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  2. Honestly did not think that we would be able to see the nails… But you did a good job and they are distinct and make a difference I like it 😄 gogo
  3. So the last few days my PC completely broke down after 8 long years... New graphics card, Windows reinstallation, new hard drives, new power supply, new peripherals... ram was replaced a month ago... recently 2 of 4 case fans broke.. but I think I'm ready and fixed everything and the mods can continue I needed to do something with the dryad and based the makeup on the mod that already someone did but I wanted her to look more... sinister. drew the whole face new and did a full face contouring like the beauty guru girls on youtube and I like it much Darkened the eyes a bit and added light reflections. She's going for voodoo of course <3
  4. Last time I saw such a look full of question marks at a meal was while a sales meating in Avignon. The restaurant card had 3 entries for each menu: business, family and wanderer. I had our third with me, she was visiting the town while we had the meeting. At the evening meal she joined us. My daughter ordered wanderer and the rest business size. The garcon was bringing just business meals. My daughter was really hungry and did a shocked look at the milli micro nano pico femto meal. business - highly decorated small portions so you could really eat all wanderer - big portion, not much decoration
  5. Heh … Laughing at the third one chattius … Definitely framable and went to visit Ammamma last night, they served her a vegetarian meal last night, poor thing, she wasnt very pleased
  6. I tested a bit more and can someone please explain the changes to me: With the CM/PFP Version of the spell it will immediately do damage so my enemies really die quickly without any spread of the disease. The old version would spread the disease and deal damage after the end of it's duration (15s for me), is that correct? Why was it changed in the way it was? With the new version I could not get a single spread of the disease so there's no Area of Effect potential for me and the spell is basically useless New: entry0 = {"et_duration_sec", 300, 4, 0, 8 }, entry1 = {"et_range_area", 200, 0, 0, 4 }, entry2 = {"et_plague_poison", 76, 4, 0, 42 }, entry3 = {"et_plague_infect", 200, 1, 0, 42 }, entry4 = {"et_regThisCool", 0, 20, 0, 8 }, entry5 = {"et_plague_poison", 10, 2, 1, 42 }, entry6 = {"et_duration_sec", 150, 2, 2, 8 }, entry7 = {"et_plague_infect", 70, 1, 3, 42 }, entry8 = {"et_drop_a_head", 950, 50, 4, 42 }, entry9 = {"et_chance_deepwound", 200, 1, 5, 5 }, entry10 = {"et_range_area", 80, 0, 6, 4 }, entry11 = {"et_hits_persec", 999, 0, 0, 4 }, entry12 = {"et_spelldamage_poison", 300, 25, 0, 133 }, entry13 = {"et_chance_areasplash", 200, 2, 0, 5 }, entry14 = {"et_chance_areasplash", 75, 1, 3, 5 }, Old entry0 = {"et_duration_sec", 500, 5, 0, 8 }, entry1 = {"et_range_area", 200, 0, 0, 4 }, entry2 = {"et_plague_poison", 76, 4, 0, 42 }, entry3 = {"et_plague_infect", 200, 1, 0, 42 }, entry4 = {"et_regThisCool", 0, 20, 0, 8 }, entry5 = {"et_plague_poison", 10, 2, 1, 42 }, entry6 = {"et_duration_sec", 300, 2, 2, 8 }, entry7 = {"et_plague_infect", 70, 1, 3, 42 }, entry8 = {"et_drop_a_head", 950, 50, 4, 42 }, entry9 = {"et_chance_deepwound", 200, 1, 5, 5 }, entry10 = {"et_range_area", 80, 1, 6, 4 },
  7. @Flix greetings. I noticed that this mod isn't compatible all that much if u install this module for EE on top of Alternate Spells. Can u make it compatible? Currently, if u install this mode on top of Alternate Spells, Sublime Guardian buff is replaced by Rotating blades, but Archangel's Wrath is gone, and Hallowed Restoration is back instead. I like you&#39;re version of speels alterations for Seraphim more than original, but I just wanted to substitue this Angel ally buff with blades..
