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  1. If I get Sacred 2, it's probably going to have to be the Steam release; the Gold version comes out to a little over $40 US, and my budget for games just doesn't allow anything that high. Heck, half that's pushing it for me. Steam's selling the FA version for $20.
  2. I'm seeing some odd results on the GameShop page. It might help to know that I'm in the US, first. First, the links on the DM home page go to the UK versions of Sacred 2, which I expected. The prices are in pounds, which means I need to get that converted before I consider buying. When I switch the site's settings to 'US', I get a screen showing me the message, "Your search did not match any product." When I go looking through the catalog under this setting, the only thing I find that references the Sacred series is the add-on that gives extra character slots. Nothing about the game itself. Sacred 2 is available again on Steam, but it's only the FA version; apparently, the Fire & Ice expansion never got a US release, so that add-on and Sacred 2 Gold aren't available there. I've sort of developed a preference for Steam (and/or GOG) for my games now, so it's on my wishlist. Kinda hoping they find a way to include the expansion, but as my wife puts it, "I'd like a pony, too." Edit: And, apparently, adding links to my posts won't work. So here's the links I tried to put in. The one for the GameShop page's add-on for Sacred 2: http://www.dlgamer.c...oad-p-7560.html And Steam's page on Sacred 2: http://store.steampo....com/app/22700/
  3. Waiting for the ability to edit my profile.

  4. Neither, actually. I've officially left the company that formed for the 4th-edition version, and I haven't been an active maintainer on the original for a while. I'm given credit as the creator, but the optimizing credit goes to other people. The baton's been passed on to other people, and they're doing a great job at keeping it running.
  5. So, it's a commonly-held theory that newcomers to a popular forum should introduce themselves as a first step. I've found that while, in theory, there is no difference between theory and practice, in practice, there is. Anyway, I'm going to start with a little bit of name-dropping. I'm Chris, and there's a non-zero chance that you've heard of me, especially if you've played a particular pen-n-paper RPG made by an all-too-familiar group of coastal wizards. If your use of that game happened to fall in the last decade -- specifically, the third edition of the game -- then you probably ran into my work. Here, I can get more specific. If you've heard of HeroForge, then you've seen what I can do. While there's a small crowd of people continually adding more stuff to it, I'm the one who got it all started; I'd have to guess that about 80% of what's in it is stuff that I made for it. As for CRPGs, I've been playing games on computers since, well, before they had color. I've been playing roguelikes since the original Rogue came out, and I have yet to legitimately beat one. I have a habit of never quite finishing long-term-story games, though there are a few 'project' games I've actually completed; specifics I can recall include Sacred (and UW), Ultima 7, System Shock 1 & 2, Stonekeep... and I could probably get twenty more if I sat still for a while and really thought it out. So there you have it. Old-school curmudgeonly gamer, gray-bearded (well, going gray) RPG nerd, and one of those long-term computer geeks that remembers the eight-inch floppy disc. Hi.
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