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  1. Shopping Strategy?

    Thank you all for the info. If you are playing multi-player I see how you can get low level characters into Niob, but what do you do if you are playing single-player? Do you try to get them to whatever difficulty you can by the targeted level you want them to be?
  2. I understand how shopping works, but I do not have a good idea of what to shop for at what levels. About all I am doing right now is looking for +1 all skills items so I can wear them. My level 42 seraphim has bargaining 64. My plan is to have at least one of every class to go through the game at least once so I want to be able to shop for any class, if possible. 1. What items should I be looking for at my level? 2. What are the best armor pieces to use to make a bargaining suit (and a buff suit as well) 3. Is it true that the shop only changes items if you visit a different one and then come back? 4. Are there particular shopper and bargaining levels that are better than others? 5. What am I not asking about that is important to know about shopping?
  3. Is Alchemy worth taking? I have read through a lot of builds and rarely do I see it mentioned. Are there builds in particular that benefit more from it? Or is it just a fun skill when you have no other pressing needs?
  4. I played Sacred 1 a lot but when 2 came out my PC was not up to the challenge. When I got a better PC I played through the game and got to Gold once and then got distracted by other things. I am back now and want to learn all the different classes and take one of each to Niob. I want to set up a shopper network, have a blacksmith and basically explore the entire game. Of course I have to do all the achievements too..... Sigh, so much to do, so much to learn, so little time. One thing that is difficult for me when reading posts, especially those talking about different builds, is that I can't always tell if a post was made for the original game or Blood and Ice or the Community Patch. Is there an easy way of determining that?
  5. Autoleveling mobs question

    I came to the right place to get information! Thank you all for your help.
  6. I know that mobs seem to gain levels the longer you have gone without dying. Is there any limit to this or will they continue to get more powerful until you die? I was trying to kill bosses 3 levels above my level and I ended up suiciding so I could get the boss down to my level again. Is that the best strategy for tougher than normal bosses?
  7. Help killing bosses

    I am on silver, and am probably undergeared, I went back and made a fire weapon and finally killed the Gar'Colossus. And yes, I probably should do more sidequests than I do.
  8. Help killing bosses

    Thanks for all the info! Gar'Colossus and Octagolamus are where I am getting stuck, my BFG seraphim has killed them, my melee seraphim is stuck on Gar'Colosses. It sounds like I need to check the wiki for weakness and get some damage going that takes advantage of those weaknesses.
  9. I resumed playing Sacred 2 recently, with the 2.65 build plus CM. Has the CM made fighting bosses a lot harder? It seems so to me. I can kill bosses with my BFG Seraphim, but everybody else cannot do enough damage to overcome regeneration. What am I missing here? Do I need to shop for the best gear I can find, or what? My builds follow some of those posted in this forum. Your help is greatly appreciated.