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  1. Yeah thanks Syrzan I accepted ya friend invite just, I'll be on ina couple of hours and lol Call of Duty come on.. talk about a legendary game back in the day Call of Duty 1 on the PC and Cod2 where the best, then the modern warfare crap came out eg - cod4 and ruined it all from that point, but I must say World at War was good, black ops.. jesus the biggest bull ive ever played, ruined CoD perminantly MW3 wont be any better I garentee but yeah if ya like it play it, just dont be suprised when the 8yr olds think there pro and try and troll you when you kill them legit lol much love ya'll <3
  2. Doz

    Sacred 3 is in the works

    Haha gotta love this forum! I cant get off Sacred I played it untill 4am last night and played it in the morning before work ended up being late, but still my manager is cool, she can be moody but still, you gotta do what ya gotta do Note : If you take a day off from work to play Sacred 2 and your boss complains, buy them a copy of the game and I guarantee they will close down work for ETLEAST a week! they'll be asking you for all sorts of help haha!... thats how my dream would go anyway.. >__>;
  3. Gotta love this forum, and the people that support it Makes me feel tingly inside
  4. I'm happy toooooo ! I love these forums there a delight to see and read, and I dont like reading much but on here its like livin' ina dream world or something special like that ;] THANK YOU DarkMatters! - Doz
  5. Doz

    Sacred 3 is in the works

    Aha thank you, I was kinda tired when I did it, I was up till 5am playing it xD but yeah thanks alot ima give it another shot
  6. Doz

    Sacred 3 is in the works

    Erm.. a word to the wise, eg- MrGoGo .. im LOVING sacred 2 right now got it sataday absolutely love it so much I took today off work >_< (Monday) lol.. but seriously never thought it was such a huge game, ive done the Concert Quest you get awesome quest rewards for that and I've only uncoverd like 5.8% of the map lol and I've done 40somthing quest, I tried to do all of the side-quests, but I failed one (my first escort quest) and I skipped 1-2 because they was either tooooo far away form anything I can teleport and I didnt have a horse at the time, or either I couldnt get to it, theres this one quest in a huge huge major city, I have to kill 10 water-logged zombie or w.e (I THINK thats the right words ) and I folllow the quest arrow I get there, all thats stopping me going through is a huge gate which is borderd up I hit the action button as if to open it or somthing and nothing happens so I gave up on that aswell, but im loving the game im only like lvl22-23 shadowwarrior pwnage, I dunno if I should pick Alchemy or Blacksmithing as a skill.. are they worth having? thanks for reading - Doz
  7. Played it for couple of hours, I HAVE NO IDEA WHY PEOPLE COMPLAIN ABOUT THE CAMERA VIEWS ;[ theres nothing wrong with it, on Console just turn the camra style to static and its like oblivion u can zoom in/out as close or far as u like, people making out that the camra is fixed at really CLOSE or really DISTANT.. what bull ;P The games good started on Silver, attempted my first quest with a companion taking him for quite the stroll.. was mad wasted too many health potions on him lol and then I died because I was paying attention to his health rarther than mine lol.. his dropped too fast :/ but yeah im gonna try it again
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome Alot of nice people here I'm glad I fount this site randomly and decided to sign up Yes a very nice bunch of people thanks alot I shall add you on xbox 360 for when-ever you decided to have a blast thanks again! -Doz
  9. It's all good I got Sacred 2 now ! finally be able to put all your help into play Got my game, finished work, now I get to enjoy my weekend ;P
  10. Yeah I must admit after played the first Sacred ALOT and then watching some youtube videos of Sacred 2 doesnt seem quite the same but still its good enough right? Sacred is Sacred ! I love it ;p
  11. Wow thanks for that, ALOT of useful tips there ima keep in the memory bank for when I get the game ;P I hope it comes soon ;/ but yeah awesome tips thanks alot! keep 'em comin keep 'em comin
  12. Doz

    Sacred 3 is in the works

    It's all good my system isnt too shabby
  13. Hey, Yeah it went suprisingly well, I will admit it lagged ina few places, and specially when I was running for few min and I had like 15-20 mobs on me and I attacked 'em laggy a little then other than that its all good! its all GO Mr.GoGo!
  14. Wow thanks for alot of tips and help! it's made me Decide shadow warrior for starters defo thanks And also still more help would be grateful ;P Game didnt come today ;[ gonna have to wait till monday... sux this weekend ;[
  15. Hey, I'm hopefully getting Sacred 2 : Fallen Angel for the Xbox360 tomorrow depending on delivery times lol they've said 2-3days and tomorrow is the 4th day but nevermind but anyway I was wondering what kind of tips or guides can you tell me and help me to decide what character to start off with and what things I should keep an eye out for etc etc. I've personally favoured all Warrior type classes in the majority of games, for the simple fact; There armor looks amazing 9/10 of the time They can use all weapons and I love Dual-Weilding beastly axes or swords, and specially swinging a big 2handed axe/sword But the Inquisitor looks fun and intresting but I havent the slightest idea about them, are they a battle mage? or warlock kinda peoples I have no idea :/ I've played the first Sacred quite alot, I made a Vampiress and then a Gladiator ( I think thats the name) Vampiress was completely new to me and very confusing ;P the Gladiator was smoothe-sailing for me, id appreciate any help u can give me, even if non of those are recommended for starter's or what ever it may be any help or reply's would be great And when I said "guides / tips" I ment something along the lines of ; "Collect these there good to sell to a vendor" "Dont forget to save ------ for when you get set items" "Stick to this build for a starter character (less complicated)" Etc etc if some of those dont make sence for Sacred 2 I apologize but thanks for reading - Doz