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  1. Enhanced Spells Mod (Sacred 2)

    Yea totally misunderstood you
  2. Enhanced Spells Mod (Sacred 2)

    the mod I uploaded removes the entire elite mounts section so no nead to change anything
  3. Enhanced Spells Mod (Sacred 2)

    Here is a temporary fix for the bug install it the same way you installed this mod http://www1.zippyshare.com/v/27240985/file.html Just install it after Enhanced Spells Mod 1.0
  4. Enhanced Spells Mod (Sacred 2)

    Heanir on crsitmas island is missing whe I instal the mod I checked its Enhanced Spells Mod 1.0 thatc causing the problem
  5. I managed to download it with normal download with my browser and yes I did try to download it using Internet Download Manager
  6. it happened again and I think I now why I em using internet download manager can you fix it again and I will use the normal download
  7. You may not download any more files until your other downloads are complete please help
  8. Ok at least when understood each other It's boring to have to always reactivate the buff during the starting area until you get the mount
  9. But it those when you month a horse a normal horse I did not try it with the Draconicon. Can that be changed ore is it just a problem with my game :) New player did not finish play the expansion yet
  10. I misunderstand you sorry you meant you cant change the shape shifting debuff but you did change him disappearing when mounting .
  11. it should be possible since it works with the transformation just use the same effect for dismounting to activate the buff automatically :)
  12. It works when you transform with Dragon Berserk he disappears and reapers when the timer runes out that si what I ment. So that will work for the mounting and dismounting in 1.0? And yes he is definitely to weak
  13. can you make it so the draconic ally does not self destruct when mounted ore make it auto respawn when dismount