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  1. hi ive dl the sacred 2 diablo 2 mod I follow the installation steps and works fine but when im ingame gettin some rare items and sellin them to my inventory I always got crash the game I dnt know the reason :(

  2. Left click attacks only hit once guys. You're wasting time performing a long animation that only does one hit. You could design an animation with 40 swings and 40 attack parameters in the animation entry and it's still only going to hit once from a left click attack. Enemies can take advantage of those double hit animations because we made a special combat art that uses SM24 and assigned that CA to every enemy in creatures.txt that had those animations available. So they cycle through it while attacking and it has the appearance of a normal melee attack. I'm done trying to understand the audience for PFP.
  3. SM24 is just ATTACKX renamed. You are free to add as many special move animations as you like by adding more entries at the bottom of the High Elf's animation.txt, but this trick will only work for combat arts. They'll still share idle, attack, and various other animations. If you want fully separate High Elf and seraphim-High Elf animations, you'll need to make 2 separate character entries in animation.txt, that each point to 2 separate target models, residing in different directories. That way nothing is swapped and instead they exist parallel to one another.
  4. Edit the scripts. Replacing the assets directly can lead to more headaches. In this case if you replace the model you'll end up affecting all the Seraphim NPC's. This controls the hitbox size (collision dimensions) of the itemtype in question. Larger numbers mean you can interact with it from farther away. Smaller numbers can result in clipping. You will need to erase the armor's diffuse texture to full transparency and then add the SURFACE_FLAG_MASKED to the item's surface entry. This will render it invisible in-game. You may also need to remove the FLAG_EQUIPCUT from the armor's itemtype entry, in order to prevent the now-invisible item from removing the character's fallback equipment when equipped.
  5. Personally I would make use of the ATTACKX animations for this, to give the CA a nice one-two punch. I can't think of anything better. Sadly there's something in the code blocking it. Even if you were to follow all the necessary steps (I've tried in EE): Add EID_WEAPON_L in the High Elf's creatureinfo.txt entry as a validEquipSlot Add "skill_offhand_weapon_lore" as a High Elf skill to creatures.txt Add the left hand weapon bone to her 3D mesh. Prepare dual wield animations. She'd still be unable to equip two weapons due to something hard-coded. Dmitriy made it so she could dual wield and also did the model work in steps 3 & 4 for Addendum, but in that mod she can only wield 1h staves, no melee weapons. The animations work great for NPC's based on the High Elf's model though:
  6. Hm, try ANIM_TYPE_SM09 instead of ANIM_TYPE_ATTACKC. Should be a suitable jump-style animation with an ATTACK parameter in its animation.txt entry already. Note that you may need to add JUMP events to the animation entries though. So, before: ["entry340"] = { ["name"] = "ANIM_TYPE_SM09_1H", ["marker"] = { ["ANIMSTART"] = 0.0000, ["SHOUT"] = 1.1600, ["ATTACK"] = 1.2000, ["ANIMEND"] = 3.0000, }, }, Might need to end up something like this, with timings tweaked since I didn't test: ["entry340"] = { ["name"] = "ANIM_TYPE_SM09_1H", ["marker"] = { ["ANIMSTART"] = 0.0000, ["STARTJUMP"] = 1.0000, ["SHOUT"] = 1.1600, ["ATTACK"] = 1.2000, ["ENDJUMP"] = 1.2500, ["ANIMEND"] = 3.0000, }, },
  7. Change the eiStateName to "cSMRoundhouse", -- this can be vastly important for the mechanics of a spell to function properly. Also you need this: spellClass = "cSpellSMove", -- If you had this before, and it didn't work, it's probably because the eiStateName was not correct.
  8. Post your spell entry that you're having trouble with (using the code function preferably) and I'll take a look.
  9. For the next release I will see about making the first encounter with her much easier. I balanced the battle for an mid-to-late-game boss fight (final battle is in Chapter 6), without really appreciating how hard it would be to take her on in the first battle.
  10. Typically a chest will be given a "worldobjectstate" in its itemtype entry, that can then be modified in quest.txt, for example to change it from a locked chest to an unlocked chest. I looked everywhere in quest.txt and worldobjects.txt but for some reason I couldn't find a chest at those coordinates. Can you take a picture of the tab map (the one with the actual terrain) so I can get a better look?
  11. Yes that's correct. In current versions of both EE and D2F, the player must complete either "Unique Mounts" OR "A Roof Over the Head" (the Blood Forest mounts quest) in order to unlock the Elite Mounts Jungle Priest. The Priest himself will also make you perform a "small" favor before he will sell you anything.
  12. There was a vanilla bug where the high elf's magic boot itemtypes were scripted to look for similarly-named Shadow warrior magic boots textures, but I thought I fixed that in the first PFP release. I'll check again.
  13. Yes. It is the case with all new items in PFP that they were completed 100% by Ascaron, so no custom items and not really any restoration necessary either. They simply were not included in any drop lists at all. So that was the only change needed - adding them alongside all the other vanilla Legendaries which themselves were often missing in many drop lists.
  14. That's because these two enemies have classifications in their itemtype entries that are both accounted for as valid, separate events in soundprofile.txt: "SHOUT_ATTACK_DRAGON" "SHOUT_ATTACK_LIZARD" But there's no SHOUT_ATTACK_TROLL or OGRE, only closest events are ones for kobolds, orcs, and goblins. Shouldn't matter if the fight has started yet or not. You're still approaching the exact same creature when you're walking up to them, even if it's just to talk. But we'll see after testing. Or you can go ahead try it. Just change the classification for Terus & Nimonuil to classification = "CLF_BOSS", in their itemtype entries. Itemtypes 6824, & 6666, respectively. Gahanka will need a new itemtype entry (assuming this works) so that every single generic troll warrior doesn't have classification boss.
  15. Her idle animation(s) would have to be edited to remove any jaw bone involvement. Alternatively the base High Elf model could be edited and exported to completely remove the jaw bone (not actual bone but the model "bone"). This would prevent her from making any expressions however, such as her frowns and smirks, etc. I don't know if if it would affect her blinking/squinting animations - probably not. Alas I no longer have the toolset for 3D modeling in Sacred 2 anymore. This was a false "double hit" animation that would randomly trigger along with all other normal left-click single hit attacks. The problem is that such attacks can only hit once, meaning you got a false double-hit attack with a long animation but only one hit. All such misleading animations were removed from the pool of the player's normal left-click attacks in PFP because of this. In CM Patch, EE and other such mods they were repurposed as "SM24", an additional special move animation, since combat arts can take advantage of multiple hits. Funny enough, the existence of these animations misled people into believing that they were seeing the results of the "Chance for Double Hits" item modifier in action, and were taken as proof that the double hit bonus from weapon mastery actually worked. In truth, double hits on weapon attacks use the same normal animations, and simply apply the damage twice, while the weapon mastery double hit bonus is just completely broken.
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