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Found 3 results

  1. Hello there, I have quite a niche request to make of you good people of DarkMatters. (Bear with me, I don't even know what I'm talking about, I'm merely guessing. Also, dgVoodoo magic doesn't allow me to make a proper screenshot, so I'm using the ones which generate in the Capture folder. They are of abysmal quality and not even the proper stretched aspect ratio, but they still show my issue.) Recently, I've graced myself with a beautiful install of Sacred Gold 2.28, all things included - dgVoodoo to play without a hiccup, stretched and full hd. The original Sacred ui to summon that sweet fantasy, rather than the grimness of the Underworld - this one even has the menu edited to fit everything properly, what an absolute joy. The guy even edited the character selection screen and all. (You can access it here if you haven't discovered this clean version yet, and want the original ui.) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=919939258 Trust me, the screenshots don't make the game justice, it looks quite good, both in menus and in-game. One thing still sours my autistic sensibilities however. The dgVoodoo stretch and forced 1920x1080 res create the following visual artifacts on the Combat Arts screen. The yellowish lines around the CA icons - it looks to me as if the regular images of the CA's were 'spilling out' over the intended capture area, due to the resolution, unnatural to the game. Thus, the game also captures some box in the texture files, around the CA icons. This is my guess, because the Combo icons do have a box around them naturally, which is meant to be captured, and it is. The CA's however, are meant to be clean circles, but now they display this artifact. Thanks to fiddling with the PAK folder, which is now filled with TGA's of the custom ui and loading screens, I've had the normie epiphany that essentially anything can be extracted out of the texture file, and put back as a TGA, which is then preferentially loaded by the game. This even goes for custom icon art for the Comboes, which I've already tried - so I guess its the same for all the Combat Art icons of all the character classes. This is my request - could one of you good souls of DarkMatters, who actually knows how to operate a computer, look into the texture file for the textures of the CA's, if, by any chance, they cannot be 'fixed' in any way. Perhaps by 'Upscaling' them somehow, or simply ridding them of the border bar, if there is some. If this is possible, and you could then upload the TGA files for all the various character CA's here, that would make me eternally grateful. It would fix the last visual glitch I'm experiencing on Windows 10, 1920x1080, and then I would truly have a clean, vanilla, yet perfectly intact, playable and gorgeous looking install of Sacred, with the original ui on top. Seraphim CA page: Battlemage CA page: Thank you, Jacob
  2. Hi everyone A couple of weeks ago I decided to format my computer, therefore I saved almost everything from the ssd to the hard drive except sacred 2 savegame files, that was in C:My Documents I had a three aspect dragon mage level 50 which I enjoyed very much playing with him, but now he's gone So, after this introduction I'm asking you if you have any three aspect dragon mage level>40 in order to continue my run, unfortunately I don't have enough time to restart the run from the beginning with a new character Thanks in advance P.s: I apologise for my english, I'm from Italy
  3. Hi to everybody. For years I've been in love with sacred 1 e 2. But now I wonder how to mod the SB in Sacred 2?. (In S1 there was the SHE to modify statistics and SB, but in Sacred 2 no ) The SB is the best parameter for anyone
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