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  2. Oh I did it people!!! I'm so proud of myself now! Finally, after years of waiting they are swapped! I swore I wouldn't play a melee dwarf until I swapped them somehow, and it's done. No more overhead Vehemence and no more sweeping Heavy blow. First of all, many thanks to Vilya the White, who showed unbelieavable patience answering my dumb questions, and taught me, how to do it. It's rather easy and fast! You need a model extractor, which can be found from this topic: There are three files on the drive, but you only need the model extractor. Once you have it, it asks for your sacred directory, and also asks for another program called Granny viewer Just google it, I got mine years ago, (which is version I don't know if it works with newer versions or not, I guess it should. Once you install that, you can tell the model extractor where it's located. Now you should have all the models and animations listed out there. You're looking for two of them: DWAR_ATTACK_SPECIAL01 and DWAR_SPECIAL_HHIT_2H_AXT (Don't worry if you can't view them in Granny viewer, it's not needed, I couldn't either, as it says CRC error, when trying to open it, but it's no problem) export these two somewhere, you'll get two GRN files. Now swap their names. So make a copy of them somewhere, and from that place, rename one to the other and vice versa. Then copy the renamed files to your sacred game directoy\PAK and it's done. They are swapped in game.
  3. Yep, thought so. At least that explains one of them. I have no clue about COTA though. I'm still not sure if I'm desperately unlucky getting it, or if it's missing too. Anyone getting COTA as quest reward?
  4. Ok, I give up! You know way more about the game than I do. I'm not here to argue with you, we're family here. And if you like Sacred 2 better, that's absolutely fine with me, as I love it too. What I wanted to tell you is how hard the game gets is up to you. If it feels too easy, go higher difficulty. If it still feels too easy, do it hardcore! If still easy, get most of your runes through quests as it was intended instead of duping them! Maybe that won't make the game actually harder, but it will sure make you think about what combat arts you pick up, and plan ahead. If still too easy, forget about your stored items and use only the ones you find with that char. And IF after all this you still find it too easy, you can still try different states of mind to make it more challenging. But of course it's totally up to you, how far you take it. I played my fair share of hack and slash games, and I wouldn't say Sacred 1 is among the most challenging, but it's not extraordinarily easy to beat either. But how on earth did we get here? Look at what you started SilverStreak809! I'm done with this topic. Good night guys! Happy hunting!
  5. According to the wiki neither characters have a combat art called "lightning strike". They do however both have a combat art that could be described as a "lightning strike", which is also a possible reason for why they could have ended up in wrong loot tables. Battle Mages have "Chain Lightning", the Seraphim has "Lightning bolt". I have no more insight to offer which is why I originally decided not to answer your first post.
  6. Is that based on actual experience going from a lvl 186 char to a lvl 216 char? that woulld certainly happen long before lvl 186 right? there are no really tanky chars. The game has "defense rating", life, armour resistances, and some chars have CA with a "blocking" mechanic. As defense and blocking are chances that never reach 100% protection, they just make the inevitable less likely to happen. Relying on those, a streak of bad luck will still kill you if you played long enough. Obviously high enough values here could put the required playtime assuming you're not uberly unlucky way past your lifespan. But it remains a defense based on luck. Life and resists have certain boundaries. You can't have infinite values here yet a kinda "tanky" character might have more than another. All those mechanics basically do the same thing, they increase the time you get to react to being attacked before you are dead. And in that timeframe you have to refill your life pool by either doing something that causes enough leech or drink a health potion. Those are the only two reasonable reactions to taking damage. Higher level enemies and higher level players, the numbers might change around, but the core game remains the same. You can try to reduce the amount of damage you take with "strategy", using crowd control skills or preparing traps beforehand using the shape of the environment to your advantage and pulling only low numbers of enemies at once. All valid choices to prevent the more dangerous encounter that might kill you. Advancing in the other direction might