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  1. I completed the HC character ( bronze campaign ) and got the "Dedicated" achievement. Pic I discovered that pelting strikes followed by soul hammer is an awesome combo. PS shoots two bullets and SH one, that delivers "coup de grace", this one shots almost anything and is an excellent boss killer. And since it also shoots 3 shots with 84% pierce, it does pretty well against mobs, too.
  2. That's 'Dedicated' and yes I agree. I am trying to get that with the same character as well ( hardcore BFG seraphim ). I finished chapter 5 and am at 9.5%.. So far so good..
  3. I'm back! Was busy with a bunch of RL stuff. Ok so I'm playing my BFG seraphim on hardcore, completed upto chapter 5. Few questions: -Pelting strikes only shoots 2 bullets, even with the double hit mod. Any way to get it to do more? -Which is better vs bosses, pelting strikes or soul hammer? -Since this is HC I went warding energy over battle stance for my second buff. DP doesn't seem reliable because you can't have it up all the time and it has a regen time which stops me from using other CAs for a long time after casting it. Any ideas?
  4. Tactics lore also increases soul hammer/ pelting strikes damage, no? Btw, why pelting strikes only shoot 2 shots from BFG? It does so many with dual wielding swords. The BFG build's only downside so far seems to be low attack speed/ regen times. But I guess they will pick up.
  5. Thanks guys! I am giving the dryad a break for now ( am having to limit my video gaming time for RL reasons ), and instead started a new BFG seraphim on hardcore. It seems like BFG is improved by CA level, player level, Tactics Lore, Ranged weapons, Rev. Tech Lore and Battle Stance? Damn, that's one hell of a weapon.
  6. You are right in that I am not able to look at the big picture here.. Give me a character in Diablo 2 or Median XL and I can tell pretty well what it's capable of given the skills and equipment, I can't do that in Sacred 2. Maybe I haven't played enough, but thats the other problem. It takes insanely long to level up and esp. at high levels it seems like now its taking 1 hr to gain 1 level. How long it takes to get a level 130 character? Do the math.. its insane. A game like Van Helsing 2 I was able to finish from beginning to end in under 11 hours, that's the first playthrough and without any
  7. vision and vision% are good for exploring huh? I thought that mod never did anything at all.
  8. Yes, alchemy sounds interesting. I thought about using it on my HC shadow warrior ( which I started and is now level 15 ), but he has it as a secondary skill. Doesn't seem worth it to get blacksmith just for that ( how is blacksmith useful anyway ) However, I could use it as the 10th skill on my dryad, who has it as the primary skill. I've heard people say good things about bargaining, but the truth is I'm not really a 'shopper' . I can look up stuff in shops every now and then but not really go out of my way for doing so. .. I've been reading up on the whole spell damage and r
  9. Hi folks! Nice to be posting here. I have been playing Sacred 2 for about 4 months now. Here is a list of all my current characters. I am playing Ice&Blood with community patch. I have completed almost every quest, including 'Epic Office'. I have done all achievements except 'Dedicated' and 'Master Cartographer' ( and 3 multiplayer ones but am not interested in those, I am solo player only ). Okay! Now I want to talk about my Dryad character. It is a ranged dryad, with full Detheya's set and currently using a level 80 bow called 'Bull's eye', that I used to beat
  10. I would like to change it to Yooden_Vranx . Thanks!
  11. That's what I did, and I also removed darkmatters from my list of apps on FB. Didn't work. Oh well..
  12. Hi there! I have been playing Sacred 2 for four months and want to start posting here. However I logged in with Facebook, and now when I want to create a proper account, it won't let me use my normal email address ( presumably because it is linked with facebook ). I don't really want to create a useless email account just for this. For various reasons I don't want my facebook to be connected with my gaming activity, but I could live with it if at the very least I am able to change my user name to not be the same thing as from Facebook. Any help in this regard would be appreciated!
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