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  1. Damage +XX % rings, amies or smith arts is All Channel( Ice, fire, Poison, Magic, Phys) unless is specifies, such as Fire Damage XX%. And they are a multiplier of Base damage (+ Damage 100% = double your base damage). Base Damage includes casting Spells and weapons. but not Weapon based combat arts as they are a multiplier themselves. Thank you, I figured as much but didn't want to get a whole set for her and find out it doesn't work. It's amazing how much damage +% gear makes you level up faster. Nothing even gets close to my Dryad. I'm thinking of making a damage + % and xp +% setup for leveling. It seems to me the faster you kill the more xp you get, so if you can balance out killing fast with adding + to xp, seems to me the best way to go. Any thoughts, suggestions on that?
  2. I have been leveling up my Dryad shopper for 30 levels now. Way too much fun and powerful. But I was wondering if damage +% added to magical damage for High elf's? I have found that my level 60 Pyromancer HE hits hard, but I would like her to hit much harder when I play her again. Thanks, ~Noah
  3. Shopping for Blowpipes

    Awesome, thanks again! I absolutely love helpful people like you all. Time to work out! WOoo! More questions to come in the future! lol
  4. Shopping for Blowpipes

    Thanks gogo, that makes a lot of sense. I shopped about 25 times on a HE and a Inquisitor and didn't find 1 blowpipe. Now that I finally found one I am enjoying it, it's way too much fun. I actually went a little over the time I was suppose to work out, DOH! Another question I had. The guide I am following says that I need certain set items. One of which is the Chestplate of time. Is there a specific monster this drops off of or is there a good place to find such things? And do I need EP, or will MF gear do it for me? Thanks a ton!
  5. Shopping for Blowpipes

    Haha, just as I posted this, 2 minutes later I found a blowpipe on my non shopper Dryad. It's under the icon of throwing weapons. Ughhh lol. Thanks again.
  6. I was wondering about blowpipes. I have searched through about 25 different merchants with 2 different bargaining chars with high bargaining for their level. I have yet to find a blowpipe. I have found energy guns that look like blowpipes, but my dryad couldn't equip it for some reason? They do exist on the 360 right?
  7. Awesome, thanks man. I was wondering about a shopper character. My HE is level 59 and she has bargaining. I heard a lot of people getting shoppers to about level 100. But I only find high level items in gold for her, so a low level char can't equip the things she finds. If I go into Bronze will only low level items appear so my low level character can equip those? And I would assume to put at least 75 into bargaining, that mixed with a lot of +all skills should be enough for a good shopper?
  8. Thanks a lot for the input guys, starting to get the feeling that this character is going to be goodness! As for the Bargaining build... I have a level 59 High Elf that I took bargaining on. I have heard of a lot of people getting to about level 100 and that's their shopper. Question being, I just need 1 shopper right? My level 100 toon can shop in Bronze and the highest level stuff that will spawn at the merchants is level 30ish? Meaning I can go along buying stuff for my lower level toon with my higher level shopper, because what I have found so far in Gold is of course really high level items. Sorry about all the questions, I swear I keep searching the forums for answers. A lot have been answered just a few still remain.
  9. Awesome, thank you very much. Only question I have is that this guide goes with Rotate on Darting Assault instead of pierce. I heard Rotate was glitched? Or is that not true and I should go with rotate?
  10. http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?sh...amp;hl=showcase The top picture I saw this link the other day, and was intrigued. It looks like a fun character and reminds me of the amazon in Diablo 2, the multi shot character, only with better graphical effects. So far I've started her and I haven't spent any attribute points. I have invested into EP, Cap Hunter, Damage Lore and Ranged Weapons. So far I am only level 11 so starting over wouldn't be a prob. I just need to be able to follow some sort of build so I know she isn't going to be gimped later on. Help would be fantastic! Thanks for your time, ~Noah
  11. + Mods not showing up

    Awesome, thanks guys! I will check this out.
  12. When I equip + 1 Enhanced Perception Relics and such, it doesn't actually raise the skill when I look at the skill menu. Also on rings when it says based on EP to raise the skill, it still shows up the same, example = 3.7% xp ring staying the same when I equip a +1 EP Relic. Does this actually add to perception and it's a hidden mod, and does actually raise the 3.7% to something higher? Thanks for the info! ~Noah