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I just got an XTRA-PC bootable flash drive

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Spock    203

I saw it advertised on Facebook and did a little investigation. It sounded like it might be handy to use if I had a computer client who was having trouble with their PC. There is file recovery software included with the more expensive model. Basically, it's a bootable Linux installation on a flash drive. Yes, I know, I could have created my own cheaper ... possibly ... but this way, I don't have to do the actual work and I'm lazy!

So far, I put it into a USB port on the front of my 64-bit Windows PC, turn it on, and it immediately boots into the flash drive. It doesn't boot as fast as the PC alone, but it boots a LOT faster than any of my older PCs. So far, so good.

It doesn't seem to want to accept my gmail address for email, I may have to create a different account. Still waiting to hear from their Support Staff. Getting email using it isn't that big a deal, I just thought it should work.

My next experiment is to follow their instructions on their FAQ to see if I can easily access the harddrives on the computer it's installed in ... for recovery.

Haven't tried it on my iMac yet, but it's supposed to work there as well.

Will post more here as I learn more about it.

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Spock    203

OK, got the email working. Their setup had the incoming server as ".gmail.com" when it should have been "imap.gmail.com". The outgoing server was similar, except it should have been "smtp.gmail.com". Changed the two settings and it worked fine.

Now to get it to access the existing files on the computer to see if I can use it for file recovery in an emergency.

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