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  1. I'll see if I can't put something together to publish before the end of the month. I have a change log I can review and start posting about. I'm still in Van Helsing mode right now. There's still a few things within my power to check before then, mainly all the special mount animations (buff FX are off-center on a ton of them), I'm also concerned with the Amazon's base model being updated that her hairstyles and custom Amazon armor may be misaligned. D2F v16 will definitely require rolling new characters. Trying to load old ones causes all kinds of issues. The Assassin is definitely the most broken of the 7 characters.
  2. Thanks, I really would like to release the final version but there's just a handful of bugs that are bothering me that I need help with from a codemaster like Dmitriy. These are issues that cropped up with all the code changes from Addendum, so in spite of hundreds of amazing improvements I've got this last batch of issues that I don't want to inflict on players: Conviction has a messed up tooltip that's showing as flat value instead of percent. Confuse: Factions don't reset after duration expires, so enemies keep attacking each other forever. Rainbow Facet jewel: "physical to best" damage conversion is not working. Can still enter singleplayer with a multiplayer character (they are meant to be exclusive now). Werewolf/Werebear have broken attack animations, only using one animation instead of two. Assassin's idle "deactivating sounds" play constantly, even when he's just standing around. Cloak of Shadows - even melee attacks don't break the effect anymore, so it's essentially broken and OP. I've also got to review all the special mount animations to make sure the buff FX look right, since a lot of models got updated, and that's just kinda... boring. I have a giant change log of cool new code features, but as they say, even a speck of sh*t ruins a fine meal, so I'm kinda stuck.
  3. About 3 years ago a director at THQ Nordic reached out to me about taking on contract work for a Sacred 2 remaster. We exchanged emails for several weeks, hashing out the bugfixes and planning other feature updates like hi-res textures, engine improvements etc. He also asked me about working on a Sacred 1 remaster and I pointed him towards the Sacred Reborn team. I never got to the point of signing anything, and some time after that I never got any more replies and I found out about a year later that the division in charge of remastering a lot of old IP's had been closed. That doesn't mean something isn't going on behind closed doors. For all I know they could yoink PFP or EE and publish it and I wouldn't be able to do a thing about it. But I kind of doubt there's been any movement on Sacred at THQ Nordic.
  4. You will need to edit the Dryad's entry in scripts/shared/creatureinfo.txt in order to equip the Blood Dryad armor. Please see my comments on the eq_fallback line below. newCreatureInfo = { type = 2, walkSpeed = 100, runSpeed = 200, fightDistMin = 12, fightDistMax = 16, gender = 3, agegroup = 3, validEquipSlots = "EID_WEAPON_R + EID_WEAPON_L + EID_SHIELD_L + EID_HELMET + EID_SHOULDER + EID_CHEST + EID_ARM + EID_LEG + EID_BOOT + EID_BELT + EID_JEWELERY_RING_1 + EID_JEWELERY_RING_2 + EID_JEWELERY_RING_3 + EID_JEWELERY_AMULET_1 + EID_JEWELERY_AMULET_2 + EID_DR_SHRINKHEAD + EID_ORB_1 + EID_ORB_2 + EID_ORB_3 + EID_ORB_4 + EID_ORB_5 + EID_ORB_6 + EID_ORB_7 + EID_ORB_8 + EID_ORB_9 + EID_ORB_10 + EID_ORB_11 + EID_ORB_12 + EID_MOUNT_WARD", defaultSMType = SMT_HERO, behaviour = "WildAnimal", hair1Itemtype = 4302, hair2Itemtype = 5734, hair3Itemtype = 11885, hair4Itemtype = 11886, hair5Itemtype = 11892, hair6Itemtype = 12986, tailItemtype = 0, dangerClass = 7, weight = 55, eBloodEffect = "BLOODFX_RED", eq_fallback = { 5537, 5538, 5540 }, -- these are itemtype ID's of equipment (defined in itemtype.txt). You need to replace these IDs with those of the Blood Dryad armor itemtypes } mgr.creatureInfoCreate(newCreatureInfo); All of the Blood Dryad equipment can be found in itemtype.txt if you search "models/npc/dryades/blooddryads/equip/" , including the armor and the hair and the skin spikes. Play around with the combinations until you get a design you like. Paste the itemtype IDs of the equipment into the eq_fallback line as I described above.
  5. Just one thing I wanted to point out as I pass by: D did not copy any of my balance changes from EE. So creature stats and resistances as well the state of the balance.txt file are of his own making. I increased damage mitigation and armor significantly for many opponents in EE, particularly unique and boss opponents. Most complaints I've seen were that I made many enemies too hard to kill, so it's strange to see the opposite assertion.
