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  1. Welcome to DarkMatters Sew! I was actually going through some old school videos on youtube of game play from Sacred... you and Flix hit it for me by mentionning it's very classical "fantasy" feel... its too bad the game cant go widescreen...that would surely end up with a current reboot^^ gogo Thanks for the warm welcome.
  2. Yeah, look in the mod folders in pak\mq\maps\heroes\seraphim There are 3 dds files with the name "seraskin" that can be deleted. You'd also want to go into pak\mq\maps\heroes\seraphim\sets\mystique and delete any dds files that have "seraphim-mystique-helmet" in the file name, Most of the mod works this way. Changes not to your taste can be deleted. Thanks for info. Cheers, Sew
  3. I do not like the new seraphim. Is there a way to restore her to previous one ?
  4. Thanks for deleting the other post. I didn't want to spam just wanted to get quick reply. Sorry about that. Would have deleted it as soon as I would any answer. Good to know. I will check this patch. Thanks god there is something like that. I had to use sweet fx to decrease the colors intensity.
  5. Heya, Interested in playing sacred gold once again, playing sacred 2 at the moment still I prefer sacred 1, had more magic about it. Sacred 2 is too colorful for my taste. Thanks in advance, Sew