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  1. ahhhh, the wither milk... cmon... lol ? What the heck were our devs using gogo
  2. I saw that movie! Quite pleasant and unsettling ending... horse -> flies gogo
  3. Just here to welcome thee oh mighty Dukemon to the forums! gogo
  4. I'm here to gratz you on that specs worthy, SPECTACULAR new setup... ... and I wish I could offer some advice on this crashes but I'm hoping that someone here with some better insight can help out. Funny how this game seems to beat up even the toughest of cards gogo
  5. Welcome to the forums karahuels! Is it only Sacred 2 that the mouse is not working on or have you trouble shot with other apps or games? gogo
  6. Thanks DB! We're gonna be back home tomorrow, and will have a look at the settings great screenie! gogo
  7. I just love where you live Chattius. Its like you're living in a post card!! biergarten -> Beer oooh yah gogo
  8. hi, and welcome to the forums ! I adjusted your title to show you're trying to get Sacred 2 working for your XBoX... were you able to soution? gogo
  9. Hello and welcome to the forums! Terrific that you were able to get your glitch going, and appreciate you updating your journey with this game. Sacred's always been a challenge to behave, and great to read that you're making this work. And your English is perfect gogo
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