  8. Last week
  9. I randomly remembered you guys (miss you all) last night and was shocked to see this post. I hope you're doing well Spock. I've been considering converting my blog into an actual site again so I could probably take Pevil's Place back at some point (with you keeping it up as well if you like as I wouldn't be updating the Sacred side of things now)
  10. For some reason viperish disease will not spread for me at all (PFP) any suggestions? I tried to replace spell.txt with vanilla version but with that file it does not do any damage at all
  11. Thank you for painfully earned feedback and for finding us 🙌 This game is plenty buggy but there’s a lot of love here and the best community in the world. Welcome to the forums tamikonatsu ! 🥰 gogo
  12. My wife has a coffee mill in her praxis, she like coffee real fresh from full beans and serves it at patient interviews. She says patients are more relaxed when they notice that you will take some time for them, Shown by coffee making while the interview. I normally donÄt drink coffein when working with explosives. But I am a barbarian and when at firefighter nightwatch at weekends I need just the coffein, could even be Muckefrak. In the after war years grandpa made everyting to earn some money. Muckefrak is coffee replacement, could be from ancient german or french Mocca Faux, a faked mocca. Grandpa was using local chicory, lupines, acorns and spelt. Production is a bit time eating if not shared or sold (for him at the blackmarket when there were 3 years of no money). Shoe cream from lard and coal, cigars from cherry leaves fermented in the compost - rather the place where horseapples and cow fecales go ;) He was carving and selling mousetraps which could catch more than one mouse. But he was never slaughtering fat cats and selling them as hares as many did. MUCKEfrak - M U C K E frak - MUCKEFÜCK without dots I don't want to flame the nowadays manufacturers, but grandpa's tasted best. I have to mix 2 parts of the first with one one part of the second for a close tasting brew, auto-censoring was touching the name
  13. Morning Fam and folks! We got 17° here this morning a little bit chillier an hour before this is a no rain day more like mobile meditation walk a bit think about it nothing else had a great day everyone XOXO it’s almost the weekend 😍 gogo
  14. Had the same issue, tried everything, nothing worked but this. Just adding this to the post in case anyone searches, this worked perfectly for me on Windows 11. I was getting close to just setting my PS3 up and playing it on there.
  15. Moooorning everyone, 5 55 am here, thursday and coffee time! bought this small bag of ground, and its turned out pretty yummy, dark and heavy, love it strong No running today, just a 3 or 4 k walk...but well see if thats too boring! gogo
  16. Are you good in bowling? Fire extinguisher balls have a lot of uses. They trigger when being in an open flame for 3-5 seconds. So you can roll/throw them into a fire from a distance, They can be dropped from a remote control multicopter. And, our main use, then can function as a guard. In an engine room or in our case if you fear that a still glimming fire might flame up again. So some hundreds of these balls are on small podests in the ash of the forest fire now. Funny there are different shapes: football for US market, handball for europe, bowling if you can't throw but roll to the fire at long halls with a low ceiling, .... Laws are a bit different from state to state and I live at a state border. On this site: If there is highest danger for forest fires smoking is not allowed beyond the warning signs. Anyone caught with a cigarette in a forest may be accused for tried negligent arson even the cigarette doesn't cause a fire. He may even get a ban, not allowed to enter the forest again.
  17. Thanks for the tip. I'll get to try sometime next week. Currently away from my PC. Will report the result.
  18. I cant imagine how frightening that must be. My brother used to live in a tinder-dry province British Columbia and he pointed to a hill where the firefighters made their last stand to protect the town behind them where he used to live in Kamloops. People were so edgy there in that time, and I used to smoke... you should have seen the glares I would get from people, and in the town no less! gogo
  19. spaghetti carbonara -> Uncle my uncle reno (back in october 2017) (from italy) made us the BEST carbonara! gogo
  20. I just found out, that the loot Radius in PFP is increased by default from 160 to 230 units. The corresponding code in the optionsDefault.txt is set render = { autoCollectRadius = 230, ... But the visual indication is not set, meaning you can loot things outside of the shown radius. To change that, it is needed to set options = { autoCollectRadius = 230, ... in the optionsDefault.txt Pretty much the same value, just in a different category, or by hand in the optionsCustom.txt in your appData\local\Ascaron Entertainment folder via adding options.autoCollectRadius = 230 render.autoCollectRadius = 230 in there (Part of the CM 1.6 Changelog). Maybe worth to mention it in the ChangeNotes for PFP as well? And yeah, it is not a vanilla value, but with the higher resolution of the game it is not that bad at all
  21. Heartwarming carabana - > carbonera mmmm … Haven’t had some in a while 😄 gogo
  22. Just delete or comment out his creature entry, if you're not going to proceed on to other difficulties and repeat the quest.
  23. Find the taskcreature entry and change the flag to persistent = 1, That's what I do in EE's Free For All module.
  24. Yes the Campaign is finished. I did nothing, just porting around, happened totally random. I do not want to wipe my quests because it was a lot of work to do those I have I'd rather make his model invisible
  25. So you had already finished the quest a long time ago and one day, he just showed up after loading and didn't go away? Did you do anything specific? Did it happen after updating to PFP 1.3 or was it totally random? If all else fails, you could just use a brute force method and reset quests for the difficulty. Flix told me about this one. Introduce a typo in quests.txt. Somewhere near the start of the file, just delete a comma at the end of a line. Then load your character. Quests should be completely wiped. Then quit, fix the typo and load again. Quests should now be in the state as if you just started the difficulty with all quest NPCs gone. Backup your character for safety before doing this.
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