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  1. What shocked me most was the things the goblins say I dont know if (or how) they translated it into the other languages as I'm playing the "original" German version. But theybasically "Chop their head off, I need a new ashtray". My father thought it was hilarious, I was pretty shocked at that time how people could laugh about something so "brutal"
  2. Hey people, just wanted to say hello I'm really happy that apparently I'm not the only one playing the game after all these years haha. When the game came out I was only 11 years old and was only allowed to watch my father playing. But as soon as I became 12 I've started playing myself (maybe a bit earlier... ;)) So it has been more than 15 years but I sill prefer Sacred over quite a lot of "modern" games. I've recently discovered the ReBorn mod after some playing and it adds a whole new life to the game. I usually play a wood elf, but I also like to experiment with ot
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