sometimes also be a wise choice. Did I miss some part of the defensive game mechanics you wish to add here? I think UW added some kind of spell resist mod though I have to admit I have no clue how it works. What you're talking about squishy characters that have no defensive skills apart from a "crappy leech shield", I don't understand that one. All characters have access to constitution agility and parrying. Everyone that isn't a battle mage gets the "armor" skill, battle mage has spells that give resist bonuses for a duration. The real differneces start with the base life pool: The character classes base attributes make a lot of difference here and the question wether your build allows you to put your attribute points into strength/PhyReg. Beyond that it's just the characters combat arts. Gladiators can scale defense rating Seraphims get missile block dwarves can scale defense and resists demons can scale defense or resists Battle mages can scale resists and all kinds of block Vampiresses and Wood Elves get nothing and Dark Elves get evrything except resists. Everything beyond that is gear choices that may or may not fit in your build. Did I miss something here? And please explain what you meant by the "crappy leech shield". Well I have played "real" hardcore characters back in closed net times. Dying usually happened when over confidence set in. Nowadays you are right. It might be impossible for me to beat anything more difficult now that it is already difficult to find the items inside my inventory. At least being drunk is an affliction that may pass, my disabilities will not. So you're right, I have absolutely no "player skill" and wether I can build a character that will beat the game for me, I do not know right now. That depends on the exact metrics of the number scaling stuff etc. Niobium might be too difficult. I'm not sure wether I will ever find out, because that would require a lot of boring levelling through the lower difficulties and I'm just not committed enough to getting there. There's also the problem that the game has very little qol and picking up items looking through the inventory stuff like that can be kinda painful. Who designedthat dumb transperent inventory? Sacred 2 is a lot more "no-skill" friendly. Auto pickup, the ability of making invulnerable characters etc. makes it just so much more accessible. But even there the boring gameplay loop keeps me from reaching max level. I just start playing something else One last thought for your hardcore endeavors. We just recently discovered that there is another "reliable" defense mechanic in the game. Should it actually be true, that there is no exception for the "cheat death" mechanic that makes you invulnerable for a few seconds instead of letting you die immediately, it would trivialise "hardcore". You will already be building a character that only rarely gets into this situation and the moment you die, I mean don't die, you just leave the game. There should be enough invulnerability time to do so. I just had that weird metaphor pop in my head. Imagine you're a soccer player. You have a lot of current game experience, you know how it's played... Then I am a guy in a wheelchhair, I have distant memories of playing it, now all I can do is bump my chair into the ball. I still know the ball is round and the grass should be green, but I wouldn't notice if someone spraypainted the grass blue. And yes, the wheelchair thing is an exaggeration(as I can still somewhat play sacred) but the grass thing is not. Told you it was weird
  7. Yesterday
  8. But it does change in the last 30 levels! The difficulty skyrockets at the end of Nio. Of course really well built, strong chars can make it, or it can even be easy for them, but if you play hardcore (And I do, because that way it's far more challenging, even if the game doesn't force me to,) You'll likely lose a bunch of them before getting to a point where you can beat the endgame. For me, playing before Niobium is rather misleading because of this. As you can feel tough as nails and feel ready for anything. But the real test comes at the end! Oh how many times I thought I was ready for it, but I wasn't! Beating Platinum difficulty means abolutely nothing, as even tankier chars can die easily at Nio Valley if not careful. Not to mention the squishier ones, that have no defensive skills, apart from a crappy leech shield maybe... If you haven't tried it yet, I bet it could even be challenging for you if your're not drunk at all. I'm really not a great or resourceful player, and probably know less about rules and calulating stuff in the game than most of you. But what I am, is stubborn. As a mule. And a build is not finished until Nio Anducar is lying in front of me. And if I die, I start a new one. And I'm so in love with this game, that getting bored with it is out of the question.
