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  1. Greetings citizens of Ancaria, My name is... Well this is where the conundrum starts already. I call myself TSP now, on the web, for quite a long time. But I used to go by another name in Sacred 1 and 2. I was part of Clan DA and DM (I don't really know if that matters or if anyone cared, I think we were secretly jumping ship from time to time to play with whomever was the most active community at the hours! I remember Gogo from DM, and Dags from Clan DA... and that's about it! I literally have nothing else to go on. I used to play with a person from Clan DA the most, that switched to Guild Wars (1) during the beta and he became an uncle (I think, or was it father? This is all so embarrassing...) and we played for a couple of years, and I think we continued together on to Sacred 2, too. I'm just not sure anymore at this point. The email addresses I used back then are all long, long gone. I think it was hotmail at the time but hey, gmail turned out to be all the rage with 1 GB STORAGE instead of... 50 MB? So there's no way to keep track of registration/verification mails from these sites either. It doesn't really matter I guess, they were super fond memories and nothing would change that. Oh and while typing this I remember a name like Llama... and a woman that had a picture of a cat with a melon on her head... She was on the official forum a lot until we all created DM and Clan DA and we moved to those instead (well, mostly "in addition") Oh, did I tell you I'm bad at remembering things from way past when? Discovering all the graves the moment Sacred 2 came out was our most favorite past time the first few hours we played, and we found a lot of jokes and recognized community member names... Ah, those were the days. So I created this account a day or two ago because I needed some help with troubleshooting Sacred 2 after I bought it from GoG (it was a steal! And I always wanted a digital version even though I have the ultra rare collectors version of Fallen Angel (want a picture?! ) I couldn't get it to work after following many guides on Steam, GoG, and here so I was at wits end and created the account. But it was late already so I wanted to save it for the next day. But that post of mine never came. The game just "decided" to work. Whatever many changes I tried, I guess one of them eventually stuck with it after a reboot. But my cravings became more and more. "More nostalgia!" my brain said. And so I moved over to Sacred 1 yesterday (Also bought that from GoG same price (I think, or close to, whatever), same reason) and it just worked flawlessly on my Win10 x64 without having to do anything at all. Well that was a relief! Decided to check for mods, Veteran mod, tried it, leveled to 40 in like an hour... was tough as hell though, but the xp was insane... So I decided to see if there was perhaps something more fitting to me, then I came across the Sacred ReBorn mod... an hour ago or so. Read the changelog, loved the idea behind it all and decided to download it. And then proceeded to upload it here (Before even playing it!). MetaL had an older version up so I decided to add the upload with the new version. It still needs approval though. Just cross referencing with the source should do the trick. Thanks for reading! TSP God, I miss the good ol' days
  2. TSP

    Sacred ReBorn

    Version 2.3


    This is version 2.3 of Sacred ReBorn; a mod made for Sacred Underworld 2.28. As of uploading this file, this is the most recent edition. This mod was created by a team at Clan OverLookers. I'm just uploading it here for convenience. Feel free to grab the mod from the official source if you don't trust the file: https://vk.com/overlookers Feel free to cross-reference the hash and/or run a virus scanner. Changelog: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14SRAExorbYeVlLdUMj2jwsTgUrl6PDKV/view