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  1. Roger Zelazny is probably the best SF/Fantasy Author I have ever read. If you want a series, try his Chronicles of Amber series (5 books). There is a follow-up series of another 5 which I did not like as much, but which was still excellent. There is a lot of mythology (not just Greek) in his books. Lord of Light and Creatures of Light and Darkness are both really good as well.


    Harry Harrison is another really good author. He has a bunch of books that could loosely be called a series about the Stainless Steel Rat. I really liked Stonehenge: Where Atlantis Died.


    Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion Books are good. I would start with Elric, then Corum, then Hawkmoon, and then the others if you feel like reading them all. There are quite a few (20?) in all.

  2. Hmmmm, RIP tricks, not sure if I know any of those. :drinks:


    First fleetsaving trick. DO NOT FS THE SAME WAY EVERY NIGHT!! Send from different moons, sometimes Moon -> invisible (and uncreatable) DF, sometimes with a colony ship to an empty sector (behind another colony ship that creates a false planet), sometimes deploy-recall to DF/colony, etc.


    Second fleetsaving trick. If you are not using them or going to use them immediately, FS, if only for a few minutes. Probes are fast and if you don't want people seeing them, they must be hidden at all times. RIPs don't eat much deuterium, so it doesn't cost much to hide them.


    Third fleetsaving trick. Change the deuterium levels on your moons so that it is difficult to tell from whence they left. Bring some deuterium with your RIPs to hide the cost of flying them and thus giving people clues as to where you are fleetsaving. Don't bring the same amount each time.


    Fourth fleetsaving trick. Do not FS your RIPs with the rest of your fleet, if you have one.


    Turtle any moon from which you are sending RIPs. Lots of fodder/ABMs decreases profitability of attacks.


    Send RIPs at less than 100%


    Tip 1 when attacking: Probe, wait several hours, Launch RIPs @ 90%, probe a minute or two before you would need to launch at 100% This is useful when attacking (I) planets or other players.


    Tip 2 when attacking: If you think someone is watching, Probe, Launch RIPs at 80%. Launch the same number at 90% to arrive at the same second and recall the first batch.


    RIPs are primarily for: 1) defense/turtle bashing, 2) (I)nactive bashing, 3) phalanx hits on stupid people, 4) sat crashes, and 5) ninjas.


    - Ike

  3. I think that the alphabet game was a little too difficult once you got past about "j," so I am starting something related, but different.


    Come up with a word in which the letter "a" is in the first positon. The next person comes up with a word with the letter "a" in the second position. It goes on until the person cannot think of any word with "a" in the next position and then they start over with a "b" in the first position, and so on. The words can be any length but should be actual words, no proper nouns, sorta like Scrabble words.



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