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Dislodged Spirit - Wildfire Modification bugged?

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I was trying out the third Modification "Wildifre" of the combart art Dislodged Spirit. It seems to be bugged because the enemy does not explode after dying. The only thing I could find regarding this modification was this guide (I hope I did not miss something...): 

In the guide it says:

Wildfire is the main reason why this skill became our spike skill. What it actually does is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from its function description. Even though it says, "if target dies the sould held will explode causing minor area damage", all it does is give you an added chunky physical damage". 

However another user commented "I tested this mod to see if there was actually a chance do some real damage to bosses with this spell, and at first it appeared that yes, it does display a large increase in damage. However, testing the CA I realised that there is no actual damage bonus, its simply a tooltip bug and I wondered if gasconron had tested the CA or simply looked at the tooltips suggested damage. So to anyone who wishes to follow this build, do not pick the mod wildfire hoping for a massive damage increase. It does as it says...causes Area of Effect on death with soul removed".

I did not test whether the modification increases the damage however based on the missing explosing I assume the writer of the guide is correct. I remember this modification being bugged years ago (I was not playing with the addon back then) and I am a little bit sad that it is still now (sacred 2 gold edition with CM Patch 1.50 installed).


My question is whether someone can confirm/disprove regarding the issue and whether it is possible to fix it.  

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