  9. No I will not poison myself, life is bad enough already. It's also quite an odd idea to claim a game can't be easy because dead people can't beat it. The game does not require you to play "hardcore". You can die as often as you want. I'm also pretty sure that more than 90% of all characters ever created, never reached niobium. Those characters though weren't abandoned because they could no longer make any progress at all. They were abandoned because it got boring or too tedious to progress. Yet the players of those characters probably did not feel like they missed out on something, that there was something they couldn't reach, but wanted to. As the game looks the same in all difficulties, there's nothing new to experience in niobium. I have never played the niobium campaign and I have never reached maximum level either. I always got sidetracked, starting a new character or playing a different game. I don't feel like I haven't beaten the game, that there is still something I have to achieve. I know the game won't suddenly change in the last 30 lvls when it hasn't changed the previous 100 lvls. The character is decked out in 400% bonus xp yet I still can't be bothered to continue, as the feeling of progress is just gone. When I say the game is easy and that creates room for all kinds of crappy builds, I mean there is nothing forcing you to restart with a better character. You aren't forced to play the campaign, there is no necessary goal to reach at a certain character level or in a certain timeframe or on limited resources. And the minimum requirement to still make progress, to level your character, gather loot, or finish a quest is so low that with a character that can barely beat one goblin at a time(yes a bit exaggerated) it is still not impossible to continue making progress. The guy that for some odd reason decided his character had to be a purgatory battle mage isn't excluded from seeing all content the game has to offer. It will take him a while but it's still doable. Imagine if the game was "difficult" and you needed a character of a certain quality, like your trapper to continue the campaign past a certain point. Some kind of brick wall like enemies regenerating life faster than you can kill them etc. Mr purgatory would have to abandon his mage for something that actually works to see the end of the campaign or to find out that higher difficulties look just like the lower ones as you have to reach them first to find out. You wouldn't consider the game as having a lot of space for creativity in your character design, if the journeys of purgatory man and the likes of him would end at porto vallum. The game would be "hard", as you would have to learn how to play it, what works well and what doesn't etc., or you would be excluded from the rest of the content. Sacred is "easy" because purgatory man can get through the campaign even if he decides to make a melee hybrid out of his "build"(there's always a way to make it worse ). He might even make it all the way to niobium if he wanted to and wasn't entirely clueless. Won't be a fast build, won't be a strong build, but because the game difficulty allows it, it's gonna be a trash build that made it all the way. And then he's gonna write a guide on the amazing melee/purgatory hybrid battle mage. And that's where we get to see what kinds of odd stuff people play and that there's a "creative array of builds". If Sacred where a "hard" game you'd only see a few "good" build guides and lots of people on the forum complaining that the game was impossible to beat because their throwing blades gladiator went bankrupt after accidentally throwing too many expensive weapons into the ocean... I hope that clarifies a bit what I was thinking there. You certainly wrote an impressive essay, sadly I lack the capabilities of understanding and remembering it's contents properly. THe language barrier doesn't make it easier either. I feel like I understand it when I read it, but when I ask myself what the paragraph I just read was about I'm unable to find the answer Have been rereading certain parts over and over and am slowly starting to see some of it stick... You have some amazingly well structured thoughts there... there are certainly games that I can complete and games that I can't. That doesn't cause any bankruptcies because I am neither the only potential customer nor am I capable to perfectly distinguish these two types of games before I try(buy) them. There may also be people intentionally chosing to engage with games they can't complete for various reasons that may or may not be related to their ability to complete them. Long before there were video games, we already had countless board and card games that skipped the excel sheet and went directly to the trivial manifestation. As a disabled person I who may not have the ability to follow the common advice "l2p"/"git gud", I certainly like the presence of games like sacred that don't demand that much skill from the player I must admit, I never thought about the possibility that someone could find joy in intentionally failing I consider sacred easy because it's not impossible for purgatory man to complete it. I may have a lot more knowledge about the game mechanics but that knowledge is not required. The opposite would be something like poe where I can have as much knowledge as I want and still won't beat it as the developers actively push that skill requirement in there that I might not be capable of overcoming. I also don't have infinite amounts of time to rise to the challenge as the game gets replaced by a new one every couple of months. Both the knowledge from before and progress you have made in the past may just turn to worthless dust when the next patch hits. So we got time constraint, the need for knowledge and having that, not being enough, compared to sacred's do whatever you want and you'll be fine. Interestingly both games have a creative array of builds. Now that I think of it they are quite similar, as when you increase the difficulty most trashy sacred builds would disappear, but it would be exactly the same in poe. There's just a seemingly higher minimum requirement for poe builds... As for the superfluous character configurations in your hypothetical, from my perspective we already have superfluous combat arts like "throwing blades"... well usually I would start by asking myself wether it could be better when I did include a special move or spell. I can only come up with one case of a build where the answer wouldn't be an obvious "yes". You can use the full Icon set in conjunction with a full fadalmar set. That basically requires no combat arts to successfully level up etc. What would I do about the gear? Well I don't need any regen boni so I can go for the next thing I would want. Some leech is required but other than that I'd guess it's +xp because I'm impatient or +mf when I'm curious about what else could drop... Maybe there are modifiers that can scale the fadalmar fireballs, that is one piece of knowledge I'm missing right now, but if I knew something that helped the built I might consider it here. I enjoy trying to make the best builds and those are obviously subjective as things like fun are part of that as well. I only very rarely try to make something work of which I know it is "bad". If I come upon an Idea of something I havent tried that might be good/interesting, I try it. I might miss out on build options that I misjudge but I can't just play everything and I'm certainly not motivated to play a build that I expect to be crap all the way to endgame just to prove that it is. I am usually challenged enough by trying to make my character the best for a certain purpose. I don't often feel the need to confine myself first and then make the best under those restraints. Seems like I remain stuck in the finding the meta phase and never get so bored by it that I move on to maken odd stuff work. most of those ships probably didn't, but they still happily sailed across ancaria. yes of course, we were just discussing how fast your executioner can throw blades at Gogo uff this one took me almost 5 hours. I hope it was worth it.
