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  1. CornyMortis

    Sacred: Music and Soundscapes

    Thanks for the link Gogoblender To be honest, I never managed to enjoy Sacred 2 as much as Sacred 1 but nevertheless, I can't help but admire sound developers who go this far to have a living world via sound. I think most gamers toand developpers day underestimate this.
  2. CornyMortis

    Dissecting the Sacred 3 Conspiracy

    So they didn't have enough spare programmers for the project. Whats the problem with that? They didn't have enough KEY programmers to spare. For 2 years. On their most important project so far. My logic may be flawed, but you don't tackle such a milestone in your career unless you are absolutely ready for it. This could have been a game changer for them. Anyway, I also took a look at Martin Wein's interview. It really looks like they were planning to make a real Sacred game at some point and even be in regular touch with the community. What the hell happened? Granted, co-op and "humor" were still a priority back then. Sigh. Regardless SX255 I want to thank you because didn't know some of what you said
  3. CornyMortis

    Dissecting the Sacred 3 Conspiracy

    I just can't over the fact that Keen was looking to hire people such as Senior Gameplay Programmer, Network Programmer and Senior Graphics Programmer for the Sacred 3 development team up to November of 2013! And obviously, when I said "conspiracy", I was merely joking.
  4. CornyMortis

    Dissecting the Sacred 3 Conspiracy

    Except that is not a "Sacred 3 sucks" topic. Yes we all know it sucked. The point of this thread is to generate discussion as to WHY Sacred 3 turned out that bad (and alienating) and bringing some facts into the table at the same time. Personally, I think it's a very interesting topic, and the data at hand already provides some ideas of what could have transpired between Keen Games and Deep Silver.
  5. CornyMortis

    Dissecting the Sacred 3 Conspiracy

    Basicly, I read a article on Sonic Boom and why it failed (http://nintendoeverything.com/big-red-button-entertainment-suffered-from-staff-losses-before-sonic-boom-launch/) So I kinda decided to do the same with Sacred 3, a situation probaby even more fishy than Sonic Boom. We do know that Keen Games had, untill that time, never developped a game for PC/Consoles, correct? Well then, let's check their hiring page, from 2011 to 2013. https://web.archive.org/web/20131126221643/http://www.keengames.com/keen-games/careers/open-positions/ Up untill November of 2013, the hiring page reads: "Currently we are looking for a Senior Gameplay Programmer to join the Sacred3 development team." etc Bear in mind that the game was released in August of 2014. But it was delayed. In fact, Deep Silver scheduled Sacred 3 for 2013. Perhaps Keen Games hired the people they needed for Sacred 3 development in late 2013 or early 2014. Interestingly, Peter Thierolf, former Technical Director of Keen Games left the company in the time period between November of 2013 and April of 2014. And now some foreshadowing from Deep Silver themselves... *Puts tinfoil hat on* Discuss!
  6. Hello everyone. I like Sacred very much, just like you guys do. Sacred has been one of my favourite games. I was intoduced to it by my mother who was a gamer back in 2006/2007 and I've been playing it in periods ever since. In fact, when I stumbled upon the advantages of trading that were listed here in some thread, I decided to include said skill in my next character build. Today, I have a level 68 BM in Gold who often shops in the glorious Bravemart. And despite all the praise that Sacred recieves from it's fanbase here at DarkMatters, there is one area which is NEVER mentioned, but deserves notable attention. Sound Design. Sacred's sound design is stellar. Hit sounds are pretty mediocre, but the soundtrack can be really dark and atmospheric, while also offering some very action packed pieces. I also play Morrowind which allows custom music, and I used to put all Sacred music that was appropiate in it. To this day, I still have all the battle tracks which still show up in occasionally in Morrowind. My favourite ambient-ish pieces would have to be "Atmospot Cemetary" and "Village Siege Undead". Great tracks that really create an atmosphere for the game, not to mention the breathing sounds. All of that really made Sacred feel alive.