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  1. 1. All my runes are exclusively from Silver. And it's not about different ones. I have the same runes from Silver in a stack of 5 and right next to them runes from Silver with the exact same bonus without a stack. 2. Okay. That makes sense. Still kinda bummed out about how many two-handed there are in comparsion to one-handed. 3. Oh right. The quest reward. A tool tip also states that more solved quests means more sets. Out of curiosity, is there a list on how more quests actually improve the set drops at the end of one? Couldn't find anything about it.
  2. I'm back with 3 more: 1. Is there a way to manually stack things? Potions or runes? They do stack automatically if I pick up them, but I can't find a way to do it myself. I have weird stacks of potions in my inventory. Like 50, 20 and then some single ones. And runes. I know they can have differend bonuses, but same runes do not stack. I have a stack of like 3 combat extension runes, and next to it a stack of 5 same runes. and then a single one somewhere else in the chest. 2. Lightsabers. How do I get single ones? Everytime I shop there are 1-2 double sabers in every shop. I frequently drop them. Even unique ones. But in like 30 hours I've seen only one one-handed lightsaber. Is there a trick to get single ones? 3. Is it normal that storyline bosses have a pretty low chance on set items? The White Griffin frequently dropped one and I fought him maybe only 15 times. Even got multiple TG set pieces. In the past days I frequently farm the Golem and the Squid boss, and have only gotten one green ring.
  3. Oh. So I completely misunderstood the skill. I thought it buffs damage and regen of combos only.
  4. Okay. So I load my backup and rather spend my points on the energy shield. I get your idea of using only 2 CAs in a combo. I was just hyped for using stuff like triple Projectile, murdering masses of enemies. Or triple T-Shock for instant cooldown and massive healsagainst bosses. I also see the damage bonus. But sadly it doesn't show how much damage CAs are doing in a combo compared to their damage alone. Is it a flat percentage on top of everything by any chance? Sadly. A lot of stuff doesn't work with CAs, and it annoys me. Mainly no LL as in the first game.
  5. Well. I like Sacred 2. It is not like S1, which will stay my favourite game forever, but it's good. It has good and annoying sides. I don't like the sluggish zoom in-, and out when you talk to anyone. You can't do anything menu-wise while the sluggish zoom is moving back to your position. I also don't understand a lot of the mechanics yet. But It's a standard ARPG. And they're always fun to play. So I have some new things I'm curious about. Combos. I followed the "I have a dwarf in my left arm" guide and really like it. Did a few minimal changes here and there, but now I reached level 35 and choose Combat Discipline. I thought: Finally, spam skills in 3x combos, and was severely disappointed. Why can't I put the same skill twice in a combo? It seems insanely stupid to me. When I master it, what am I supposed to do? Put all 4 skills I have into it? I don't think this skill is worth so much just for the damage tbh... I also followed the guide in a different way and chose Deathly Spikes a level ago instead of the Energy shield. I'm not a fan of them yet. I don't know why a lot of people praise the skill. I guess it's better later in the game when it hits 5 or so times. I have a backup of level 34 with free Devout Guardian points. Should I drop Combat Discipline and Deathly Spears and get Shield Warding lore and invest into the shield? Is it of any use if not pumped with points?
  6. My main issue with the first part is the lack of knowledge about how hard it would be to start shopping at level, let's say 50 with bad shopping gear compared to constantly upgrading it every few levels. If it's possible to get top-shopping gear starting at 50 without spending days on doing so, I might just do that. It's unfortunate that I can't just reset playthroughs. I got used to that. Also thanks for the info on the Ring. I see it's not worth wasting the time on getting it unless I want the full set.
