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  1. My lottery ticket... I mean application!

    Actually, application is for D.a.r.k., your main alliance. I don't think it would be to hard to enter your wing, if we look at the points... (Don't take this wrong, I'm not trying to be arrogant, sorry if it sounds like that.)
  2. Hello guys! I have finally find some courage to post here. This is my wish for months now, and I should done it before. I'm quiet sure my application will be rejected, but you will never win lottery if you don't play it, and as it says in title - this is my lottery ticket, and I'm hoping for jackpot. But, I fail even on the minimum requirements. I'm in top 200 by score, in top 100 by research, but my fleet... Well, my fleet is on rank 240, and it is not top 200 as required. It's because I just put everything in my mines after my latest ninja (the one against Download...). Something about my playing habits - I'm miner and crasher, depending on situation. I don't have much HoFs in this universe (5 or 6), but I farm couple of times per day. I'm online every day, for at least 6-8 hours. I'm active on OGame forum, and I will be on Darkmatters too. I think my mistake is that I didn't get to know you before posting my application, but I really can't delay this any further... I hope for a positive response, but I'm prepared for negative one! Thanks for even reading my application! Cheers! mika del siro
  3. Where are you guys going on New Year? I have always wondered what foreigners do. We in Croatia really don't know how to have fun. I mean - I'm sick of same places every year. Every year there is same parties in same disco clubs, same people come to that parties... Boring... I was thinking about going in Paris with my girl this year. Paris seems like a good destination, nice European city. Is anyone here from Paris to confirm that?! But we won't go to Paris. That trip would last for 6 days and my OGame accounts would suffer to much... Just kidding, that trip is to expensive, that's why we won't go. Do you have some better idea:) What to do? Where to go:) Maybe to be home and crash some fleets is good idea. Everybody will be offline... LoL
  4. This is great! I did exacly as you write! LoL Great post!
  5. Who am I?

    I just wanted to add that I'm sorry if I ask some question that has already been asked, or I post something that has already been posted. This place is to big to read all the articles... BTW: We disband it coz it really started to fall down the ranking and it had no sense. To much effort for nothing.
  6. To post or not to post??

    OK, I posted it. Download didn't have anything against it. Check it out: http://board.ogame.org/thread.php?threadid=195808
  7. I don't know should this question be posted here or somewhere else, but I need advice: I just made ninja on some top 10 player and I don't know should I post it on forum or not. If I post I think that there will be no more ninja opportunity for me... And if I don't post that I did it for nothing (since there is zero profit...). BTW: It's an advanced HoF.
  8. Who am I?

    Hello guys! I'm mika del siro, 21, from Croatia. The most of you doesn't know me. I don't blame you. I'm ranked somewhere around 200 and I don't make much HoFs - 5 so far. I like to play my game slowly, with pleasure... Yes, I rise slowly, but I don't fall... So, it's nice to be here, finally... I have heard many things about Dark Matters and I wanted to check it out. I hope I will be able to catch up everything, this is pretty big and busy place... That's it for now, off course I'm ready to answer your questions if you have any. mika