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  1. I am not surprised my suggested build is not much innovative However, I have not seen any guide which would stress getting total invisibility as soon as possible. I have tried it and after eating 26 runes of SV (25 would be enough, the extra one was to get a bit better invisibility at lower levels) my character got total invisibility at level 30 (with the aid of two items both socketed with two "+1 to all skills", left by some other character in the common chest). I guess usually it would take one-two more levels.
  2. I am NOT keen of hack'n'slash games - I prefer the ones like Elder Scrolls or Gothic, with much less enemies but much stronger ones. I don't like to click too much, switch between combat arts etc. - I guess when compared to average Sacred player I am very lazy. My favourite strategy is to cast a long-lasting spell/CA and watch when it decimates enemies without a need to heal, dodge their attacks etc. Shadow Warior fits this playstyle very well for two reasons. 1. Shadow Veil (SV). A lifesaver - when properly modded. grants you permanent invisibility. Mod it ASAP. Creep, Fade, Sinister Pact. At level 25 it grants you 100% invisibility. Try to keep it at this level. If some enemies start to see you (I guess it may be possible at higher levels), you may consider to increase the CA level. Do not increase it too much because it increases regeneration time of all CA's. 2. Skeletal Fortification (SF). A kind of a "Fire and Forget" CA - you place a skeletal tower at the battlefield and it takes care of your enemies. Mod it after SV. Choices are up to you, I would suggest Focus (halves regeneration time which is the main part of the cooldown, it will slowly decrease with the CA level), Arcane Power (I prefer magic damage over the ice one) and Scatter Shot (two arrows instead of one). Keep it at the level with the best damage-to-cooldown ratio (it may be checked every time you get a new level or better equipment). General tactics at lower levels: get both CA's ASAP, the other ones may be ignored. At the beginning keep SF at low level, eat runes of SV whenever possible (up to 25). Put the skeletal tower somewhere near the enemies (possibly in an open land) and use any weapon that grants a good damage. General tactic at higher levels: use SV as the buff, use SF with the aid of ranged weapons or magic staves (with CP they may shoot at close ranges), melee attack would cancel invisibility. Attributes: Intelligence 100% (incresases the damage of SF). Skills: Level 2: Astral Lord Focus. Try to keep at max level. Improves regeneration time, raises max CA level without penalty. Level 3: Astral Lord Lore. Try to keep at max level. Increases damage and the chance of a critical hit. Level 5: General skill no. 1. I prefer Smithing - I am not sure if Riding would be a good combination with SV, Divine Devotion is a poor choice anyway. Try to get to 5 at level 8, before the next choice. Level 8: Enhanced Perception/Bargaining (the second one with the Community Patch). Some people suggest to keep them as high as possible, I tend to make sure they are above the half of the level of the hero. Level 13: The second one, not chosen at level 8. Try to keep them about half of your level. Level 18: Ancient Magic. Increases the damage of SF, decreases enemy magic resistance. You may throw some points from time to time. Level 25: Armor Lore - to lower armor penalties. Throw some points if you feel the penalties are going too high. Levels 35, 50 and 65: up to you. I would suggest Concentration (decreases regeneration time of all CA's), Shield Lore and maybe Combat Discipline. Equipment. Look for anything with the following effects: 1. +n to all skills. 2. +x% spell damage. 3. +x% XP for killing enemies. 4. -x% regeneration time. 5. +n to Astral Lord Focus. 6. +n to any of the other important skills (Astral Lord Lore, Bargaining, Enhanced Perception, Ancient Magic...). 7. +x% to find rare items. Of course, you should pick items with many slots and/or with good bonuses.