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  1. Would it be possible to rework one the classes to make them play similar to a MoP era Affliction Warlock, with several strong single target and Area of Effect damage over time spells, a few summons, and possibly channeled spells? Flix's necromancer from D2F would be a great starting place
  2. I searched this topic and saw that a few people have mentioned using the save editor, can anyone verify that it's safe to use for this mod? Just wondering how carefully I need to plan my assassin, or if I can make tweaks should I screw something up. Also, damn Flix! You are a busy man, thanks for all the amazing work on this game!
  3. Elite Mounts Project

    Appreciate the response Flix. I've only got two mods installed with GME, Elite Mounts v1.10 loaded first, and grayed out in GME, and Enhanced Spells Mod 1.4. The only other mod I have installed is Tiny Items mod, I'm guessing that's the problem, although it was just an edited Iteminfo.txt I placed manually in sacred folder. And I just noticed there is one for Elite mounts as well.... Don't suppose there's a way to merge them, assuming they're conflicting?
  4. Enhanced Spells Mod (Sacred 2)

    Possibly a dumb question, but for the new summonable CA's, like Harbinger for Inquisitor, what exactly does eating runes do?
  5. Elite Mounts Project

    So I found the mount dealer, on my Inquisitor....he has nothing for sale? Bring up the mount vendor tab, but it's all blank, won't let me sell my horse/spider. Is there a quest line somewhere? Old save with newly installed Elite Mounts.