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  1. A little update. Just finished a trial for the first of these defendant who decided against accepting our generous plea offer. It took the jury all of an hour-and-a-half to find him guilty. Details on the fates of the conspirators to date. Five sentenced, two more convicted and awaiting sentencing, one more arrested and awaiting transport from Dallas. Then there are a few more we are planning to pick up. :D

  2. Man, oh man. Another year older, but clearly not another year wiser if you are still eating at McDonalds. :P


    Sorry I missed the big day. Preparing for trial. Perhaps I can send a Nigerian bank scammer to jail for you as a belated b-day present. It is the gift that keeps on giving! :D


    Hope you had a great one and don't eat any more questionable McD's 'products!' :D

  3. Friday, friday, friday. My favorite day. I go to work in the morniing. Friday morning (9:00 a.m.) is when the District Judges hear most of their cases, so I am frequently in Court for an arraignment, sentencing, plea, etc. The last few months have been especially busy on Fridays with all of my Nigerian Bank Fraud defendants. :) After Court I try to finish up anything left over from earlier in the week so that when I leave I don't have anything hanging over my head all weekend. If I do not have Court Friday morning, then it is casual day. Woot!


    I try to always leave by 5:00 (or earlier!) on Fridays, pick my son up from Day Care (meeting my wife there) and head home. Make a quick dinner, clear up a bit, get Kevin to bed, and then it is game night! We have three friends over and play RPGs or board games from 7:00 to 10/11 or so.


    ATM, my perfect Friday is off from work, noone around so that I can get some work done on the house without interruption. :cow_white:


    - Ike

  4. ...Anestty was using Nish's account, used to be Blade, Revenge9...


    Hmmm...I really lost count of everybodie's accounts but this one I remember (I think) was [PAX] Werner's ?



    Thank you! I was trying to come up with Werner's name but could not. I remember because he sent 12 (TWELVE!!) RIPs at someone near me who had a bit of a turtle for the time. They were not enough to break through but they did some serious defense bashing . . . this was three years ago. :) I believe that the account then passed to Revenge9/Blade/Nish . . . etc. But I also lose track a bit for some odd reason. :)

  5. Well, sad to say but Uni 9 oGame lost a couple of greats of late.


    Mika hit Download, who then gave Mika his #2 account, with which Mika hit a PurpleD as a Goodbye hit for Download. Weird.


    Mika then used Download's old account to hit Firefly (a/k/a Rik) after Firefly achieved #1 Rank, #1 Research, and #1 Fleet (although at different times). An old friend of D.a.r.k.'s, he will be missed.


    And now Anestty (a/k/a Coops) has done hit Goodbye hit. Another close friend to D.a.r.k., he will also be missed if he can sty clean. :)


    In case anyone is keeping count, those are three of the Uni's biggest accounts that just changed hands . . . Anestty was using Nish's account, used to be Blade, Revenge9, etc., Download and Rik were #2 and #3 respectively on their original accounts.


    - Ike

  6. Go with credit cards. *You* do not lose money if someone steals your card, the bank eats it. This is because you do not authorize the charges and thus are not responsible for them. The $50 that you are technically responsible for in the U.S. is not actually collected. The credit card companies monitor transactions and will frequently alert you to phony transactions. That has happened to me a couple of times. It is vital, however, that you check your bill regularly, a couple of times a month, to make sure nothing weird is going on.


    Credit cards are the ONLY way to go on the Internet. If you use a debit card, any money in that account can be lost and it will be gone. If you run into a shady merchant who doesn't send you your stuff, you contact the credit card company and get your money back. I've done this several times. Just don't wait too long.


    PayPal is fine if you are using a credit card. DO NOT RELY ON PAYPAL TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK. Read their policies carefully. They will refund you about 10% of your losses for a bad transaction. If you use a creadit card, you get it all back. In addition, you do not immediately debit your bank account with a credit card, as you do with debit cards and bank transfers. You have about a month of 'float' until your bill comes in and you need to pay it.


    The only real way to get screwed with a credit card is by not paying your bill every month.

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