  10. Ahhh, the mornings are nice here, 21 degrees, but the humidity is piling in... lucky me, the corn truck arrived at the market up the street... DANG... six for 3 bux ... CAD ?? load me up!!!
  11. Soooo gooood... and soooo cruel.. Steve! ate -> omelette did a mise en jours... Schot's idea ... has worked superbly for last few days... the way forward!! gogo
  12. Ahhahahahha... lol...it looked so good...some sort of crust, with a kind of canned peach jelly thing... shes a consumate sharer, old school style, always asking if we ate something... I guess it makes her feel like shes still *hosting* me as a kid Steve, I promise to do moooooore! ... its haircut night tonight, so after work, ill head to east, east montreal, haircut, then instead of taking the Metro Ill walk it for penance I'll post it up on Strava so you can see the map Good morning my friend and have a superior day! gogo
  13. You filched Ammamma's dessert?! Naughty Boy! You'll have to walk at least 4 km to work off those calories, mister.
  14. Last week
  15. 39 degrees here guys.. check out the Oratory up the street... sometimes we just gotta stick around for the good feelings gogo
  16. Aaaaand...another dinner, another day after work... she lives in a residence here in the Plateau Montreal... its hard climb up that hill to get to her place, but her smile and satisfaction when we sit down, eat, I steal her desert and we watch Chef Ramsey eat the contestants always makes her squeal... ahhh, peace after work...the luck of a grand son
  17. Now here's a semantic can of worms which I'm interested in dissecting with you. I'll take a few sentences to fully deconstruct the argument so bare with me. The creative array of builds - depend on the game being extraordinarily easy to beat. Let me start with the underlined part, because it's just ambiguous, while the bolded part is more of an unintentional fallacy. 'Beating the game' would be completely unambiguous if the game was a completely linear experience, while the Campaign is, I don't think many people serious about this or any other ARPG measure their wits (expressed via their build) based on the Campaign. Usually the real challenges are optional. With the array of bosses Sacred has, it's no different. Also, even if it's the Campaign - which one, I'd argue that Underworld is like a half step above at least. Also, at what difficulty, is it under other arbitrary restrictions such as time? Beating the game I feel is a very subjective notion, add to that the open-world nature of Sacred and it becomes very muddy what that might entail. (completing all the side quests for example) However, for the sake of the argument let's assume that we all have the same idea about what beating the game is. The bigger offender here is 'difficulty'. Let's define difficulty - while carefully differentiating the word from the concept of difficulty used in games. The word stands for, and I'll just copy out of google here, for my ease: "a thing that is hard to accomplish, deal with, or understand". However, I'd like to add that difficulty must also include intensity of effort - doing a simple thing a million times, while hard to accomplish is not difficult, but tedious. In addition, difficulty implies that the thing that is being done is within the range of capabilities of whoever's doing it. (I find sayings like 'Too Hard' amusing as 'hard' would imply it's possible for you to accomplish it, but 'too' sends it out of the realm of hard, straight into impossible) And that brings us to the fact that even this simple definition implies a thing that something is done on by a doer, but we'll come back to that in a second. The concept of difficulty in games while carrying the same 'spirit' of meaning is slightly more complex as it is used to represent a range of, well, difficulty. That way we can have an "easy difficulty", without it being an oxymoron, but rather a descriptor of the effort and dedication required. Now back to the Thing and the Doer. Assuming the Thing doesn't change, the Doer will. Even if the difficulty of the task changes (which IS the best method of getting better at anything) and becomes more difficult over time - as long as those jumps are still within the range of capabilities of the doer. This is actually crucial for difficulty in games to be a thing, otherwise there would just be games you can complete and games that you can't - and From Software would be absolutely bankrupt. Also another question - how do you actually measure and more importantly communicate difficulty in games - because saying Dark Souls is hard, taken at face value would imply that everything is of one homogenous difficulty, which would be terrible for pacing by the way. But we subconsciously understand how difficult it is to communicate it so we do a broad generalization, an average - which in a way is terrible, but it's the best that we can do without describing everything individually , because communicating difficulty efficiently is incredibly ...difficult (HA! :D) because of how subjective it is. It is a fallacy to assume that difficulty is and can be communicated objectively without full understanding of ourselves, who we are communicating it to and the task, because it is a relationship between the ability of an adaptable system(us) and the ability required to perform a task that stays the same. If you don't have full information of these three variables you're assuming and that is, when I think about it quite funny to imagine - like an interior designer who never met their paraplegic client (high shelf storage is a bi*tch) or two guys who have no experience in something assuring one another they'll crush it. Difficulty IS measurable, but it's not objective* - it could be objective for identical systems that don't change, but we are never identical and ,when working correctly, change to fit the demands of the tasks we are subjected to. (*It is barely even subjective as the doer