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  1. Melee or Ranged Dryad? Help please.

    Thanks guys, this has helped alot. Its taken me some time to get back into the swing of things. I will go with Ranged first I guess. There is not a way to respec right? I don't think I remember there being one. Another question though. Would you take Combat Relfex or Spell Resistance?
  2. Melee or Ranged Dryad? Help please.

    Is everyone in agreement that Ranged build is much better than a Dual Wield? I wanted to take CD because CON seems boring even though its what keeps you alive. Others give me mod points, or unlock weapon mods or allow you to use 3 arts in a combo.
  3. Melee or Ranged Dryad? Help please.

    I don't think I can take Con over CR but I will check. Would spell resistance be better? So, Dual Wield with two swords wouldn't work well with the Dryad? I am ok with ranged but melee just seems more fun with her. Its a shame the board is dead. Just a few years ago it was pretty active. I am waiting for Sacred 3 but everything I have seen so far has been negative. It looks bad. Again what a shame because this was a great community.
  4. Melee or Ranged Dryad? Help please.

  5. Melee or Ranged Dryad? Help please.

    I used to play this game all the time. My SN was Rasputin. I was rich beyond belief but then one day my PS3 died and I lost everything. I couldn't go back to the game for awhile but recently after a couple years I decided to go back and finish my Dryad. Now, I do have to make her have Bargain and EP because I am poor but I still think it will be a decent character. I figured I was going to go Ranged with bows or darts but her meleee seems more fun because it has unique animations. My question is this. Would I sacrifice power by taking out Ranged Weapons for Dual Wield? My build so far is Tactics Lore EP Bargain Concentration Then I was thinking Hunter Focus Nature Focus Ranged or Dual Wield Combat Reflex Armor Lore Combat Discipline or something else like Voodoo Focus So, what do you guys think? Ranged or Dual Wield? You guys helped me soooo much before I figured I would come back for some advice. Thanks guys.
  6. So, this will not actually be Sacred right?

    You're probably right, I'm just sick of everyone b***ing about it. Sacred 3 has been kicked around and crushed with negativity since its first official announcement. There's a continuing serious lack of info about the game from the devs, for one thing, and everything that has been revealed tells us that the game is Sacred in name only. I feel like they were trying to make a good dungeon crawler/beat-em-up and just wanted to use an existing IP as a basis. I welcome you back from your absence from all things Sacred, but I'm not really interested in name-calling and piling onto the "Sacred 3 is gonna suck" heap. I get what your saying but doesn't it bother you that they don't even seem to pretend to care to honor the fans and history of the game? I mean I am sure it does but you just want to give the game a chance is that what your saying? Or just feel its pointless to keep bashing it? There is so little information that when I started to try and dig it felt like a punch to the gut and as you can see by my post I was upset.
  7. So, this will not actually be Sacred right?

    Releasing Sacred 3 two weeks before Reaper on souls for consoles is a very good marketing plan. It also gives us their prediction for the average lifespan of the game. I laughed out loud for real. Ahhh shucks. Thing is I might have enjoyed this if I was not expecting Sacred. It was rough around the edges but one of my favorite games every because of all the theory crafting and amazing community. I remember Gogo I am pretty sure I spent days reading his theory crafting. I was so excited when I thought we might get a new polished Sacred. I would be more than happy to help them fund a real sacred game and I honestly think alot of other people feel the same way. There may not be alot of us but I think we make up for it with passion. Would this game come out on console? I know, I know I am an ARPG game who likes to play on console. I appreciate everyone taking the time to repsond to my post even if it seems my worst fears are true. Honestly I figured it was not going to have the same depth and magic but I thought they were at least going to pretend or try.
  8. So, this will not actually be Sacred right?

    Anyone? I would love someone to tell me I am wrong and this game will have the depth we love from a sacred game.
  9. So, this will not actually be Sacred right?

    I was a huge ps3 Sacred 2 guy but stopped once I lost all my data. It was just heartbreaking. I used to go by Rasputin some may remember me if you spent alot of time on here. Best community ever by the way. So, I have not been able to find much info but what I did find was depressing as hell. I would like to know what the truth is. Is there really no more loot drops? If so I assume that there will also not be a huge open world, mounts and most important a vast and complex character build system. I loved choosing my aspects and then how I would spec each skill. Finding awesome loot and then the best jewels to slot into it. I assume none of this will be in the game right? Its only called Sacred to try and sell more copies? If so, I will only buy this game used so the devs get no money and hopefully lose their jobs. I am sorry but they sound like the most ignorant devs I have ever heard. Even if they were too stupid to understand what makes sacred sacred. No loot drops from monsters? Have they ever heard of Diablo 3 the biggest game in the ARPG market? If what I have heard is true these people should not be in the game bussiness and I am afraid the only thing I can look forward to from this game is their failure. Hopefully they are never able to make a video game again. Is what I have heard true? I am would so so love to be wrong and have to eat more words.