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  1. sennacherib

    Sacred 3 not to be an MMO

    Welcome aboard! The early news is that S3 will allow you to play solo, along with NPC henchmen. Too early to tell if it will still require an active internet connection to do it. thx, excellent news; because, currently most of the developers have forgotten that a lot of people like to play SP game. like Diablo 3, I guess! sad this is the reason why I don't want to play at this game. This is too intrusive.
  2. sennacherib

    What class from past games do you want for Sacred 3

    1st: vampire: a character with 2 sides (day and night), it was a great character 2nd: Dwarf: booooooooooooom mortar; awesome 3rd: dark elf: a master of the poisoning 4th: temple guardian: amazing weapons and vehicle I would like to see playable: Ork or Gobblin
  3. sennacherib

    Sacred 3 not to be an MMO

    great news. I still play at Sacred Underworld, at Sacred 2, and I like how these games were done. I don't like mmorpg, because I like to play sp, and if Sacred 3 won't have this possibility for sure I won't buy it.