  7. This kinda evolved into me just asking random Sacred 2 questions, but as long as people aren't annoyed by it, I think I'll continue. So, is there a list of when items get certain modifiers? Like, I know life leech starts at level 10. And +3 relics at level 28. But when are normal items getting +3 to a skill like bargaining or smithing or Lost Fusion aspect? Or when do +2 all attribute rings start to appear in shops? I'm 27 now and I struggle to get bargaining over 2x my level, because all items I have with the skill are only +2 and occasional +1 to all skills with 2 sockets resulting in a +3. Is there a list of such things somewhere online? And is it possible to reset a playthrough? Sacred 1 just has the new game where you could play with imported characters and re-do quests over and over again. Can I do it in Sacred 2? Freeplay is possible, but it lacks one important quest I want to re-do for money making purposes. Or do I have to create new toons over and over again. Also, there is this Office quest that give you 2 really good rings. Is it available in Freeplay? I know finding all of them is a pain in the ass, and my main idea was to farm the +all skills rings you get from one of the workers. is the ring any better than normal +all skills I could get at my level? Like... Does it give +2 instead of +1 like normal rings/amulets?
  8. So I looked at various soruces about it, and it's kinda semi-unrelated, but what is the best way to shop in Sacred 2? I know shops resupply if you have a loading time by travelling between game cells. But do they resupply if you visit another shop of same category, aka shop - shop, combo master - combo master or smoth - smith? If yes, is there an area with 2 shops very close to each other, like Valors city in S1? And if not, what is the best way to resupply shops? Just teleporting from city to city? And which are the best cities for that with shortest ways between portal and shopkeepers?
  9. Yeah. I mean, I get it if you mistype stuff. But I type stuff like "Dragon Mage" into it, and it spews random weapon pages out which have dragon in their name.
  10. Okay. Great, thank you. I don't know why, but the wiki dislikes me. I can literally type the name of an article, and it doesn't find it. But when I google it, it's there.
  11. Okay. Can anyone explain to me how to get more attribute points? A lot of guides say: "Put 1x point every level into Stamina, Strength, etc., the rest elsewhere, like vitality". For example this one: "This means 1 point in vitality per level, the other one goes in stamina or intelligence (alternating between the two)." Without farming Airlines or the other quest, how do I get more than 1 point per level? I assumed you only get 1 per level forever.
  12. The mechanics are weird to be honest. Unlike S1 not using more than 1 CA for 90% of CAs... Combos only having fixed cooldown from skills and so on. I remember stacking a lot of CAs in S1 to create crazy powerful builds like Rotating Blade Seraphim and so on. Also. Is there any way to make all CAs leech life? I found some items with Life leecher per hit (a ring, a battery and a staff) but they only affect the staff, and no CAs.
  13. Wow. I figured out how good combos actually are in Sacred 2. In S1 you had insane recharge times. Like... 10-20 minutes long... And in Sacred 2 they are the recharge of the longer skill only? Wow. On the other hand, I can't use the same skill twice. A bummer.
  14. Well, I assume if it's still available after a lot of patches by devs and the CM, it's fine to use it. I'm always up to use and cheese any legal methods in games which are a core of the game, so I'll use it to boost some skills. Yeah. My main issue about the mods is I don't know how the mid or even late game looks like. For example the Flamethrower. Do I even need the damage? I could have enough damage in midgame. Do I need the stagger? I could have something else to stagger. Or the buffs. I have no idea what is necessary later on and what becomes obsolete because of skills/items. Well, all my characters are between 10 and 20, so no Niob items. And I doubt you can reach Niob in Sacred 2 as easy as in S1. I have a Dwarf there at level 140, who finished Niob starting it with 90.
  15. So I just realized I can farm an unlimited amount of attribute and skill points with LAN games. This can't be an actual part of the game, can it? Also. Is there a guide somewhere on TG combat arts modifications, or an "all character combat arts ideal modifications"? I am really unsure what to pick every time. I made a second TG for a bargaining purpose who focuses on Devout Guardian. For example Battle Extension. Bronze has chance for double strike or more damage. I don't know which one to pick. I can get more damage later on anyway, but I also can get more chance for the double strike with skills. Same goes for a lot of combat arts. I just don't know what is better and what becomes obsolete later on. The wiki does give a little bit insight on what it would pick, but it doesn't explain the choice and quite a few times it doesn't say what to pick. Oh, and another one rather basic question. How do I make a lot of cash? My bargaining TG reaches the point where still rather mediocre weapons and armor pieces cost 5 to 6 digit. Just killing stuff and selling everything is just not enough. Is there a way to earn 6-digit numbers of gold in relatively short time?