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  1. Hello. I'm new to forum here! Yes, yes... I was here time to time just to read notes, mostly cm patch. What I noticed is... Some content is strange. No, its not CM fail, its kind of basic Sacred 2 feature. I can offer some examples but that will wait. So, about this topic. I like balancing, accurate maybe. Sometimes less accuracy... You know, when you just riped from some random creature because..., so I want to get my Survive Bonus back. So what I am gonna do -> raise some things in my inventory to make my char very OP, but mostly in defensive terms. For what? Thus I can pick many dangerous creatures and just tank them, the more - the better. So, how to do it... Maybe I should pick the balance file but Im not SO sure what some strings do, its not so good, btw id like to make some items more usefull like... some bonuses are useless and about some items its not rly good because You should feel lucky when you got green item, right? But what I feel is, it got 2 good sockets & it raises some...dexterity, for caster... rly?! So what I want is to find an item and edit it. Most stuff in blueprint are items but an issue is thats not easy to find particular one,esspecialy when no1 commented the item you needed. Im supposed here you got installed cm bc, it will makes things easier. Common structure is: bonusgroup0 = {767,1200,10,9,0}, bonusgroup1 = {406,1350,10,9,0}, -- etc, btw "--" is a commentary so it helps to put some tips those are describers of bonuses, 767 or 406 are IDs of bonuses like a...Socket or Chance to crit, 1200 or 1350 are values, mostly the more - the higher.( Im using notepad++ bc I read the not about regular editor sometimes saved files wrong so game cant read it.) So, what an idea here? Find an item by bonuses it has. So you need IDs, of course you dont have em solution is: CM-> seek an items with bonuses described in comments like "{749,1000,10,9,0}, -- Bronze Slot" Thus you may build basic database of blueprint IDs, to get more - seek an items with bonuses you dont have in your db but those should have at least 2-3 which you already have like an item with dex/slot/406 u may reveal what 406 is when u get an item ofc. I prob will post tricks here I am using and you may add yours ofc. Nowdays is only one, but there should be one to begin with, right? In my editor exists a tool, named search, but what is matter: it has extended search. Morelike I found myself regex tools(just google that...if needs ofc!). So, to find my item I used that one: 767,\d{1,4},10,9,0},(\s{2,4}bonusgroup\d = {\d{3,3},\d{2,4},\d{1,2},\d,\d},){0,3}\s{2,4}bonusgroup\d = {416,\d{2,4},\d{1,2},\d,\d}, Which trouble it solves: You will find an item which has bonuses 767 & 416(crit & dex) and what matters: other bonuses may be between them, maybe not even 1, up to 3 . There's only 1 issue, the order, bonus #767 should be before #416. but you may rewrite them(swap 767&416) so oposite is possible. And ofc if needs It's possible to add 3d bonus(and more but I dont think it worth it), issue is same: keep an order. Another issue is: sometimes same bonuses have different IDs, but again if you know those IDs you may add them there as an option. BTW, any suggestion about what topics to read 1st for further research to become experienced with syntax,ideas etc.
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