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  1. If you'd just like widescreen resolution then try the PureHD mod: I personally play Reborn 3.01 which was just after they introduced widescreen support to the mod but before they gutted a lot of core gameplay mechanics. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19uhrgFl3UNFfGnzAVIkzrvV7UVEz21q4/view
  2. What? There's no way the turrets could have been doing anything but sitting there before 1.3. If you don't see him performing it at all, then that definitely explains it. When this move is performed he angles his jet engines downward, igniting the ground around the player with blue flames. Since he's unable to perform it, he gets stuck in a loop. I'll review the spell and see where it went wrong.
  3. Their armor is part of their base model. Anything you try to add will just appear on top of it (or worse, clipping through it). That does bring up an alternative way to equip armor, and that is adding the itemtypes directly in the creatureinfo.txt entry, using the the eq_fallback line. I prefer to do this with armor sometimes, because it requires much less scripting.
  4. Steam tells me I spent 22 hours completing the full campaign. There are worse ways to spend a week. I first heard of S-Tier in One Punch Man, where heroes are ranked (from lowest to highest): Class C, B, A, with Class S (super) at the top. Lately I see a trend of "ranking" videos all the time on youtube that use the same tiers, so I guess it just kind of lodged itself in my vocabulary. I don't know where it originally came from. My dungeon crawler ranking list: S-Tier Diablo 2 Grim Dawn Titan Quest Sacred 2 Divine Divinity Diablo 3 Sacred 1 A-Tier Dungeon Siege 2 Shadows: Awakening Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem Torchlight 2 Torchlight 1 Dungeon Siege 1 Diablo 1 Warhammer: Chaosbane Beyond Divinity Kult: Heretic Kingdoms B-Tier Vikings: Wolves of Midgard Silverfall Nox Darkstone Dungeon Siege 3 Sacred 3 C-Tier Legend: Hand of God The Chosen: Well of Souls Loki: Heroes of Mythology (need to make a D-TIer just for this one) Yet-to-be-ranked cause I never seem to get around to them: Victor Vran Path of Exile Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor-Martyr
  5. I found Wolcen to be a thoroughly enjoyable adventure. While I would rank it below an S-tier game like Grim Dawn, Titan Quest, or Diablo2-3, it's a solid A-tier for sure, on par with Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing or Warhammer Chaosbane. The graphics are way better than they have any right to be, the story and voice-acting are pretty good. Gameplay and character building are competently done but not groundbreaking.
  6. Thanks, I definitely need to fix this, but the result should only be some black/red areas on the model.
  7. I do not believe it is a missing model or texture. I've experienced both blunders in my time, and neither would give that soft crash. Missing models spawn a black box with red text that says "empty" on it. Missing textures still spawn the item/creature, but with a black texture with a big red "X" on it. More likely, I've experienced this kind of crash: When iteminfo.txt entry points to a non-existent material (in material.txt). When itemtype.txt entry points to a non-existent classification (in typification.txt). When drop.txt points to a non-existent blueprint (we've ruled this one out). I gave a quick look through both files but didn't spot anything.
  8. It never really existed. It was just an idea of Czevak's that he never completed. I had/have no real interest in it. Problem is probably blueprint 228, I'll check it shortly. Edit: nope not that one.
  9. Oh, what a dumb exploit. I'd do better to re-script the quest so that can't happen. Thanks.
  10. Higher values make the item more rare. At least, I hope so because that's how the entire file is set up from top to bottom.
  11. I don't believe any PFP players had this crash since 1.1's release. The game trying to drop something it cannot is the most likely thing.
  12. I can probably adjust the black levels of the texture in order to render the outer edges less visible. I had to do the same with some FX in D2F. Could very well be the case. At one point I had reversed the order of the 1's and 0's, and only realized after changing several bonuses. I may have missed something during the corrections. Hm, looks like my new textures are in place, but the surface.txt is not. You'll need the Gryphon surface entry from 1.3 that would add the fur effect. newSurface = { name = "gripphon-id1_v", texture0Name = "maps/npc/monsters/gripphon/v_gripphon-id1_do.tga", texture1Name = "maps/npc/monsters/gripphon/v_gripphon-id1_sg.tga", texture2Name = "maps/npc/monsters/gripphon/v_gripphon-id1_n.tga", vol0Name = "maps/npc/ridingcreatures/Frosttiger/c_tiger_f.dds", flags = SURFACE_FLAG_OPAQUE + SURFACE_FLAG_DOUBLESIDED + SURFACE_FLAG_CONSTANT_FUR, shader = obj_d_s_b, } mgr.surfCreate(newSurface);
  13. Playing in Windowed Mode is the only solution I've found so far for Win 10. In Windows 7 I had "Disable Desktop Composition" and "Disable Display Scaling on High DPI settings" checked. I also used to use Run in Compatibility Mode for Windows XP service pack 3.
  14. Can you explain more what phase of the quest exactly you're fighting the Dark Seraphim in Sloeford? I wonder... Free-For-All enabled? Persistent bosses was bound to cause issues somewhere.
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