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  1. wolfeyedangel

    'The Archangel' Seraphim build

    *grins* Then I shall not worry about expanding my repertoire by socketing 'red' skills from rings. Thanks! ~Wolf PS and that's probably why they did it that way.
  2. wolfeyedangel

    'The Archangel' Seraphim build

    Potentially odd question. I'm getting a lot of things with bonuses to skills I don't have (Mostly the Relics) is there actually any benefit from this for a skill you don't have (such as better chance of finding good items in the shop if you have bonuses to bargain on your relics or gear?) or is it just a wash? ~Wolf
  3. wolfeyedangel

    'The Archangel' Seraphim build

    In interesting twists of fate... Just after reading your replies I got the first item I'd yet seen with Death Blow on it... an hour later I got another one. I don't have Ice and Blood so it should work beautifully on my spells as well. *Polishes halo and puts it back on the horns* ~Wolf
  4. wolfeyedangel

    'The Archangel' Seraphim build

    I know it's a late reply, and probably a rather beginner question but what do you mean by 'dblow'? I've found 2 possibilities and neither one really seems worth socketing (one shadow warrior, the other Temple Guardian). Otherwise I'm loving the build though still learning the game. ~Wolf