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Found 1 result

  1. Silver_fox

    Elite Mounts Project

    Somewhere in the world of Ancaria there is a priest who was destined to serve Gods in a remote location. He stays in his half-forgotten temple and rarely sees people except for hunters and travelling merchants who stop once in a while to make offerings to the Gods. This priest spends his free time breeding and training exotic creatures. Those rare times when he goes out of the temple, his pets usually follow him. He thinks that animals make good companions to lone travelers like him... and like you. There are also some rumors that this priest does not mind experimenting with machinery, so maybe if you manage to find him and pay him a visit, he would show you results of his experiments. With this, I start releasing the information about the Elite Mount project that had been in the works for quite some time. It began as a part of CM patch, then halted in its tracks and now is continued by me, Pesmontis and Flix as a part of the CM Items mod. As the mod is undergoing gradual integration into CM Patch, there is a possibility that the mounts would eventually return to CM proper and would be released as a part of CM v150. But it's just a possibility, and the first release, regardless of anything, would happen with CM Items mod, so this is the place to look for new mounts. We are not going to tell you the exact location of the temple where the priest and his pets reside, but this thread would gradually fill you in on his merchandise, so stay tuned. There are plans to create new Elite Mounts for each of the seven playable characters - these mounts would be better than the original special ones, but the opportunity to purchase them would open up much later in the course of main campaign. A couple of Elite Mounts are ready, so it's more than just talk, others are in process. Read on to learn more about the mount variety: High Elf's mount - the Dragon: Introduction and Stats - Video bonus mounts - new Wind Serpents: Introduction and Stats Temple Guardian's mount - the "Buzzsaw" Mobiculum: Introduction and Stats - Video Shadow Warrior Armored Hellhound and Inquisitor Armored Spider mounts - Introduction and Stats Dragon Mage's Armored Draconicicon mount - Introduction and Stats Seraphim's Cyber-Tiger mount - Introduction and Stats Dryad's Armored Lizard mount - Introduction and Stats Download Elite Mounts Mod