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Found 2 results

  1. Due to popular demand (one administrator), I’m posting some fan art/comics I did about Sacred 2 (with a small original description tale to each picture). Originally I wanted to do all the art at once, and then upload it, but I’m lazy and drawing is hard. So here is half of what I did by now. I sorted it out to be in chronological order, so art quality will vary. Don’t hold your breath for more – at best it will only be added in months. Shopping After playing for some time I noticed that temple guardian cap icons in inventory have the head as part of the icon. No other character class has this. Since temple guardians are cyborgs, they could have removable heads, but this razes so many follow up questions ether way. Also the random generated shops have way to many temple guardian specific stuff when there are none of them around. I know its almost completely random generated, but come on. Diablo 2 didn’t sell druid pelts for a reason.
  2. The lore is slowly growing, and with it a ton of opportunities to make fan art. Click picture to see full size. The Nightmare Question: What is tall, has long limbs, is a solitary hunter in the dark woods, and has 5 red eyes? Answer: Something you will run into in Unbended.
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