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  1. 112 - bill 101 famous law that passed in Quebec that made just about everything French gogo
  2. samosas -> pepperoni @Hooyaah they make samosas just down the street... hot...spiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... this is the thing of crafted beauty we ingested last night...
  3. We got a blizzard here in MOntreal... good ole style... and just the thing to trudge through and up hill to Wake up Ammamma for Breakfast... Nothing but the best MickeyD's for her! :rofl: gogo
  4. It was 10.99 for the daily pizza yesterday but... was veggie, which Schot is a baby about ... we've been living in the area for quite a while now and know the merchants... while the owner/manager at the Hut was fat first reluctant to do us any switch (as they rightfully should) we were irreisitable wth our negotiation in pointing out that a transformation from a vegetarian with all those expensive veggie toppings would save him money by changing it to a Pepperonnie! And at last minute... guess what pops out of Oven.. wooooooooooooooo hooooooooo oh my
  5. Siegerländer Kuhhund -> sri lanka rolls! my my Ammamma and Auntie make these,,,, toooo good! gogo
  6. It has to though...think about it idbehold me...where would it get the model from? its well woven, and looks opulent ... maybe from one of the villagers in a more temperate climate geo of the game? Or.. could it be a strange file that is "floating" around that came from Sacred 1..maybe as some kind of inner joke, easter egg? gogo
  7. Dackel (auch Dachshund) -> labradoodle omgod.. yes, i love these dogs but...theyre just so "in" gogo
  8. It must be from one of the towns people or in a *crowd* in the towns. Interesting puzzle gogo
  9. Wonderful post. At a dinner a few nights ago at my aunt and uncles house, my cousins wife was discussing about how a *minx* had gotten into the hen house and started tearing up birds just for fun. Apparently these animals are highly ferocious. and kill at wanton ? I'm honestly not a big fan of how she *got rid of* of the animals, I little more mercy is what my heart says, but im not a farmer out there taking care of the land so I guess Im not one to have a good judgement...still though... drowning them ? Interesting how the chefs wants more *neutral* meats that they can add their own flavors too...instead of wanting more gamier meats with flavor of the terroir.. of the lands and bugs ? Mistkratzer -> Terroir gogo
  10. lol is there a character in the game that wears a Fez? could it have been transpositioned (yeeks is this even a word ?
  11. I'm with you Chattius. A meal from mom or dads' own always trumps anything we can buy elsewhere family recipes -> chicken curry My aunt makes some of the best but for some reason the pix evaded me at the party a few nights ago gogo
  12. Re surprise snow, yah thats it! for many cities that may not have the infrastructure in place, boat loads of snow can be perilous but kind of fun too ... for me waking up early to that dark morning oft times comes with the sounds of mean, roarning machines that chop up and machine-gun snow via funnel... gotta be careful. We have -17 degrees here Wind Chill... the coldest its been all year... knew that Winter was coming gogo
  13. These guys together so shortly but able to make heartbreaking delicate melodys with voices that end in just such crescendo as a waivering off of death!

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