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  1. Hello! You're confusing bonuses and bonusgroups. Bonusgroup 490 is a "group" with a single bonus, a convention that is used for static bonuses on uniques, as opposed to a pool of randomized bonuses. You should be looking at the bonusgroup definition, in order to track down the actual bonus ID. newBonusgroup = { id = 490, name = "SB_addskill_IND_trader ", bonuslist = { 345,}, } mgr.createBonusgroup(490, newBonusgroup); This tells us the Bargaining bonus ID is 345: newBonus = { -- name = "sb_addskill_IND_trader", rating = 27, basedonskill = "SKILL_INVALID", type = "BONUS_SKILL", spez = "SKILL_TRADER", spez2 = "", usagebits = 65531, minconstraints = {1,1,0}, difficultyvaluerange0 = {0,10,100}, difficultyvaluerange1 = {1,15,125}, difficultyvaluerange2 = {2,20,150}, difficultyvaluerange3 = {3,25,175}, difficultyvaluerange4 = {4,30,200}, } mgr.createBonus(345, newBonus); Keep in mind editing these values only affects the bonus on items. If you want to affect the Bargaining skill itself, you need to look in creatures.txt, where the skills are defined: mgr.createSkill { skill_name = "skill_trader", advance_level = 75, min_level = 1, mean_value = 300, advance_mean_value = 450, skillgroup = "SKG_WORLD", adv_skill_name = "skill_master_trader", }
  2. The graphics are much better optimized than Sacred 2. I've had no issues running it maxed out, but you can adjust all the graphics settings to improve performance.
  3. Truly, more than any other game I've played, I think Van Helsing has that same "feel" of Sacred. A very unique and charming world with a quirky sense of humor, lots of secrets and hidden content that make the map worth exploring. That mix of fantasy and "weird" technology. Not to mention a comparably complex character system. It's even got Star Wars easter eggs.
  4. I quickly fell in love with Neocore's wonderful Van Helsing games after playing them. This game absolutely oozes charm and atmosphere. Van Helsing Final Cut should have been the definitive edition of the series, the only thing a player would need to get the full experience. Instead, the game was more of a Frankenstein's monster, with badly-stitched seams and lots of body parts left on the cutting room floor. The "Van Helsing Enhanced" mod did a fantastic job getting skills, loot, and monsters into shape. I intend to pick up where that mod left off, respecting all the balance changes while working mainly on other areas of the game. This is what I've been up to for the past two months - crafting a new mod for Van Helsing Final Cut, Prometheus. You can check it out here: https://www.nexusmods.com/theincredibleadventuresofvanhelsingfinalcut/mods/2 Project Prometheus was originally meant to be a simple text correction mod, but it has expanded in scope to restore cut content and address the lingering bugs and balance issues of Final Cut. The goal is to make the game as polished, rewarding, and "complete" as it can possibly be. Prometheus is meant to be friendly to both first-time players and grizzled veterans alike.
  5. That doesn't sound like something I would do. I remember creating new ones for the new D2F quests. Is this a widespread problem?
  6. Yes. Androdion always said the main quest for the Blood Forest seemed to flow wrong. Actually speaking of which I just looked up these quests and I see a mismatch in one of the entries as well: quest.createQuest(3650, { id = 3650, name = "S_BI_3a_N_nn-Ice and Blood Mainstory - Gereinigtes Blut - T", The ID doesn't match.
  7. The formatting alone was a much-needed change. I ran PFP's quest.txt through a code beautifier but it had too much trouble with questscripts.txt.
  8. Yes indeed. "Fogspawn_skeleton_lich" should retain that flag - looks like it was removed in Addendum at some point.
  9. Every itemtype has a "subfamily" that dictates, among many other things, whether the player can click on it to interact with it. For example, you might have noticed dogs and cats in towns, but you cannot click on them. This is due to them having the subfamily "SUBFAM_LIFE_ANIMAL_ATMO". Most corpses have "SUBFAM_INTERN_STATIC" which means they're basically just part of the environment. Some, however, will have need to be interacted with for quest purposes. So they are given a different subfamily like "SUBFAM_LIFE_ORC". That corpse is one such example. You might ask, "so what quest is it part of?" but the thing is it's not, at least not that particular one. Instead there's probably some other quest where you click on a dead Orc, and the devs just reused the itemtype as "decoration."
  10. Sorry, I forgot I had made the EE 3.2a patch since the last testing, so I lost the custom setup. I can rebuild it but I might need to wait a little so I don't split my focus. It's about a 33% split between bugfixing, content restoration, and balancing/QoL. The three games were poorly stitched together and lot of content got left on the cutting room floor for no good reason.
  11. The classifications those are attached to all seem to be either unused or (in a few cases) only used for NPC armor or jewelry, which don't get classification bonuses anyways in vanilla. I don't think there's any ill effects here. Ah well, so the Tank Stance enemy buff won't be quite as powerful as it should be then. That error is just the result of incompletely porting over an idea from D2F.
  12. I can certainly test it - everything is still set up from the previous testing. I haven't touched Sacred 2 since then, as I'm deep into putting together a restoration/fixpack for Van Helsing Final Cut. Let me shift gears and I can hopefully report something tomorrow. From what I remember, it's supposed to be weapon-only, and for all damage channels. Dmitriy did some magic in Addendum to make it have a chance to proc on spells, and the new D2F will also have this feature. But we'll see what happens with some testing of the base game files.
  13. They're present in Dmitriy's mod but it involves several files, including replaced animation files, his s2render.dll, and his sacred2.exe. They'll be in the next D2F as well but there's no quick way to add them to back the base game.
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