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  1. HI Rot! I havent tried this game , BUUUUUT... hoping this bump will get you on someone friend list Go Bobcat! gogo
  2. two weekends ago blizzard weather.. actually just love to spam the family
  3. It is remarkable indeed! I didnt think that bacon could come out like that... i LOVE how flat it is... this is pretty much the only way i want to make bacon now, specially as I dont cook it too often ... great idea STeve thank you And...I'd like to hear more about your fasting you mentioned in the world game thread... how are you feeling? Is this something you've elected yourself for specific results? gogo
  4. @Delta! I'm with steve, and respectfully disagree as well!! not an artist? haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pfffffffffffffffffffttt... Theuns look at all the work you've documented...and the joy in your fingers when you write about your work, your journey, and your creations..... Sorry Theuns...but artist you've been born and you artist you go! Will power -> love one and the same gogo
  5. Good seeing you rottluchs! I dont mind playing...i think i got a toon someone in the eighties..if you wanna play coop im in! gogo
  6. Bravo! (yay it works! ) and welcome back to the friendly forums ErTasiTroll!! gogo
  7. military training -> Dad Thats my dad ..just graduated it as a pilot in the RCAF (Royal Ceylon Air Force)!
  8. awesome!! My parents had uniforms growing up as well... british colonial sri lanka...yours' though sound especially distinct... who did all the ironing gogo fancy - discipline gogo
  9. British racing green -> Ralph lauren polo always loved that color gogo
  10. we got zero to minus five up here on the mountain... last weekend with the family got to go up to the Oratory and hike around a bit... ahhh, always the view...
  11. in the history of the pages... does it show different names? or, if one person made both could it have have been a duplicate error? gogo
  12. @Hooyaah Pulled out the pic for you Steve, your suggestion of oven was P E R F E C T ... no crinkling, no curling, just perflectly flat pices of delicious crispy fatty goodness...
  13. ahhhhh, your lovely cranes are back to spend another season around! weeeeeee...have a low of minus fourteen....thats week weather... run for the bed! gogo
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