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  1. The attack animation of basic attacks and special moves depends on the type of weapon and the character you got, so it's impossible to tell the dps of a weapon. A daemon with a crossbow (which on paper is excellent) will fire bolt once every two seconds, even with max speed, while if she got claws (which is the worst weapon she can have on paper), she will reach an insane amount of attack speed and will double hit. Same for the serapina with long handled weapon, she will attack way quiker if she is riding a horse than without a horse! So you really have to know your character first if you want to go for the best xeapon. If you want to wear special weapons and reach the max attack speed easily you'll have to get a weapon specialisation, so there is also no real good reason to switch between more than one/two diferent types of weapons (exept if you want to get use of the buffs they give you, before casting a spell for exemple)... To compare weapon of the same type you can compare the base damage they got, that you can see between the level and minimum level, it's a good way to quickly compare weapons. Just know that it's better to have some of one damage type and nothing else rather than a lot of damage but split between physical/fire/poison etc... because of the way how works resistances! So make use your five weapons slot^^! I would also advise you to download Sacred Reborn mod. It's a whole rebalancing mod who will make the gameplay smoother and will reward you to search for the weakness of the ennemies (what the original game dont do at a certain point...). \o/
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