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  1. gogoblender, I remember you! I guess it's from the old ascaron sacred forums! Recently sacred 2 on Xbox went on a deal on Xbox live and I thought why. I mean, I don't think this game was ever on a deal since backcompat exists on Xbox one. I bought it in the hopes it comes compatible. But after reading All this talk with deep silver I'm a bit without hope. I love this game! I think this game was very important to consoles because back in the day people said Diablo-like games would never work on controllers, and I always said to these people "have you ever played sacred 2 on Xbox?" 😁 I have fond memories of this game on Xbox. It was a nice time in my life. Lots of things going on. I had so much fun, but then ascaron went bankrupt and also a game called Project offset , which I was hyped for, was cancelled. I've always said there was a curse regarding these medieval/fantasy games, because so many of them got cancelled and this still happens today. Anyway, let's hope for sacred 2 on Xbox one
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