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  1. I played both, and the one with patch it is better...
  2. pigulici

    Red Circles On The Sacred 2 Map. Bug?

    Not sure, but was not for some main quests?, but I see at me too....
  3. I fin that Gog version work better at me, not sure why...
  4. I think the best it is to uninstall v140 first...
  5. I allways disable aero on win7, some other games have issues with aero running...
  6. Yes , that it is a plus too, some time my net don't work, so no problem to play something a couple of hours...
  7. I don't think it is too much trouble with gog version, I like the drm free version of any game...
  8. I have the gog vers too, to patch without your error you must first play 5 minutes without patch, save , and close Sacred 2, after that apply the patch, at least at me this I must do if I just installed Sacred 2, I think it is not all write in Windows registry, without save, this is for 140 patch too...
  9. See first post of this thread. CU Marcus Thank you, what a lost sheep I am sometimes, now I will test on gog version...
  10. I think I am lost, where it is the patch to download?
  11. Thank you, but where it is the download link of new cm patch?
  12. pigulici

    Low FPS in Sacred 2 gold steam

    Do you have installed the Elite Texture for Sacred 2?
  13. pigulici

    Sacred 2 on GOG.com!

    The steam version it is not DRM free, the steam itself it is a DRM, although the steam version don't have the SecureROM DRM anymore, so yes , before that(Golde version), the game have 2 DRM(steam+SecureROM)...