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  1. Thanks man! The spikes are missing due to laziness and sketch working lol. I just didn't put them in to be honest, I'm surprised I got the banding it O_o
  2. http://colors.collectingsmiles.com/details/55512-Darkness_and_Imagination_WC_Entry_by_Omunall.php If youwant to try and wrap your mind around how I draw it, watch this lol. I still don't understand how I draw, it's chaotic and I tend to change the image in the middle of nowhere lol
  3. For a contest. The idea was darkness and imagination. What's better than the little monster in my mind? Also, he's drawing on a DS as well haha
  4. Sorry I've not been back for a bit, had a lot of things going on. I'm going to try and finish this one up and work on the other, got these two done yesterday/today to practice: Getting used to it so far
  5. Fractal is perfect! Also, an update...being lazy with it today, didn't get much done.
  6. Exported this as a smaller file so it's not so blurry. Still pluggin away...Here is the step by step so far
  7. What I have now looks way better now that I'm understanding this program, and I do think it can do a lot more than I'm even giving credit for haha. Lets see how it turns out
  8. Sounds great! The two are a pair, andfor meare loads of fun to draw...I just hate drawing the damn spikes... But again, Mosh is my muse. It's more like a ghost I guess, has no specific form, just features and colors. I tend to make him thing and lanky or huge, but feel free to make him fat, mechanized, etc. Nara looks the same as the other images, but with a mechanical right arm. I'm still deciding on the OC I'm wanting to pick, and what medium. I'm testing this paint program out and it's actually quite powerful, and pretty accurate. My pencils are more clean, but I like color haha. IF
  9. Yeah? Who are you picking? Anyway, here is an update, trying to shape some things. It's been awhile since I ran one layer for everything lol, trying to figure this out.
  10. Hey,sorry for disappearing and all that in the middle of the work haha. I'm not sure how often I can get to sitting down with the pencils, and the size of the image is awkward for an avatar so I got a program for my Nintendo DS and tried it out; liked it enough to attempt this picture with it. The pencils are taking too long and it's friggen hot outside, and inside is sitting around 85-90, so I'm getting sweat on the paper (I know, tmi) but I'm afraid to work on it. This is the start of the image I'm going to try to do digitally, and trust me even though it's on the DS I think I can ge
  11. Lol, does it really seem like I never do requests? Anyway, I like the image from what I managed to put on it last night. I'm trying to find a way of doing a few more interesting things with it, especially with the T-Energy thing that the T-G has going for him. I'm trying to practice with blending before I even touch this particular drawing, in hopes to find out exactly where I'm at with traditional.
  12. Well I've beat Sacred 2 plenty of times on the 360 but now I'm purely PC gaming. I have Fallout 3, Mass Effect 1 and 2, Bioshock 1 and 2, Borderlands, Deadspace, Sacred 1 and 2, Never Winter Nights, Spore, X Blades, Devil May Cry 4, Elder Scrolls Morrowind and Oblivion, and a few others (Silverfall, Magicka, Laura Croft and the Guardian of Light, and a couple others I can't remember). The problem is that I just can't really sit down with any of them. Sacred 2 is by far my favorite, but I sat down with my little DS lite last night and had a blast. Perhaps I'm longing for how things used to
  13. Did anyone ever have issues getting into this game? I still play Sacred 1 more than I do Sacred 2, mainly because I just can't seem to get rolling. I'm not even sure what it is, mainly I just keep re-starting and playing a different class before I get to level 40 haha. I feel bad because I've logged in about 8 hours into the game since I've owned it this time around...last time I put in a fair amount before the system died (360) EDIT-- Also seem to be having this issue with every game I own now that I think of it haha. I can't enjoy any of them
  14. Lol, I hope I didn't come off too harsh I don't do requests or non-commission works for people but every two years, so it's sort of hard to get my motivation going. This particular one I want to do something interesting, to see how far I can go with the drawing, plan it out, and go for it as far as my paitence will allow it. (The only reason I've not posted an update of the image is that I'm out of smokes and very addicted to them...sooo...I'd hate to ruin the image with my anger haha). Trust me, you should like the muzzle when I'm done, it's just flat and has no metallic textures. It's n
  15. Yeah I can't do a weapon change that drastic, the lines for the top of the axe went down too deep so I'll have to be able to cover it easier, and it's covering a huge area of the page... The more I look at it, I worry that taking a sword would leave too much white area on the page. Generally I will pick the weapon before I draw the pose, so with a sword I would have gone a completely different route. I drew him huge here, and without a battle extention, I wanted him to look like when he does use a weapon, he hits hard, but otherwise it's the dedicated blow. Sorry that I can't change it
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