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  1. Okay guys I've only gotten to level 9... So I'm pretty new still to this game. My idea is to make a shadow warrior tank, as simple to play as possible. Was planning on getting high damage and spell resist and maxing weapon speed increasers. Let me know what you think of this build, whether it will be sufficent or not for max difficulty. I JUST RECENTLY REDESIGNED THE BUILD: Sword Weapons - 197 (At 197 attack speed is increased 75%) Tactics Lore - 200 (Maxed for extra damage...) Concentration - 75 (To get that extra buff) Armor Lore - 82 (At 82, armor is doubled, that's enough, would rather have the rest in dodge) Constitution - 139 (Ideally I'd like to have maxed this but its fine as it is) Spell Resistance - 75 (To get the second effect and 180 spell resistance) Toughness - 131 (Damage reduced by 15%) Combat Reflexes - 82 (I will have 50% evade chance) Manovelent Champion - 15 (Give it some regen) Death Warrior - 15 (same) My Main combat arts will be: Killing Spree Augmented Guidon Frenzied Rampage Demonic Blow Scything Sweep Grim Resilience thanks soaren