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  1. Hello! My friend and I have been trying to play Sacred 2 for a few years now (Bought the base game on Steam years ago, Sacred 2 EU or whatever its labeled now. Have since purchased Sacred 2 Gold a year or two later) and we are always faced with the same issue since day 1 of trying to play together. We'll play without any issue for around 30 minutes to as long as an hour or so, then his game will freeze for a split second, then immediately close and go back to his desktop. I have searched for any possible fixes that might work, ranging from adding commands to the Sacred 2 shortcut that people have had success with, to switching compatibility modes from Windows XP3 all the way to Windows 7. One of the posts I had read before just recently was determining the game crashing from using to much RAM (1.5gb I think it said?), so I had asked him if he was able to see Sacred 2 within his task manager when the crash happens to which he said he can't because it immediately takes him back to his desktop and closes out of the game without any exception error or notification whatsoever. The last thing I suggested he should try was unticking the Physx box from within the games options. He's currently running the latest version of CM Patch, and has tried the 4GB patch. His system specifications are Core I7, 8GB of Ram, GTX 970 4GB and he has recently replaced his HDD to an SSD . His current operating system is Windows 10. If more specific system specs are needed, I will gladly retrieve the specifics from him. Any help is very much appreciated and I hope that I can finally but this damned mystery to rest so we can play!