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  1. Hi there I will play Sacred again on Saturday. If we dont meet this weekend, we maybe see us bevore the Diablo 3 release. I m normaly playing with german friends, not everybody speaks english.So if u want 2 play with use u hve 2 learn german , just kidding. If u still are plying u get what u wish for from me. I know that sounds overconfident but if it isnt a Epic with a surtain level I most probably have it. Sadly only one German Women plays the game regulary nowdays. My PSN ID:MementoMortis
  2. Hi I am one of the german speaking players. If someone still is playing Sacred and is searching people 2 play with my PSN ID is: MementoMortis. I am again online from the 22.4.12 till the release of Diablo 3. the game looses the balance when u forge in high level items into armor. There is no need 2 get any weapon at all when u use a bug weapon. The bug weapon ruin the balance even more so best thing 2 do is forget about them.