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When it rains it pours I guess...  Heh!  We were informed just minutes ago about our Host Providers plans to move DarkMatters and SacredWiki to a new server.  Hopefully that will come with improvements!  And not headaches.  :oooo:


We will be performing a migration of the P1 server from our old storage platform to the new storage platform on September 23rd from 11 PM to 3 AM ET [GMT-4].

The expected downtime is not anticipated to exceed 45 minutes, however we are scheduling a longer maintenance window should we run into any unforeseen problems.  We have migrated numerous servers already successfully so we do not anticipate any delays or issues.

We will be posting updates to the this thread on our forums as we perform this maintenance: https://forums.mddhosting.com/topic/1474-p1-server-migration-saturday-september-23rd-11-pm-et-gmt-4/



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  1. Antibuff: The no buff Seraphim

    The two bolded statements are slightly contradictory I think. Lifeleech x% does not work properly on consoles as described in this thread found HERE. Bottom line of the thread is that the healing part of LL works fine, but the damage portion is only 1/1000 of the displayed value. I'm not sure if your build is using LL as a damage source or a defensive tactic, but if you're using it for damage, it will not work out too well for ya. Stupid developers/coders P.S. Any chance you could add some spaces in between major portions of your guide? The giant wall of text is a wee bit hard to follow for me Hi there friend =) many thanks for the useful input by the way, like I said I`m no expert.I`ve never used lifeleech x% before - only used lifeleech per hit,but now that you have brought that to my attention I can try something else.I got my high level shopper to beef up a low level weapon =) my build is only just started - level 12 in silver with 0 deaths,but now she has a level 9 halberd with damage 81 - 108,opponent`s chance to reflect melee damage -45%,lifeleech per hit +25,conversion damage to fire +44.5%,regeneration per hit +0.7%,run speed +8.3%,and finally defense value +14...so that should last her throughout the silver campaign I reckon =) Gogo has very kindly formatted the guide,so you can follow it now.Thanks again.
  2. Antibuff: The no buff Seraphim

    Thank you Gogo for formatting my post =) I had it spaced out when I typed it but it somehow ended up as a jumbled up mess, so I appreciate what you did.Well I`ve not long started the build, so she`s only level 12 with 0 deaths in silver at the moment,but I`ll let you know how she pans out as I go along.She`s had one or two hairy moments but otherwise performing well so far.
  3. Antibuff: The no buff Seraphim

