buys special metals from our company. Hand or electric at work Expresso machine if you mainly do hectic telephon calls in an office and just have no time Hand grinder is if you want to get some distance to reconsider something, for me mathematical approaches. In case of my wife showing a patient that she will spend some time in getting all the facts in an medical interview. (*) in a hidden box for x-mas. The red model, well the porcelan filter is blue, the coffee box yellow and the can green... So it had to be red again
  4. yes... dont throw things at me just yet but... mcdonalds actually has good coffee! And...when it goes on sale for 20 bux for thirty cups...thats like a whole lotta goodness come cheap okay... now start throwing things gogo
  5. I would like to know if there are plans to release version 4.x (or similar, which will not be compatible with 3.x, so that you do not have to start from scratch), or have all such changes already been implemented?
  6. Scorpions -> most expensive liquid on earth their poison is...right? 39 million per gallon... im in the wrong business gogo
  7. We got +5 today here... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARM... but nice enough to get a ton of errands done...this is the new tree they put up at the pharmacy up the street, and me getting caught in a pic
  8. Yesterday
  9. Unfortunately no. I am out of ideas about where the rarity vs danger class relation could be defined/hidden. If that could somehow be done, all droplists could be left the same and just add the Legendary items to them so that you could roll for them also when killing normal enemies. It could even be balanced so that the chance would be lower than from bosses thanks to the weightedprob value, but that's all what ifs.....
  10. rock band ZZ Top-> Scorpions Scorps more than 50 years hard rock... Since Mr Putin proved that The WInd of Change was just a storm in a teacup in the long sight... The Zoo was and is probably the most underrated of their songs, but watched it live several times...
  11. Rock Band => ZZ Top Those Texas boys sure did lay out a lot of good sound for only being three dudes.
  12. Wired -> Elo Was a German magazine for teenagers about electronics. It had special pages to bring the paintings for printed circuit boards on the copper board. Than an acid was used to remove all copper which wasn't covered by the black from the special page. Did bat detectors, pre warmer for heating system, controller for electric railway, .... And then I got a second hand Rockwell AIM 65, and most of the stuff I did with electronics now could be done with a microprocessor. And with the AIM 65 the hope from my dad that I would become an electronic engineer left. To use the school computer (Apple II) you had to be in the math club. Suddenly my marks in maths up to the top in just 3 month.
  13. There is a big contra: You need to be 18 for a full car license in Germany. Bus is 8 times a day. So meeting classmates is complicated. Dating: Daughters are real tall and all nearby boys as tall or taller are relatives. Thats why we had au pair girls all the years. We didn't need them for baby sitting, we needed them mainly for transport. 5 kids at high time each another sport, 3 different schools...
  14. Last week
  15. Found it! Vishanka looks like I had an error with the permission when setting up that upload category years ago. I found the error and allowed your own permission set to click through. Could you please try again and upload? tytytytyty! gogo
  16. I do not know what kind of error it is and the error does not know it either Here a screenshot:
  17. That's okay... you know this game.. it just goes on and on...for years and years... I oft times think thats Sacred 2 is like a kind of meditation or relax thing... people keep coming back to its irresistible mysteries (yeeks, glitches ? ) gogo
  18. Aaaaaand... a hearty welcome to the forums and Dmitriy's world of Sacred 2!! gogo
  19. I like the way the light is giving color to her armor...im a big fan of pewter, sort of iron grey, and it shows up nicely in the Seraphim's kit. nice timing on the pix you got for her gogo
  20. Welt am Draht / World on a wire -> wired ADORED this mag years ago even have some old ones collected gogo
  21. Its a sweet new upgrade to all your work Vishanka, still making Ancaria more beautiful! I'm also reading what you wrote about getting an error message... Hooyaah's correct about large files, we were so careful with too much data here on this site collecting ...but I'm also remembering that Schot could have taken off the limit after we negotiated with our hosters , so maybe its not size but another kind of error? Are you able to try to upload it again and post the error page? Maybe what we can do is upload it for you under your name and see if that helps as well? gogo gogo
  22. We prefer, it seems, that larger downloads be hosted offsite from Darkmatters. Please keep the mod updated at Nexus Mods so the link will offer your most recently updated Mod.
  23. I remember playing this with a bit with Knuckles online...he was a HUGE follower of this game!! gogo
  24. heh, looks energetic. Humor's a difficult but important part of games for me, and your post about your latest adventures here remind me of a game we played waaaaaaay back when called Nox.. done by westwood studios I think, and it had,, same as yours, three characters, each with different abilities, quests and outcomes.. It was one of those rare games I enjoyed playing all the way to end, and actually indulged, just you did with all three! released back in 2000 ... if a game's good, its GOOD
  25. movie Star Wars -> Welt am Draht / World on a wire 1973 -long before Matrix and Star Wars- simulated people living in a virtual reality. Good copies were lost but a few years back there is a digital remastered version The Matrix before the Matrix
  26. oops, sorry James and Gogo, I did not see your posts there. Silly me. I can't believe I missed those. Movie -> Star Wars and yes, I am a Star Was fan, hence why I think that the use of Light Sabers in the Sacred 2 Gold Game with the community patch is so totally awesome.
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