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  1. Narjnaar

    Poison ivy : Up to date guide?

    My bad, I didn't read the guide to the end. I work with Viperish Disease to kill the monsters in a secondary way. The idea is to finish the monsters wounded by a full dex CAC (dual wielding) or ranged dryad. I'm at my third attempt to build a hit and run toon with Dot (not VD). I want to use capricious hunter and cabalistic voodoo, but not nature weaver because it is on use everywhere.
  2. Narjnaar

    Poison ivy : Up to date guide?

    Hi, I am looking for a up to date poison ivy guide with Ice and Blood and Community patch. The original guide is here : Poison Ivy - A Pure Caster Dryad I know that the community patch nerf Viperish Disease mechanics and add some poison damages who are affected by skills, items and attributes. Is the guide still compatible or have there been changes? Thank you for your future advice.
  3. Narjnaar

    Seraphim exalted warrior and pole arms (Ice and blood)

    Thank you Flix for the advices.
  4. Hi, I am new here and I have play some hours of this game. And I need advices for a exalted warrior seraphim who use pole arms. I play the latest version of the game with the CM patch. Stats : 50% vitality and 50% strength. Or 100% vitality. I don't know if strength are very useful here for the dmg boost. May be willpower or stamina at xx% for the spell resistance or the combat art regen time. Skills : Exalted warrior focus Tactic lore Pole arms Armor lore Constitution Spell resistance Combat reflex Bargaining Enhanced perception . . . Toughness or Speed lore. May be Riding. Charging pack of mobs, riding my mount with the pole arm in my hand like a badass . . . Combat arts : ​Pelting strike (multi mob killer) Succession or Thrust. I don't know if the double hit of succession (20%) are useful if I have the pole arms mastery. Focus. Precision. Soul hammer (boss killer) Aim or Wounding. Hard to pick one. Battering. Incision or Coup de grace. Idem Assailing somersault (funny) Spurt. Impetus. Bewilder. Battle stance (buff) Premonition or Aggression. The choice is hard between these two. Attac value or more dmg? If I don't put point in strength. Drill or Flexibility. Same dilemma here. I am going to play with expert touch but I don't know if the regen time will be low enough. The evasion mod (20%) is useful with combat reflex? Retaliation. Dashing Alacrity (weird buff) Bloodlust or Sprout. The attack speed mod are useful for Pelting strike? If not I will pick sprout. Delay. But Reprisal look funny. Ardor or Impatience. Look like a mathematical problem. I am going to spam it with pelting strike. A load of questions for a level 1 seraphim. Thank for yours futures advices and sorry for my bad writing skill. (french canadian)