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  1. New member: Pinkies

    Wow, a girl here on the boards! It's funny, only till people actually make a comment about this, do I actually mull over how few girls are here on DarkMatters! It's a pleasure to have you here with us, and thank you for writing out a lovely introduction, and for the kind words about our forum...ayuh, for a small game like this, I think we have a cozy home...perhaps you'll find a ghoulie avatar for the season? have fun with the game, and welcome to DarkMatters! gogo Thankies~ Ohh~ Thanksies for accepting it~ Iv added a cute lil avatar~ high res is here~ ~~
  2. Heia~ I tought id say hello, I just got sacred 2 and dled some mods here and off to play maybe now, its a nice little forum u guys got here~. well what can I say about myself. im a girl gamer as some of u might have noticed from that I logged in with facebook since it tok a day without getting my email accepted here. but else from that its also Good evening to you americans abroad. so thats dat. .Pinkie.