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  1. I'm happy and in fact elated that you were contacted Ben. This means that there's been possibilities, there can be possibilities and maybe... were in the midst of possibilities Its pretty much you, Dimitry, and a few others here that have had the interest, technical mod ability and vision to put in place or complete a new remaster . If you were able to make Sacred 2 become Diablo 2 with your own team, https://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Diablo_2_Fallen as well as create the EEE and PFP you and the others could have been contracted to its end to get this game to where it could have gone. Unfortunate that THQ Nordic's lack of replies from their first overture went to oubliette, but fan interest is there, for many years now, a smart play can be successful gogo
  2. ahooowa... Colif...wait... has it been 10 years... wait no, make it DOUBLE... Good seeing you back ami ... though I've seen this game still run with hiccups on the best systems out there... Sacred 2's superpowers gogo
  3. That will work Steve, thanks for updating the links ...future fans be merry! gogo
  4. Steve do you think we could upload that link directly here to DarkMatters for future members? This way it would be saved:) gogo
  5. Great appreciation for your story Chattius... the workmanship, the ambition, and the adorable love of your daughter and your familiy's for music This was a lovely interlude for me this morning... humorous as well gogo
  6. Wooooh, bring it on! Steed shots are impressive things.. the height, and the perspective... ive been messing around with dahley lately... maybe it has a chance outing a poorly dextrous artist like me that can fudge about anything by just looking at it gogo
  7. ahhhh, the audience with Vishanka.. word is in that the last few hundred years she has developed an INSATIBLE hunger for fresh fruit,.. make sure you pack is replete with the freshest of figs, and the most fragrant of apples! And so... your quest begins... be brave, valiant and never give up courage...here then is the GateWay to..... The Realm of Vishanka! Sacred 2, The Ancaria Beautification Project gogo
  8. What a Gift! you must be sending her over the highest quality neighbor pies to have deemed so worthy!woooooo live opera... life changing performance gogo
  9. 2023 Napoleon movie -> Riddley Scott really need to see this movie! gogo
  10. Bugs are bugs... and they LOVE to be buggy, Sacred 2's been shown to be buggy with a lot of modern hardware...even if using the usual's such as legacy physx driver 9.13.0604 (already bundled with the GOG copy) and setting windows XP SP3 compatibility mode, some issues persist. Black screen and hang-up issue on game launch continue even with these remedies applied on Windows 10 Windows 98 or windows 95 compatibility will probably allow the game to launch but with poor memory management and awful performance Regarding your specific hardware, the Intel Core i5-14600K CPU should be good for gaming, especially with its 5.30 GHz single-core max turbo boost frequency2. ... paired with your RTX GPU (wont ask how many lawns you had to cut to buy that :D) the setup should be solid, but sacred 2's compatibility issues might persist because of its ageing engine. What kind of issues are you getting running the game already with your set up? is it game stopping or minor annoyances? gogo
  11. Anton Flettner -> Marie Antoinette we shant speak about het....*happening* :oooo; gogo
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