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Found 1 result

  1. I opened up a pole on their forums for a very important issue about the game world of Unbended. Please contribute your opinion there. This is a big question that needs addressing and processing by the community. Sacred 1 came out 10 years ago. Since then a lot of kids have turned young adult. A lot of older adults will play the game as well. Mature humor and user content is inevitable (as are adult nude mods and inappropriate animation mods). Now as the Unbended is about to go into actual development, we all, as a c community, need to answer a few important questions on what content do we want to see. So how much of mature/lewd/adult content should we expect? How much of it we can contribute? What minimal age demographic are we aiming here? Teens? What rating would we go for? Mature or lower? Will there be actual brothels this time?! Because if I hear "That oh so noble madmazel of Anthonil. A fine brothel she seams to have" one more time and not find an actual brothel in the game, I’ll burn the city to the ground... and then be very sad. The NPC random generated conversations was a very lovely mechanic, be it a tad repetitive. For those curious: en_UK version - f3 f4 m8 - npc_eliza_helf_elf_elf_topic_5_start_1.ogg