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  1. Steph


    Yes, that was really annoying. The problem didn't came from the game but from the anti-copy protection on the DVD-Rom. The retailler politics of no refund was a bad new and at the time, the local costumer support phone number was not active. As I bought it for 5€ instead of 40€ on sales, I binned it and forgot about it. It was a Steam offer that made me buy it again, knowing that if it didn't work, I could get a refund easilly from them. I did not regret my purchase.
  2. Steph


    Since I posted for the first time on the forum today, I think I'm long time due for an introduction. I joined the site in 2014 when I bought a copy of Sacred 2 gold on a Steam sales event. Before that I have played Sacred, Diablo 1&2, Darkstone... I had bought an hard copy of Sacred 2 in 2012 but was unable to install it. I tried multiple time and the install program burned the 3 instances autorized by the protection software. And because of that feature, the shop refused to refund it. Meaning I was really happy when the Steam version worked. I joined the forum 'cause I was looking for a nice set for my Temple Guardian. I was redirected there from Sacredwiki. That said, I'm from France and 42 years old. If someone have a solution for my chocolate dependency... I have stopped smoking but I cannot stop dark chocolate. Talk about an hard drug
  3. Tried the font folder and it work perfect. Sacred Gold with CM 1.60.