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  1. mid/end of August That's great! Reminds me that I have to post a question in your forum (not related to cthe new character tho).
  2. He's actually austrian
  3. UnBended - The Crystal Mage

    I dislike needing reagents to cast spells (even if just a few spells). It feels like a waste of space in your bags and extremly unfair that other classes don't need reagents to play 100%.
  4. How much do they expect to receive from donations?
  5. Hehe now that I think about it it feels a bit weird.
  6. Me too! TBH I got into Sacred because of the seraphim. I fell in love with Dem pigtails. XD The seraphim in Sacred 3 Looks like nina now... I got into Sacred 2 because of the Seraphim too but that's because I really love this angel theme.
  7. UnBended - The Crystal Mage

    There are a few typos in her text: “They say that any technology, if advanced far enough, appears to be pure magic for the eyes of normal peopole. << Peopole and the quote was not closed. is one of our prime concerns. Because that’s the only way to increase the power of the Order and make it strong enoug to change the world back into a place Should be enough instead of enoug. I'm not complaining, just pointing these 2 small mistakes because a perfectly written text increases the chance (even if by a tiny amount) of donations About her story: I liked it. Pretty different from many things that I see in games. Can't wait for more.
  8. Well, at least I was partially about their bankrupty.
  9. The way I understood it, it was bad management, not the game itself. Reading their FAQ it looks like they are able to make a game as good as Sacred 2 using as much money as they used with Sacred thanks to new technology.
  10. Thank you. I tried going to their forum but it was in german, I switched to English and the forum stayed in german. Thank you again for the link.
  11. That's cool. Are they revealing a new character anytime soon? Also, where can I send them a question?
  12. ReSpec in UnBended - Yay or Nay?

    Hmm I can see the advantages of both, ReSkilling makes the game less frustrating for some players and No ReSkilling increases the replayability of the game. How about a way of ReSkilling but requires a lot of grind or is extremly hard to do? Or a once per character ReSkill that doesn't reset ALL skills?
  13. Welcome to DArkMatters Bolaum! Yee haw, another fan to help out with the game, 99 Euros will get you your own NPc in the game? gogo Thanks for the welcome! It'll be cool when I find myself there. The Unbended team still needs a name
  14. Just waiting for a thing to happen in my job then I'll donate either 99 euros or 299 (probably 99 but still). Really excited for this game even tho it'll take at least 2 years for something to be released. I just wish there was a character like the Seraphim.