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  1. Jet Ski -> Vacation And... leaving tomorrow morning at 5 15 am in the morning from Montreal to Toronto then 1..5 hr later to Bridgetown... gonna work on mah tan! gogo
  2. We had a almost 30 day yesterday, a few of my friends' children got heat stroke as well, after being well lathered up... serious ailment, shade is where to go gogo ps @Lindor ... new avatar.. im a HUGE fan of Pogo... dudes a genius! noone edits or *picks* out tunes better... picked up by Pixar.. course!
  3. stomach issues are the WORST Lindor... and this is an issue thats come of late...ahh, these years Always have Tums on hand,if not for alieving, at least for their yummy flvaors! Get better! gogo
  4. Gratz guys! Years and years into this mod. I've become enamored of its last few additions, you really got immersion down gogo
  5. I as well wanted to post earlier about that screen shot, great capture... remember Havocs beam from Marvel xmen yaaaaaaaaAAAARRGHHHH... gogo
  6. 11 degrees... running weather, just gotta dig out some winter clothes gogo
  7. Never thought Id be playing on anything Apple specially an IPAD , but the frame rates on this old thing we use for calls with my Ammamma seems to be holding out well ...what do you think about this game as just something to pass time, knowing we'd never be good at its end game because of lack of drops.. is there any possible merit in that If your lap top is getting you bad frame rates would you consider playing on a smaller (owch) painful screen like your phone? gogo
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