  6. Thanks for trying the mod and writing back. Please do the following: Open spells.txt and search for "sk_hc_rammstoss" This is the Labyrinthine Warlord CA. Edit the following line that I have commented on below: mgr.defineSpell( "sk_hc_rammstoss", { eiStateName = "cSpellCast", fxTypeCast = "FX_GEN_BUFF_DEAKT", fxTypeSpell = "", fxTypeCastSpecial = "FX_GEN_BUFF_DEAKT", duration = 10.000000, animType = "ANIM_TYPE_SM06", animTypeApproach = "ANIM_TYPE_INVALID", animTypeRide = "ANIM_TYPE_RIDESM01-HORSE", animTypeSpecial = "ANIM_TYPE_RIDESM05-SPECIAL", causesSpellDamage = 1, tokens = { entry0 = {"et_summon_level", 8, 8, 0, 8 }, entry1 = {"et_summon_soldier", 1000, 2996, 0, 8 }, -- this line determines what creature you summon. 2996 is the minotaur creature ID. entry2 = {"et_minion_replenish", 975, 725, 0, 72 }, entry3 = {"et_minion_wdam_phy", 200, 100, 0, 72 }, entry4 = {"et_addwalkspeed", 200, 5, 0, 72 }, entry5 = {"et_minion_attackspeed", 140, 10, 1, 72 }, entry6 = {"et_minion_wdam_phy", 150, 75, 2, 72 }, entry7 = {"et_minion_AWVW_rel", 250, 150, 3, 72 }, entry8 = {"et_minion_armor_all", 175, 75, 4, 72 }, entry9 = {"et_minion_wdam_phy", 150, 75, 5, 72 }, entry10 = {"et_minion_armor_all", 175, 75, 6, 72 }, }, fightDistance = 0.000000, aspect = "EA_SK_HARDCOMBAT", cooldown = 0.000000, soundProfile = 0, cost_level = 450, cost_base = 450, focus_skill_name = "skill_SK_heavy_combat_focus", lore_skill_name = "skill_tactics_lore", spellClass = "cSpellDmBeschuetzer", spellcontroltype = "eCAtype_t_buff", sorting_rank = 4, }) You would want to change the value 2996 to the creature ID of the Succubus. Her creature ID is 2999. Now when you cast the buff it will summon the Succubus.
  7. Well the last release of D2F is still sort of hanging on the return of Dmitriy, for a last few polishing issues in the code, so who knows when that will be. I don't plan on going anywhere, that's for sure. I'll check out whatever you release.
  8. That's right, we got the High Elf dual wielding (I have yet to release my version of it) but it requires working in the assembly coding language in OllyDBG which is beyond me. I can't think of a way it could be feasible, honestly. Even when I've made mods to "replace" characters, I only re-skinned the existing ones, never swapped in a different gender/model. The biggest hurdle is going to be equipment, specifically getting around the "weargroup" restrictions. You will see "weargroup" in itemtype.txt on every item and character. If you replaced the High Elf with the Shadow Warrior model (or any other model), the High Elf equipment would no longer fit, but it would be the only thing you could equip. Therefore you would either have to: 1) make all High Elf armor invisible by erasing all the textures. This way you could continue to equip it but the "base look" would be all you continue to see (good if you want to replace the High Elf with an NPC model that has armor already) or 2) change all the models of High elf armor in itemtype.txt to point to the Shadow Warrior armor instead, also updating any surface entries so that they display correctly. I would never ever do it this way. I advise to leave the zipped graphics files alone, if you need to overwrite something, instead put the new files in loose folders in the "pak" folder that mimic the original folder structure. So for example you could place files in "pak/mq/maps/heroes/driade/default" if you wanted to override those files. You'd still have to rename each file though. An even better way would be to just replace the model reference in itemtype.txt. Let's say you want the High Elf to look like the Dryad, while still keeping the existing Dryad character separate and functional. You would edit the High Elf's itemtype entry: newItemType = { -- standard info renderfamily = "RENDERFAM_CREATURE", family = "FAMILY_CREATURE", subfamily = "SUBFAM_LIFE_HIGHELF", classification = "CLF_DEFAULT", flags = "FLAG_HASHAIR + FLAG_HASBLINKANIM + FLAG_HASSOUND + FLAG_HASPREVIEWIMAGE + FLAG_NO_ANIM_OPTIMIZATION", weargroup = "WEARGROUP_HIGHELVE", -- 3d model + animation info model0Data = { name = "models/heroes/highelve/a_helve.GR2", -- Change this line user = "WEARGROUP_INVALID", }, -- logic bounding box logicBox = { minx=-9.377, miny=-14.977, minz=-0.029, maxx=6.852, maxy=8.3, maxz=68.139, }, dangerclass = 0, } mgr.typeCreate(5, newItemType); The "name" line you would change to this: name = "models/heroes/dryadin/u_dryadin.GR2", You would also need to update the hairstyles in creatureinfo.txt. I always recommend to go the scripting route rather than to overwrite graphics files whenever possible.
  9. The dual wielding High Elf in D2F had to be done at the code level by Dmitriy. Same with the TG and Inquisitor using shields, and the TG wielding 2h weapons. You'd also need to add the relevant equipslots to the hero's creatureinfo.txt entry, and create or adapt animations for the character to use, defined in animation.txt. Finally, the hero's model itself would need an attachment bone added for the type of item, otherwise even if you completed all of the above, the equipped item would display somewhere absurd like at the feet.
  10. You found it, and yes it's from EE. There is one other set of Seraphim armor models that also have that mirroring (the ones used by the Mutation set, also adapted for the Black Seraphim). IIRC there was some clipping/misalignment with the old armor after some base model updates but if you don't notice anything off then by all means enjoy.
  11. Regarding the animations, you could add entries in animation.txt that "overload" to other animations. So for example a Temple Guardian might use his 1h animations to swing a 2h sword. So that part is manageable through the scripts. The real difficulty is the weargroups in itemtype.txt. Most weapons will have weargroup="default" which defers to the hard-coded weapon limitations. So you'd have to be able to edit the code in the binaries to change it, which is very difficult.
  12. Same reason there's this page https://sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Seraphim_Mystique_Set And this page https://sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Sopor_Aethernis Genesis is just one of a kind though, so no other skins to add to the page. It's the same for all CM Patch sets. If they're reskins of an existing armor set, they're listed with the others of their kind. If they're unique they live on a page alone.
  13. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you recover swiftly and completely.
  14. Thanks but there's really no need to post them here. As we discussed back in May of last year there won't be any more releases of Enhanced Edition. It's now at a point where people can build on top of it if they wish.
  15. Sure thing, I can help with that. I'll start writing up some stuff this week and see what I can publish.
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