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  1. hahah, horde of kids... what a mixed blessing... still though, all the laughter... its a pretty miracle gogo
  2. I usually ask Google in the morning the weather outside before I decide what to put on to run outside two days ago, the convo went something like this: "Hey google, weather!' "It's smokey and hot: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... gogo
  3. Lovely history! Alas, poor inventors...their strife is legendary Katharina Paulus -> Tesla needs no explanation right? gogo
  4. electric -> boogaloo @chattiusI'd often wanted to fence when a kid but never got opportunity.. do love the words riposte and counter riposte though!
  5. Clustering Maelstrom at least for the visuals...worth it for the rush of seeing them all drawn in ! Flix put this video for the animation in SacredWiki for reference:
  6. I just lurrve the title of this topic... sometimes we get these stones thrown into the pond and you get beautiful resonance and reflections of all the passion and history this game has and carries, thanks Paul for the this small pebble again years later gogo
  7. Games come and go, come and go... but people and great work stay a looooooooooooong time... To heart gogo
  8. Bam! What a great first post Hlalakar! i always remember that tentacled menace making me red zone multiple times just out of nowhere...thats a great detailed kill-down you put together for a fast clean up and delicious after eating. Welcome to DarkMatters!! gogo
  9. Isnt this one of the only weapons that significantly works with right hand builds and alchemy? I remember there were only a small number of weapons that could work with those builds. Quite boring have to "tock" enemies to death, but while on fire with the force of a swigged alchemical potion almost all was possible! gogo
  10. Commanding Officer - Structure ✌️ gogo ps Boss actually makes my favourite @Delta! cologne it’s called orange warm woody gives me the shivers up
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