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  1. ray bans -> laser eyes getting mine done at and of june.. can hardly wait! gogo
  2. Gratz on the take down! I just logged back in and saw your request! As soon as you accept I'll make you an officer as well, this way everyone in the clan can make other trusted players clan members. gogo
  3. Just getting back in from Guardians of the Galaxy 3... im in a queue for d4! this is my first time ever... 38 minutes it just posted gogo ps only had to wait ten, and got in
  4. ahh, ps4... cool! we did cross play with my family ...three of us on pc and one on XBOX...and very smooth..in fact the integrated chat was some trouble shooting to get through but once going, it was excellent quality, no lag on the game and very clear. Once you created your player take your time, i know i found it overwhelming at first... but you can post here or find your way to the social tab as Lujate indicated and do a search for DarkMatters or the tag DarK or my even my name gogoblender though I dont think it will find players names but would have to test lol i just hit level 30 this morning, and we had to leave to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 3 ... an excellent series! gogo
  5. Lol.. you are one of the only people that can make a heartless merciless, summer sound irresistible! 🙏😄😍 gogo
  6. Yah, I just saw on my list I had a number of people as friends leftover from Diablo 3 Dinna worry friend! I'm sure just by playing together you'll be "boosted" by experience share.. I remember in Diablo 3 that became a very used mechanic and still is. gogo
  7. Yes! cant help it ...but it can get me into trouble sometimes sunny -> the way gogo
  8. Hello Leitheon ! 10 years of lurking on these forums gets you a very warm welcome! gogo ps were still not sure who's tab this party is going to be on
  9. Revolutionary -> ideas Whoever invented the wheel right 💡 gogo
  10. I’ll hopefully have my toon up some levels this weekend, when you make it servers you can search our clan or perhaps even try “gogoblender” maybe that would work? trying to find that mount quest .. ahh so much to do after work .. Friday can’t come fast enough! 😄 gogo
  11. Yah, we got a bit of a early start! I was able to get my game going and played a bit... im currently trying out an ice shards build and ive started a clan... you can search for DarkMatters and our tag is DarK! gogo
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