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  1. I run the latest CM-patch. Maybe my crashes are due to me playing an old char from back then (I keep all my saves always XD). Because since I restarted Sacred2 a couple of weeks back I've been playing 2 characters (1 recently created in Multiplayer and 1 old). Funnily enough with the new char that I solely use for hosting MP-games I hardly ever have crashes (like a total of 3 in 1 Day worth of game-time; so nothing really) whereas with my old char I can hardly play an hour without crash (but not frequently; sometimes I play 3 hours without issues and then I have 3 crashes in 30 minutes).
  2. I got it for 3€ on steam XD. I still have my orignal copies of Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel and Ice&Blood somewhere but I figured that the steam-version would probably be more stable (I recall that Sacred 2 wasnt programmed for Win XP and up so it caused a lot of crashes unless you would make some .ini-changes etc.). I never thought the game would work for Win7 (and certainly not for Win10) but it kind off does (I still have relatively frequent crashes but its bareable; also this time around I didnt make any .ini-changes)
  3. Thanks! That helped a lot! Its still a great game, though. Quite the tragedy it wasnt a financial sucess back then and that the franchise got killed recently. As far as I know Sacred 2 pioneered Skill-modifications and the game overally looks and plays pretty well to this day.
  4. Thanks! Thanks! I will care for that. The least I can do XD Edit: Added detailed walkthrough to http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Ancaria_Airlines and 1 Note (teleporting during quest) to the best of my abbilities (which means I had no idea where to get the picture reference for Expedia which is why her picture is missing in the dialouge box XD). Also: Can I upload screenshots to the wiki? If yes: how? (I am guessing 3rd party links like imgur are troublesome)
  5. Hey Guys! Its me again with a curious finding. I just started platinum with my Seraphim and had to reload to unbug a bugged quest ("Children and Demons" to be specific). Funnily enough when I entered the game again I had 1 additional skillpoint and 1 additional attribute point to assign. I dug in the wiki to find out where I got that from and couldnt track it back. However I have a suspicion. according to http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Skills the Community patch adds quests that award additional skillpoints. It is stated that only "Feed the poor" would award 1 addi
  6. You're welcome! I am glad being able to pay back a bit of help to the wiki/forum. Thanks a lot! Edit: and thanks to gogoblender for the "accountupgrade" and the wiki-account!
  7. Hi guys! I did some testing with the Dragon mage just now because I am going to make one in the near future. However I stumbled across a mistake on the wiki. The wiki page for Familiar (http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Familiar) states that the bronze mod insight would overwrite Mentor potions. For me the Insight mod does not only not overwrite mentor potions it even stacks (more XP from Familiar + Mentor potion than just mentor potion). For testing I used the level 75-characters (I ofc made sure enemy types and their levels correspond) on silver and platin
  8. lol. I've been there but the refuge was empty. I even saw the "device" that is behind him in the screenshot just not himself. I think this wood is just bugged for me for some reason. nvm edit: Wait. Could it be the case that I need to go to Diaanjas Retreat beforehand? Cuz I havent been there. FECAL MATTER!. The expansion maps really need this tagged as the mainquest.... quite confusing.
  9. You dont say? this only happened in the forest (which is partly the reason I created this thread). Up until then my enemies where some levels above me or same.
  10. Sry. I didnt get to play up until now. Well, I dont have that quest. In fact I never even met Khormynth outside of this one quest where u can see the forest before it got cursed (I think its a sidequest but I forgot its name). So my next question is: Where can I find Khormynth? The wiki doesnt tell, sadly. on a sidenote: quite strange that its nowhere mentioned that u need this quest to kill the Abishai. Not ingame nor searching the web. Am I the first one to struggle with this? Damned this cursed forest is a strange/bugged place. Imma go to gold now and leave that damned forest for
  11. yeah. I skipped Act 1 and 2 pretty hard (to get to the mount fast). I entered Act3 with level 30 (which is relatively low, at least looking at my other chars) but from act 3 onwards I did most quests but no grinding whatsoever. Still too much apparently XD
  12. I know about the level cap but silver-difficulty, according to multiplayer-tooltip should go up to level 100. Also the crystal planes have a higher level cap than 70. Whatever: I really didnt plan to become 75 in silver. It just happened. Anyways I plan to rush gold. Outleveling mobs sucks. XD
  13. Hey guys! I am about to finish off silver with one of my chars and before entering gold I decided that I should play the "expansion maps" finally (I used to skip them up until now; maybe I was afraid they where anything like Sacred: Underworld (I still have nightmares about this F**** labyrinth this map was)) Anyways. I am in the cursed forest now as the last map (did the Crystal plane before) and I am wondering why all the mobs seem to be capped at level 70 in silver. I am 75 already and obviously they are far too weak and dont give any XP. I am also a bit confused since this
  14. Hello fellow heroes of Ancaria! I've run into a problem concerning entering the Abishai Stronghold. Since I wasnt able to enter it I did some research and aparently an NPC should spawn once I get to the last door and tell me how to enter. Well, that NPC never showed up for me. I also dont get any message when approaching a door. Its simply unusable. Is this a bug? Can this be fixed? Am I just too dumb? XD Help apprechiated since I did this forest only to see the "boss I dont know yet". thanks! best regards Genitor
  15. I feel you! you're welcome! OMG! This is the most amazing help I've ever gotten from anyone! Now I can test all my stuff properly! I used to just not spend my skillpoints and modpoints up to the point where I can test what I want to test and then save my char before spending points, trying out all combinations before going back to gaming with the char but now I can do that seperated from my playing characters (and spend all their unspent points ). Thank you very much!
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