  4. Antibuff: The no buff Seraphim

    Firstly,I would like to say that this is my first attempt at writing/posting a build on a forum,so I hope you like it =) As the title suggests its a strictly no buff build,as I`ve been wondering how a Seraphim would perform without them.So the aim of the build is to see just how far I can take her and to find out how good/bad she is without battle stance to protect her.It will be a gear and high level shopper dependant build, plus I`m playing it on the xbox 360, so bear this in mind before you go any further.She`ll be using pole arms in order to use lifeleech x%, and will be a treasure hunter and shopper also. I knew pretty much what skills to pick, however, the biggest problem I had was working out what order to put them in an which 3 skills to master first.So this is what I came up with in the end,I`m by no means an expert at this,so you may feel you can do it slightly different from me. level 2: tactics lore ( at level ) needed to provide power and to fully mod the exalted warrior aspect. level 3: pole arms ( 1 ) keep at 1 for now, all skills will do the rest. level 5: enhanced perception ( 5 to unlock ) as above,leave it for now, all skills will pump it up. level 8: combat reflexes ( at level ) this is very important as it replaces the buffs. level 12: bargaining ( add points as you see fit ) will be using all skills to pump it up. level 18: armour lore ( add enough to keep regeneration times down ) all skills will do the rest. level 25: spell resistance ( add points as you see fit ) the other important skill that will replace the buffs. will be using willpower,spell resistent x% or willpower x% rings/amulets plus all skills to boost this up for now. level 35: constitution ( at level ) for extra hitpoints etc.. level 50: exalted warrior focus ( will use this to increase combat art levels ) level 65: toughness ( 1 ) use all skills to pump it up for now. ATTRIBUTES - 1 - 50 strength 50+ strength and willpower. COMBAT ARTS - We will only be using 3 combat arts for this build so its nice and simple,and because we`re not using buffs then the regeneration times will be nice and low.. DASHING ALACRITY: bloodlust, delay,impatience PELTING STRIKES: succession,enfeeble,precision SOUL HAMMER: aim,battering,deep wound GEAR: lifeleech x% and lifeleech per hit, + all skills rings/amulets, evade chance x%, willpower x% and spell resistance x% rings/amulets.Once bargaining kicks in, you can start shopping for decent armour,it wiil be the silver/gold slots that matters here mostly,so the more the merrier. When you have gathered enough,your high level shopper can then place high level rings/amulets into the low level gear you have just found.I will mostly try to have +20 - +30 all skills,which won`t be difficult as my high level shopper is finding +5 and +6 all skills rings fairlt frequent.Then try to slot in chance to evade,spell resistance wherever possible.The lifeleech x% will already be on the weapon,so its just a case of slotting lifeleech per hit into the available slots. That just about covers it I think,except to thank everyone in DarkMatters for all the useful information provided over the years.Thanks for reading this guide,hope you enjoyed it,and have fun trying the build.Hi there folks :0 I`ve been testing this build over the weekend,I`ve now got her up to level 20 in silver with 0 deaths so far.Only had 2 or 3 hairy moments really,the main being against the giant spider during the 3rd battle on the mount island,had to press the potion button non stop but otherwise she`s doing fine.I`ve now got her a fully slotted suit of armour with 9 silver slots and 2 gold slots,here are some of the more important stats for you - regen per hit +1.85%...max hp +732...attack value +58...defence value +35...rider`s max hp +21.8%...+all skills +27...chance to evade +92.8%...spell resistence +46.9%...LL per hit +23.Regen per hit is a pretty decent mob killer,my seraphim can stand in the middle of mobs without fear - as the red health bar hardly goes down at all.Just had her first real test against the kobold chieftan - blew him away in around 30 - 59 secs :0 didn`t even have time to press the mentor potion button.So I no longer have any fears about coping without buffs,as this build has taken her first steps to proving once and for all that buffs aren`t the be all and end all of a build =)
  5. Ranged experimental Seraphim

    Yes I do realise xD I feel its important to get it up to mastery early in order to unlock the opponents resistence to magic etc..thus making radiant pillar and baneful smite a more powerful form of attack,as it boosts magic damage also.
  6. Ranged experimental Seraphim

    Its no more different than the bfg build,so will be using pelting strikes and soul hammer for powerful attacking shots, dashing alacrity for boosts, and battle stance as one buff.Decided to go with celestial magic focus to use cleansing brilliance buff to make life in the swamp easier, plus baneful smite as a debuffer and finally hallowed restoration.A seraphim only needs armour lore,toughness and constitution to make her immortal so no need to mess around with rev.tech. focus in my opinion.I have a level 67 seraphim shopper on gold who has been stacking lifeleech items in the chest along with a gold and silver slotted bow, with various gold slotted armour also,so I may or may not achieve 50% lifeleech, only time will tell,but I will let you know either way.Thanks for the input bye the way.
  7. Ranged experimental Seraphim

    After spending much time trawling through Darkmatters and trying some of the builds,I`ve decided to take the plunge an come up with my own creation.What I come up with was a ghost ranged seraphim using a bow.I wanted something a bit different to play an putting the skills together was tough but this is roughly what I`ve come up with - level 2:ranged weapons level 3:enhanced perception level 5:exalted warrior focus level 8:damage lore level 12:armour lore level 18:concentration level 25:celestial magic focus level 35:ancient magic level 50:toughness level 65:combat relexes/constitution..I`ve never used this sort of build before so I was wondering if someone could maybe give me advice, its only experimental at the moment an only just started it, so it may well change.I thought about getting both focuses up to level 31 then stopping,so I can get ranged weapons,damage lore and ancient magic up to master by level 75.I aim to use bows with either fire/poison so both damage lore an ancient magic are very important.As for weapon/armour enhancements,I was thinking about 50% + visibility and 50% lifeleech...question is - does this seem like a good build:)
  8. Hi there folks, I`m having some major problems with city achievement where you have to visit all 42 towns on the map.Trouble is I have been to all 42 towns but didn`t get the achievement, I`ve uncovered every inch of darkened areas inside an outside each town,I`ve accepted quests in every town possible - all but 9 seeing as there isn`t any quest givers available or no people living in the towns.So now I am stuck and don`t know what else to do, can anyone help me:) Is there anyone out there that has unlocked this achievement:)