will not remain the same after doing the thing, so what can be perceived as hard will never again be this hard, assuming you continue doing the thing (this is getting very sexual sounding, lol) ) Now with that semantic drivel out of the way, let's talk specifics. Sacred is not a skill game, the kiting is rudimentary, positioning takes minimal skill and if everything in your build comes together you can even ignore that unless you're trying to set a world record killing oddly positioned groups of goblins with a skill that has to be manually aimed. It is, however, a game of knowledge of and exploitation of systems. I'm sure I've heard a joke about old school ARPGs (since the new ones tend to actually have Action and a skill component) that you play the game in excel/paper and then the 100hrs in-game are just trivial manifestation. That being said let's really get specific since we've defined difficulty and where it is in regards to Sacred - can someone with no knowledge of the game or its systems / mechanics sit down and complete: - Bronze: Yes, that is definitely EASY. - Silver: Starting to get really hot in here, very arguable, and definitely not for Underworld. - Gold and Beyond - definitely not. What I don't think you realize, especially while saying you prefer "some creative freedom" is that the variety of builds is not a symptom of the game being easy, but of your understanding of how to exploit the systems in a game that has creative freedom to do so. Creative freedom implies that there are more ways than one to do something, the difficulty in Sacred, as we defined earlier is the knowledge required - and you have more than ample, certainly more than most - so it appears easy. Look at it another way - a hypothetical Sacred-like that has narrow range of actual configurations of builds that can complete the game, it's actually just 2 of 8 classes that HAVE TO pick certain 8 skills, put Attributes in a certain stat and farm for specific items - then the game for them is trivial, but for all other possible permutations and combinations it's not just hard, but impossible. Ignoring the fact that that would make all other skills, classes, items and their configuration simply superfluous - how do you even communicate the difficulty of the game, from which perspective. Is it a trivial inflexible/uncomplicated game or is it an impossible but creative? (you're free to fail in any way you like) This to me feels like that example personified only slightly less extreme. You're automatically excluding all builds that are not in a specific known-to-work meta bracket. (and I'm excluding the exploit based builds) Here's a simple question to prove this - what if the character uses neither special moves, nor spells and you have to ensure viability? How would you build it then and would you look at items and itemization the same way? What I refer to as itemization is that wide array of properties each item can roll with. You can have armors that add flat attack and swords that have flat defense etc. you can fill any holes you want to try and build anything you want. Meta builds trivialize any game, that's their point, by definition. Chasing them exclusively is interesting in the beginning of a game's life or after a big update (like Leagues in PoE) when things are unclear and you use it as a tool to understand the systems for future exploitation. In many cases the first such effective builds are how the game wants to work - at least in the apparent biases of its mechanics. (The only place where meta builds are really meaningful is in cases where you're racing with others - even then depending on the game and its state some builds are banned because the game's mechanics or an exploit simply coincide to make them the only most effective choice.) If you always do what you know works, how can you find something that might work better or just as good? (and I'm factoring in fun and other personal goals here as well, I've played the acclaimed GoW BM builds, was fun for the first 50 levels and can probably beat the game with ease, bit it definitely wasn't doing it for me in terms of fun.) Now, Sacred certainly doesn't have PoE's complexity so our pool of cross-interacting mechanics that can be used to turn the game around and reinvent the meta-wheel is very much non-existent in comparison. But we do have a much bigger range of builds that can be viable* and ARPGs' most potent gameplay loop is the thinking, and the main goal is the the application of accumulated knowledge to do what you want, in the specific way that you want to do it - within the confines of the system, while completing whatever goals you have, possibly deriving from that a certain class fantasy as well as the feeling of "intellectual" accomplishment. (it feels good to beat the system in whichever way you pick, lol) The joke I said earlier is somewhat bound in truth, gameplay is seldom the best feature of this genre, it's the depth and ability to modify how you get to your subjective goals as well as to an shared end-game. Judging by myself and looking at other ARPG communities like PoE, Grim Dawn etc. - after the mechanics are well understood, a lot of the people interested in building switch to "meme builds", to things that are unlikely to work or even shouldn't and then try to force them to viability and with some compromises they almost always make them work. In some cases that gives rise to a new meta, it always gives new insights and it's never easy. (*I wouldn't call them enormous inefficiencies(from your reply), you still have to play by the rules and plug the holes or your ship will not traverse the troubled waters of the higher difficulties) The rational part of me agrees, but the creative's response would be - without mystery there is no intrigue. @gogoblender attack speed this, attack speed that, I swear we're on topic. Do you agree, where do you stand on difficulty and finding your fun in Sacred/ARPGs.
