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  1. Settings and PC not saved

    I tried to play sacred 2 on windows 7 and experianced loads of problems, like laggy movement, freezing-up and a few other things. The only thing I can think off, is Sacred 2 is not compatable with windows 7, its XP/VISTA. The game may run, but you will have problems, like what happened to me. I traded my windows 7 computer and reverted back to XP just to play sacred 2. I hope this helps. windows 7 and sacred 2 don't go.
  2. Hello gamers, need some help hosting a game, When I try to host a game, I get a constant PORT NOT FOUND ERROR. Could someone please explain what this means. I've seen two port numbers when I've signed in. The one on the sign in screen says 6800, but when I'm online, in the lobby trying to create a game, I then see 7011. I don't know if this is me, being new to pc gaming or there is a possible fault with the Sacred 2 servers. I can join games, but just can't host a game. Great job on the Community Patch and love the ice and blood add-on. I used to play sacred 2 on xbox 360 and sadly the game is in ruins. Its a pleasure to see Sacred 2 running perfect, Thanks to the hard work you guys put in to fix this amazing RPG. Many Thanks
  3. I have recently started playing Sacred 2 on pc to see the differance between the xbox 360 version and pc version. The layout of the game on pc is quite differant and in my opinion better. Anyhow I am having problems with the pc version, and theres me thinking only the xbox version was broken. I am trying to do a BFG seraphin and can't seem to equip some armors. the armor is at the correct character level and when I equip the armor, it just falls on the floor, but shows the armor equiped even though you can't see it on the character. When I then try to pick the armor up of the floor, it does'nt register. "GREAT" I now have a armorless BFG seraphin. Has anyone please got any anwsers as to what is going on here?. Had simular probs with the Shadow Warrior, but not quite as bad. If this helps, I'm running sacred 2 on windows 7. Thanks guys, happy gaming. Great news about Sacred 3, just hope its kept the same as Sacred 2.