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  1. Is it possible to change the character face?

    Nope with as much as I'd love advanced character customization, Your lucky you even get to choose a hair color =/
  2. Aww thanks. But unfortunatly I think those boots are tad too much on the low. I'll guess I'll wait and if no one else has any I'll use yours untill I find my own.
  3. I'm looking for Celdrahil's pandemonium Basically like every piece, my High Elf is level 42 buti'll be buying it any of the pices with my dryad level 49. I also need Detheyas Agility, just the cowl and the shoulder plates. I obviously need theseys around my lvls so anything 35-45 for my high elf is cool and for my dryad 40-53 maybe is good too. Also offer any handed Unique or better Staffs, Post it's stats and stuff. My PSN is bootyhole_smells Yeah my husbands weird... its a funny title for "cod" supposedly... High Elf ; Circlet of Innocence level 35 (x2)(Slots; 1B,1S,1G) Armor-32 Regeneration Penalty -0.2% Visibility Range +19.7% Defence Value +30 Robe of Innocence lvl20 (Slots; 1B,1S,1G) Armor-129 Regeneraton Penalty -3.7% Chance to Find Vauables 7.9% Sleeves of the Forgotten lvl45(Slots;1S,1G) Armor-13 Regeneration Penalty -.1% Regeneration Time ; Delphic Arcania -13.7% Magic Coup +5 Cobalt Strike +4 Virgos Pants lvl20 (Slots; 1G) Armor-9 Regeneraton Penalty +.2% Chance to Halve Regeneration Time +10% Damage Mitigation; Physical +5.3% Chance to Evade +17.3% Run Speed +7.4% Valerias Pantaloons level 20 (Slots;1S,1G) Armor-8 Offensive Skills +2 Spell Resistance +15.5% Block Chance;Close Combat +5.9% Faladal's Safe Step lvl30 (Slots;1S) Armor-3 Regeneration Penalty -1.3% Glacial Thorns +3 Combat Dicipline +2 Mystic Stormite Lore +2 Faladal's Finesse lvl45 (Slots;1S) Armor-10 Regneration Penalty -0.5% Regeneration Time; Mytic Stormite -13.3% Raging Nimbus +4% Mystic Stormite Lore +4 Seraphim ; Helmet of Benevolence lvl20 (Slots;1B,1S,1G) Armor-24 Regeneration Penalty +1.8% Attack Value +15 Defence Value +14 Niokaste's Robe lvl15 (Slots;1S,1G) Armor-55 Regeneration Penatly +13.5% Vitality +3 Soul Hammer +1 Endijians Pauldrons lvl45 (Slots;1S Armor-62 Regeneration Penalty +5.7% Chance to Reflect; Close Combat +6.4% Vitality +9 BeeEffGee +4 Endijians Relics Lvl30 (Slots;1S) Armor-19 Regeneration Penalty +1.2% Damage +12.9% BeeEffGee +3 Attack Value +20 Sash of Sacrafice lvl35 (Slots 1B,1S,1G) Armor-17 Regeneration penalty +.6% Attack Value +30 Defence Value +28 Inquisitor ; Sarakis' Destiny lvl45 (Slots;1G) Armor-43 Regeneration penalty +2.2% Chance to Halve Regeneration Time 13.5% Chance for Critical Hit +4.5% Nefarious Netherworld Focus +6 Dryad ; Detheya's Protection lvl60 (Slots;1S,1G) Armor-144 Regeneration Penalty +3.2% Vitality +16 Aspect; Capricious Hunter +6 Chestguard of Flame lvl50 (Slots;2s,1G) Armor- 125 Regeneration penalty +3.2% Damage Mitigation +8.1% Defensive Skills +7 For the Unique Weapons I'm too lazy to post ALL those weapons so if you lorking for any Unique weps tell me what kind and what level I'll probably most likely have it in that chest lol.