  18. Hey Silver! Love your topix I did a search of topics here, I remember Overlookers Clan, (this their website, you'll need a translator its in Russian ) they are members here at DarkMatters and have posted about their mod Flix, (one of our Moderators! ), who is also a Sacred 2 modder played the mod in depth an wrote a beautiful article here: Its your always looked-for beautiful game forum posting stuff and something to settle down into for the night. Replete with insight, tests and pix... this could perhaps set you up for game play, I'll keep looking for you, tell us how it goes! gogo
  19. here -> SEven sound trackby nine inch nails... of course top five movie... ever...EVAH
  20. First of all, gotta love the 17 years later sign before gogoblender's last post. I'm simple - I don't use multiple weapons, I see whatever's in the weapon slot as a vital part of my equipment and as such exists to fill the holes left by other pieces of equipment. (the end result (if I have trading) is hopefully very un-hole-y he-he, so it doesn't matter at the end) So it's usually. Main Weapon Combo - Trade (if the toon has it) - Empty - Empty - Empty For skills I do. Single Target CA - Area of Effect/Multi target CA - Movement/Mobility CA - Buffs* - Filler * If the Character has more than one buff - I use the Function keys to bind them and switch on the fly. The filler slot could be used for Buffs or Other Spells
  21. So I've been playing through the game again, just Vanilla. With some changes to the visuals. But I recently decided to give Reborn another go. Does anyone know if anyone has made any character builds/guides for that mod?
  22. Goood morning lovely friends! !! Gonna be a looong and hot day today... just got back from my hike and already hitting 21 degrees supposed to go to 39... crank up that air con and slip on your Sunny's... Tuseday is heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere! gogo ps oops almost forgot my order… Bartender please set me up with a double iced latte!😀🥳🥳
  23. Well guys, It's time to admit the shameful fact, that I never played Sacred 1 in multiplayer. Sadly. I would love to, but so far, it has been a lonely experience for me. I think I'm like two decades late for the party anyway...And hats off Gogo for the slot changing part mid cast, I didn't know that either. Oh, I'm a noob. Even after all these years. I see that clearly now... (The weapon slots differ for every char I play, my latest poison trapper used four. One for creating highest combo, one for fighting,with + xp and magic find, Another for Ethan Rhys set for becoming invisible and one shield kept ready for the Weapon of Legends!!! With Gladi, I used all five. Different elements and one for combo, and so on.... It depends. )
  24. *!§$ Rehab Could not visit The open air concert at the Schiffenberg monastry close to my old university town Giessen. Last time I visited Blind Guardian did a nice live performance of their The Bards Song
  25. Oh don't be so hard on us poor addicted souls! It was easy for you maybe, and easy with my poison trapper that I've just finished, after I don't know how many years, but believe me, I've suffered with this game a LOT! I lost countless "hardcore" characters in niobium, and even in lower difficulties. If it's so easy for you, I recommend playing it dead drunk in Nio Valley of tears! See how you fare that way! When you see multiple of everything and forget to use your protection spells- arts regularly... It is NOT that easy! Sometimes finding the space button can feel pretty challenging as well!
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