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  1. Do you think that screenshoting stats makes sense? Items level up with your character! - not the ones you already have, but the ones that drop or are available in shops. Higher level your character has - set items or uniques (not random ones) have better modifiers. But still, having all the names and screenshoted look of non random uniques listed in wiki is great job! regards
  2. Hey, Did not find any topic about Item Modifiers, so creating new. Sacred 2 Wiki - Item Modifiers page needs an update - there is one Yellow mod missing: "All Skills" +X I mark this mod as Yellow, but it sometimes happens it is blue (probably a bug?). regards, C4hir
  3. Aye Llama8, you are right. Thanks for that. Corrected to 916. So skill cap is the same as CA cap and character level - each skill or CA can have up to 200 level without item modifiers. Is above statement correct? If it is - please update WIKI, because this information is required while planning characters and it is missing in WIKI. I found dev comment about CA here: http://forum.sacredeng.ascaron-net.com/sho...p;postcount=200. I did not found any about skills, but we have the authority's comment. regards,
  4. Hey guys, thanks for the update and welcome words. So lets make the next step - we have 916 skill points to spend: Level Skill points formula Summary 1-4 (4-1)*1 3 5-11 (11-5+1)*2 14 12-24 (24-12+1)*3 39 25-49 (49-25+1)*4 100 50-150 (150-50+1)*5 505 150-200 (200-150+1)*5 255 Summary [/td][td=100]916 Is that correct dear Sirs? The next questions that comes to my mind while planning my character is: is there a skill level cap? Can one spend 916 points to only one skill? regards [edit: corrected from 917 to 916 after Llama8's comment, thanks Llama8]
  5. Hi guys, awesome work with wiki, first and only source of knowledge! however there is one thing that bothers me - there are no gains above 150 level or there are +5 ones? regards
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