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  1. Speedruns anyone!?

    Thanks for the replies. I would like to see any builds you have used just to compare with my own. I hadn't thought of using Attack Value+ before. I thought maybe it was one of the skills that was just plain broken or ignored on console. I think I would like to keep some separate categories for the runs, like "Any%" and "100%" if you are familiar with these common terms from runners on SpeedRunsLive.com For example, I think starting a fresh naked character, not using anything in the shared chest, nor using a 200 char to forge or carry through the campaign would belong in its own category. At first I would like to see how fast I could do Bronze difficulty just completing the main campaign story quests. I don't think I'm ready to do a run all the way through Niob because it would take a long time without a 200 char helping. And probably require experience grinding at some point which I would like to avoid if possible. Though I do like the idea of having to control 2 characters at the same time, that sounds pretty challenging hehe. I never made a Seraphim, so I have only heard of the BFG and dont really know the strategy or build. How does it work? Thanks,
  2. Speedruns anyone!?

    Greetings, I am a long time fan of Sacred 2:Fallen Angel and recently returned to the game. I have a strange urge to continue working on speedruns after a long break from it. I am new to the forums here and have some questions for any of those who may be listening. 1. has anyone else attempted any speedruns for this game? if so, which class, which campaign light or dark, and is there link to topic with jnfo Bout this? or videos? 2. I am playing on Xbox 360. I understand there is a PC version and I can only assume that it has been patched more, has more people playing it and has more content (mods?) - part of the reasons I ask this is I am wondering if strategies and knowledge of the PC players will pertain to xbox, depending on how much has been patched. 3. Bugs- I havnt read the bugs n glitches thread yet, but the only things im aware of outside of hacked items is duping of items using offline 2nd local char/memory card (which I want to avoid) and then also the trick with Dryad poison spread fast experience, which I find intriguing for potentially its own category of speedrun. Does anyone know of any other tricks -within the original game mechanics- that would help beat the game faster? - I am really most familiar with Shadow Warrior and Dryad abilities and have only come up with strategies for those two. For Shadow Warrior, my current plan is pretty basic and hinges on getting Shadow Veil upgraded to permanent buff, and Nether Allegiance for support. followed by some straight Frenzied Rampage for Dps. Part of this depends on how many rune drops I get and if I can afford to exchange them for the combat art I need. I rush through main campaign buy mount as soon as possible, then get Unique class mount as soon as I get there, And the rest of the run im just hoping for random drops of higher damage weapons. Despite being a boring looking run with alot of just running, I think there are a lot of possibilities due to upgrade paths and all of the different abilities. So I am very curious if anyone else has any ideas or suggestions. The reason I love this game is because of how in depth the combat art system is. The relation of how many runes you use vs. the higher cooldown you get, and then the fact you have a limited choice of skills you can choose from. I think a speedrun can really showcase this fact. So if anyone is left on these forums, please share your thoughts! Thankyou!