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  1. Stat point allocation math

    What are some good regen based items then?
  2. Quetzal's First Strike

    That is probably what it is then. The meddling I do with the item editor leads to accurate item traits. This is the only time its been vastly different from what I was expecting. I originally created a Seraphim with Dual Wield and one point in Sword Weapons to use Boneslicers but I wanted to try the Quetzal angle based off an article I read about combining weapon skills with Dual Wield. The Boneslicer with the one point invested and the boosts from items seemed pretty accurate compared to the pics I saw posted of its traits. I was a little miffed when the Quetzal didn't seem to be as strong as I thought it was so I figured it might be a glitch but that answers a whole lot.
  3. Quetzal's First Strike

    Oh, and I forgot the mention once the characters are made for Niob I move them into that difficulty. That is the level I do all my gaming in.
  4. Quetzal's First Strike

    I make my characters in Silver, then use the Character Editor and Item Editor you can find through here to modify their them and their equipment for Niob. The thing that is throwing me is that, when I use the editor to equip other characters with Niob level equipment, the bonuses on the items don't change if I move up and down difficulty level with the exception of the Set bonuses since those are directly tied to your difficulty. It is a weird quirk that I have only noticed with Quetzal's. The screenshot I posted was from a Googling what the stat bonuses of Quetzal's are supposed to be and a level 252 item in Niob is giving me half of the stats that the sword in that pic is giving me. I tried reinstalling the game to see if maybe that would fix but the problem still persisted even in the vanilla version. Let me know if you need some screenshots and I can provide them.
  5. Quetzal's First Strike

    I am having some issues with the item. It's stats are fluctuating depending on the difficulty level almost like a set bonus modifier. Also the bonuses seem lower that some of the screenshots I have seen of the item. I maxed the item level out and its bonuses are about half of what you see here. Is this some kind of glitch that I can fix?
  6. Stat point allocation math

    The only damage relevant stat I have seen people advocating is Intelligence for mages. So I guess Dex and Strength can be largely overlooked then in favor of survivability and so on. What about Stamina? It seems like it has some pretty significant impacts on your regens or is better to rely on items for that?
  7. So I am tooling around with a few character builds right now. Distributing skill points is pretty straight forward as you can see what you are getting in a fairly straight forward manner. Plus, the Sacred wiki has some handy charts to see where diminishing returns start so you can plan how to min-max. Stat allocation has been bothering me however. With the exception of my Totem Dryad who I spent nearly all my points in Intelligence with some Stamina to help regens, non-spellcasting classes are confounding me with regards to how I should spend my points. I know that weapons have attributes they are associated with but does pumping those respective attributes really make that much of a difference later on? Or, in the case of melee characters, is it better to pump Vitality, Stamina, and/or Willpower for the added survivability and regen utility? Since combat in Sacred seems less about clicking things to death and more about using your combat arts to the fullest potential I find myself questioning where the best investment of points can be found to get the most return.
  8. Quetzal's First Strike

    If I had a sticker that said "Grape Job," I would give it to you You sir (or ma'am) are awesome.
  9. Quetzal's First Strike

    I only play in the offline mode so I can use item editors to get the sword to the desired level. It's just a matter of finding a download source or getting it to drop. Also, since I only play offline I have nothing to trade since I download most everything I need off the forums. I wouldn't feel right taking an item you got legitimately for nothing in return.
  10. Quetzal's First Strike

    I was wondering if someone has attempted to upload this item to the database. I wanted to try it out but have had little luck finding one. Also, in the event that I were to find one, how would I go about uploading it here?
  11. Hello all

    I originally created my nickname because I like the Orks from 40k and Kaptin Badrukk is one of my favorite characters. It is nice to see that it can go beyond that niche though
  12. Hello all

    My name is Royce, I recently acquired Sacred 2 through the Steam holiday sale and have been playing it rigorously. So far I enjoy the game and I am glad to see that it still has an active community of modders and such. The only other game I have seen with such a community (that I have played) is Diablo II. Anyways cheers all.