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  1. Same reason there's this page https://sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Seraphim_Mystique_Set And this page https://sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Sopor_Aethernis Genesis is just one of a kind though, so no other skins to add to the page. It's the same for all CM Patch sets. If they're reskins of an existing armor set, they're listed with the others of their kind. If they're unique they live on a page alone.
  2. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you recover swiftly and completely.
  3. Thanks but there's really no need to post them here. As we discussed back in May of last year there won't be any more releases of Enhanced Edition. It's now at a point where people can build on top of it if they wish.
  4. Sure thing, I can help with that. I'll start writing up some stuff this week and see what I can publish.
  5. I can write guides if I knew there was some demand. I can either do script analyses or instructions on how to complete a specific goal. I just need to know what people are interested in learning. Dumping the sum total of knowledge I've picked up would be a lot of time and effort. I've been quiet because a lot of the recent mod discourse has been fx related things I have no clue about or big giant overhaul tools that I just can't see myself using.
  6. Kind of. In vanilla it appears on magic or better items. In EE it only appears on rare or better items. It's in the change log, buried in there somewhere in the Item Modifiers section. Rationale: By George, RpH is powerful. So powerful it's easy to stack enough to completely bypass the game's entire system of regeneration time vs. Combat Art level. You still can in EE, but you'll have to work for it.
  7. Hello! You may freely combine them. Just install PFP first, then the Portrait Pack afterwards. Happy playing!
  8. Well, I think it's certainly a great idea, but I'm about to ready to hang it up with modding Sacred 2. I'd like to complete one final release of D2F and then I will bow out. So you have my support but I don't think I'll be delving into the game files much any more.
  9. Yes, that's correct. Thanks for trying the mod and writing back.
  10. Please re-read the first post in the thread. All the answers to your questions are there. I doubt I could re-phrase in a more clear or concise manner. I would recommend to start over from scratch, if you want to use the Purist Fixpack.
  11. These two are not meant to be combined. Purist Fixpack alone is sufficient.
  12. It's fixed in the upcoming release. I'm just lacking some final code touches before it's playable.
  13. Technically it'll work if you just use the graphics.zip files from EE, but you should have the Elite Textures Trimmed installed anyway and that would cover everything in the vanilla game. You'd also end up changing your graphics in other ways like icons and UI elements. Better to just follow Hooyaah's link above.
  14. Perhaps. It's somewhat balanced by the new behavior where it only affects a small radius around the caster rather than "as far as the eye can see."
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