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  1. Thank You very much, I got this one running and it's perfect for the PC-version. The XBOX-File however doesn't work with this one. There have been programs like "SAIO" that could change the save-files; but these are out of order and I was hoping someone hast such a program available. <3
  2. Hi Steve! Any chance it has been uploaded? I have been looking for days to find a savegame editor for the XBOX 360 version and found some, but those don't allow me to mod. Horizon has no modding option for Sacred 2, Modio does not allow it (button "Mod" is greyed out) and SAIO requires a premium subscription which I am not able to obtain. I am very late late to the party - hopefully not too late. The character-editor for PC works fine and is kinda fun - but strangely I prefer the XBOX 360 version of the game since playing with a controller is much more relaxing. Also I've sunk
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